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Why Your Business Needs to Blog – 8 Reasons Enough

Why Your Business Needs to Blog

Question of the day, “Why your business needs to blog?”

At one time, I didn’t have a blog attached to my business online. My blog got no visitors as well; I sold basically nothing. I approached an online blogger who seemed to be having a lot of success; his advice was to starting blog posting with long-tail keywords.

In my opinion, your business needs to blog because it’s one of the ways to become memorable to your readers as well help you to create authority online. These days most people are attaching blogs to their websites to be well-known in their niche. Another benefit of blogging is it helps you become a better marketer.

That’s precisely what I did, and I can see the difference it has made for my website.

Having a Blog Helps Your Readers to Connect With You

By using everyday words that your audience use you can definitely connect with them with on a more personal level.

These familiar words would be:

  • Yep
  • No way
  • Heck no

You get the idea, right?

When you connect with your readers via your blog, it’s almost as if you are having a face-to-face conversation with them. Blogging is not like writing an essay. It’s more about conversational tones.

Your readers will expect a conversation. It needs to get the wheels turning in their heads. If you make a statement, make it so that your audience/readers are thinking about it even later in their day.

Your blog helps you to do that.

The more personal your blog is, the more your readers are going to relate to you. Don’t just talk at your readers, talk to them.

I know that whenever I go anywhere, I don’t want to be talked to, I’d rather have a two-way conversation going.

When someone is being talked to that creates a one-way conversation, which means connecting with your blog readers can get a little bit difficult.

The connection you create with your readers can go a long way in developing great relationships. These relationships will help maintain that your followers return to your blog over and over.

Blogging Will Improve Your SEO

By blogging, you will help your website to be positioned at a ranking level, which will be relevant to what your audience is looking for online.

SEO is incredibly important to marketers who are trying to build an audience. When you optimize your website pages – including any posts that you are posting – you’re letting your blog become that much more visible to people who are searching for the answers that you’re providing.

Blogging helps to keep your website fresh as well up to current standards. When a site goes stale, it loses its readership.

Google is very finicky. There are several factors which influence Google in where to place your site. One of those factors is blogging. As a matter of fact, blogging is probably one of the more critical aspects when having a business online or any type of business.

Hey! Since Google is the leading search engine used by many, Google has to maintain its status of delivering new information. Or otherwise, people will go to other search engines to find what they need. 

Not something Google wants!

To keep this search engine happy you need to be able to provide updated information regularly. It may be daily, bi-weekly, or weekly. My suggestion is to post something fresh at least once a week.

Not only for Google, but also for readers who are interested in your blog. Imagine if they didn’t see an update regularly, they probably go somewhere else to find the information they need.

A blog also helps to keep people on your page longer, which is another plus for Google. They see your site as being important, which means they will send more people to you.

Search engine optimization also helps you to target long-tail keywords. These keywords will be relevant to what your business is all about. Hence people searching will be able to find you easily.

Others Will See You as An Authority

When you start blogging about a topic, you will be known as an authority on the subject. Especially when you cover every inch of that topic.

Usually, when people are looking online for help, they really have no way of knowing or trusting a website they have landed on.

Many times people are selling their products, but they have no blog to back up why they are trying to sell what they are selling.

This causes mistrust in people. It also makes them leave and not want to return to that website.

But the one thing that stands out is when a person starts a blog, although the person with the blog may be selling, it usually involves soft selling. This leaves the decision making in the hands of the customer, which empowers them.

By being seen as an expert in your industry, you will have readers as well as other bloggers who will respect you as well place value on what you have to say.

Not only will you be respected by others, but people will link back to your site as well. The more blog post you have to link back to, the higher your site will rank in Google.

Sometimes, the client is sold even before arriving at your authority site!

Your Blog Will Generate Leads

Good leads only come from a great audience. A great audience only comes from when you have something which is worth their time spent on your website.

And the only way to get them to spend time on your website is by having a great blog. The more targeted your writing is to your audience, the more leads you’re going to develop.

By freshening up website or blog, you give people a reason to come back to visit your site. It doesn’t matter if the readers are not ready to buy; eventually, they will be turned into buyers.

Your blog can offer exclusive content to your readers. This is material they won’t find anywhere else, which will, in turn, have them coming back to you.

Studies suggest that 55% of readers spend 15 seconds reading an is article. But you can change that by offering content that is worthy of their time.

Heck, they are the important people after all.

You, Will, Create Your Own Tribe

Nowadays, it’s all about having your own tribe. What happens with a tribe is that it grows quite quickly. If one person loves what you’re writing, they will invite two more people to share it with.

Now imagine that!

Your tribe will grow immensely. As you know, most tribal members are loyal to each other. And as website owners, that’s what we hope to have in our audience.

These are people who will not only interact with you, but they will also interact with other readers of your blog.

But the only way to get them together is by having a good content related blog, which means posting on a regular basis. You want to give your readers a reason to keep coming back.

By having a blog, your readers feel supported by you in the ventures they are treading out to. Once you’ve established a tribe, it won’t be long before your website starts to rank in Google.

Google will see all these people visiting you, which means you must be important.

Online Marketing Is All Now Done by Blogging

All online marketing is now done by blogging by using long-tail keywords. These are keywords that your readers type into Google to find you.

Although people are still using PPC as well as Google ads, nothing really beats having a blog post which attracts a whole host of people.

I know myself when I see an ad – when searching for something online – I skip the ads to where I can read an actual blog that I feel will be helpful to me.

The reason I skip the ad is that those people have paid to be at the top of Google. But the people who are naturally ranking based on their content are more authoritative on the subject.

By blogging online, you can stand out from today’s busy digital marketplace. When you stand out from what others have to offer, you can generate leads, sales as well as improved conversions.

The bottom line is that people love reading blogs. It doesn’t matter if they read them to solve their problem, figure out how to do something or just to stay on top of specific topics.

Most Online Readers Expect a Blog When Visiting Your Site

Nowadays, people expect a blog to be attached to a website. If you don’t have a blog, you’re most likely going to lose the reader as they have no reason to be there.

As I said before, most people hate hard sells; your blog helps your products to be a soft sale. By having a blog, it leaves the customer-empowered on their decision-making skill.

Another thing is that readers of today expect to be able to have access to the person writing the blog. This access comes by way of engagement through comments.

Your blog allows you to stay in front of your readers as well as create your brand. The way you write your blog posts helps to establish the type of writer you are in your readers’ mind.

Most readers are looking for information online. The information can only be found when you have a blog which shows your reader what you have to provide.

By becoming a source of information for your reader, you can create lifetime readers of your audience. 

Great ROI When Doing Blogging

Your blog will create a high ROI (return of investment). As you know most times when you’re blogging on your own site, it doesn’t really cost you anything except for time and research.

Now imagine that you spend no money creating a blog post, yet that blog post yields a massive return by your readers buying what you’re selling.

In my research on ROI, I have seen many high authority bloggers sell thousands of dollars worth of products in one blog post.

And when a blog is written correctly, it will create monetary value for years to come. In my opinion, this is one of the cheapest ways to gain authority in your niche.

My Final Thoughts

Now that you know why your business needs to blog, get started on it right away. You’ll be glad you did, as was I.

If you’re ready to start blogging but don’t want to spend any money, then why not start a FREE blog. Not only will the blog be free, but the domain name, as well as hosting, will be free too.

Even if you don’t have a business online, by starting your free blog, you’ll be able to figure out what type of business you want to do. Especially since with the free blog, you’ll also get 10 free affiliate training lessons.

Let me know in comments below what you think about blogging.

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6 thoughts on “Why Your Business Needs to Blog – 8 Reasons Enough

  1. I agree with all these reasons. It takes hard work to build a blog up, but it’s worth it because the ROI can be impressive and better than the returns other avenues produce; eg; commercial advertising, print and so forth. These days I think businesses of all sizes should have a blog, especially small businesses. 

    1. I agree no matter how big or small, a business should definitely have a blog attached. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Great information and you have convinced me to included blogging into what I am doing . You make so many valid points. Blogging is a way to keep the information you are sharing fresh and interesting not to mention that you are meeting the expectations for SEO and Google. By the way I checked out your blog page and subscribed. 

  3. You are so right, every business needs a good blog or even website behind them.  A lot of people search online nowadays for a service and you want to make sure your business is out there to be found on the net.

    If you have a blog that offers helpful advice and information for its customers, it is only naturaly that customers will visit your blog regularly and even end up buying from you.

    Yes it definitely makes a lot of sense in today’s times to have this avenue of revenue.

    1. Without a blog, it just becomes another e-commerce site. Many people need to be given a reason on why they should buy what a site is selling. The best way to do that is through blog posting.

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