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What Makes You Successful? These 7 Incredibly Easy to Follow Suggestions May Help You

What Makes You Successful

What really makes you successful in affiliate marketing online?

My first suggestion right off the bat in what will you make success in online marketing is to find an excellent affiliate training program. Okay, I’m not going to count that as one of my seven suggestions, because, without one, the risk of failing is a great one.

Being successful is different for everyone. Some people have dreams of achieving financial success, others think about starting their own online business, regardless of what it means to be successful. The one thing most people need is the proper mindset as well a specific goal which they hope to achieve in a certain amount of time. Many times we will face failure, it’s when we get back up that’s going make us successful. 

Of course, if you read my other articles, you should know by now my preferred affiliate training program is Wealthy Affiliate.

Find a Niche

First of all, you will need to find a niche, without a niche your site is going nowhere. I know some people have websites where they market everything under the sun. This drives customers away because they don’t want everything under the sun. My billion dollar niches category may provide some ideas on finding profitable niches. 

They landed on your page because of a search they did. They have come to your site only to have so much thrown at them, what are they going to do? Browse, have information overload, and then leave.

As humans, we are creatures of curiosity; one thing leads to another. At least that’s what happens to me; I get so busy reading on what else there is, sometimes forget why I even came to the site. I go away none the wiser of what brought me there in the first place.

This is also the case with most people who will land on a page to buy a product. You can’t be the master of everything, or else you will spread your content thin. Pick one topic, discuss and market it until there is nothing left to say about, and then you will indeed be an authority on your subject. This will make others see you as a person of knowledge in your expertise.

Stay on Top of Trends

Staying up with the latest trends will help your site reach the heights of all those affiliates who are earning the big dollars.

As a person who buys products, I’m one of those people who is always looking for the next best thing. Why? Because I have no desire to get left behind in the world.

As you know, at one-time ecigs came out, almost all people who wanted to quit smoking had to have them. They are a trend with staying power. There will always be smokers who want to quit.

New trends drive people in different ways; finding out how your customer is driven will help you to stay on top of trends as well.

Get Google trends sent directly to your email; it will show what’s trending as well as how you can help solve the problem with your chosen niche.

Don’t Over Market Everything on Your Page

How do you feel when you land on a page, where it’s all banners or for sale signs popping up on every single page? I for one hightail it out of there really fast.

If there is nothing for you to read, but a bunch of sales banners, believe me, you won’t be staying there long either. It adds no user end experience of enriching someone’s life.

You won’t go to your family and friends to say “oh yeah, go on so and so’s site, there are so many banners to look at.”

Most likely you will probably warn others about how you went on a site, only to find it stuffed with banners. A website stuffed with banners looks terrible for you as well the affiliate network you may be representing.

Unique Content Drives a Site

Content is what drives us to keep searching for information relevant to us, which drives search engines to keep looking for new content. We humans can consume a lot of reading material, that’s why there are so many books out there.

If you like to read as I do, then I know you are always looking for something fresh to read, unless you were so emotionally driven by what you read, to return to it again and again.

Most of our audience also enjoy a new take on an old subject. Ever wonder why Disney comes up with so many new movies based on classics. I wrote a post back a few months ago, which received some excellent feed about how to create content, see if it will help you with your content. 

We all have a unique way of talking. For instance, the way I’m getting my way of speaking across to you will probably be different than the way the next person who writes on the same subject comes across. Find your voice and start telling your story. Those search engines will come running to see what you have to say.

Be Upfront and Honest

A person landed on your website to search out a product; you have already pre-sold them. Don’t go scaring them off with all the extras things you think they may need to buy including your product.

Be honest about what you are marketing. List all the pros and cons; it will help your customer make a better choice. Bringing them to your site on the pretense of trying to get upsells of other products leaves a bad taste in a customer’s mouth.

Consumers are very much childlike in some ways, because out of all the right things, they will only remember that one bad thing that happened to them while they were visiting your site. Everyone will hear about that.

Don’t Give Up

This one is tough not to do, especially when nothing seems to be going right. There is no action happening on a website; the first thing you might feel like doing is giving up. I tried that as well, I figured, “hey, this isn’t working for me; maybe I should move on to greener pastures.” Now in hindsight, I see where I made mistakes.

Mind you, some of those mistakes were also made due to not being taught what I should have been taught. Back when I started in the field of affiliate marketing, I took risks which did not prove to very successful for me at all.

But the thing is, here I am again. I did not give up on my dream of being successful.

Get Started

Yes, get started. It’s the one step many of us have a hard time grasping. Making wishes of only if you will not get you anywhere. Taking action on the only if will set you in the direction of heading for success.

People who dream, are left with dreams versus people who follow through with an action go onto creating a reaction. Now think about this, who do you think will be more successful?

This reminds me of a story/joke I once heard.

A man is about to lose everything. He goes to his place of worship, puts up his hand

“God, please help me win the lottery, I’m about to lose everything.”

Nothing happens; he goes back again the next week.

“God I have lost my business and now will lose my family, please help me win the lottery.”

Nothing happens; he goes back again the next week.

“God I have lost my family and now will lose my house, please help me win the lottery.”

Nothing happens; he goes back again the next week.

“God, I have prayed so hard, yet you have done nothing for me!”

Finally, God answers.

“My son, buy a lottery ticket first.”

As you know, without a lottery, a win becomes impossible. 

Don’t hesitate to get started; the affiliate market is on fire. Overcome your fear to tap into this massive market. 

What makes you successful isn’t only limited to the above tips; it also involves taking action to create a plan for your success. Visit the one place where I learned how my success mattered as well where affiliate marketing takes a seat up front.  You are taught all you need to make the most successful impact online.

But please do share your thoughts on this article. 

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8 thoughts on “What Makes You Successful? These 7 Incredibly Easy to Follow Suggestions May Help You

  1. Hi Jag! Thanks for highlighting the seven important steps or tips that one has to take note to be successful online marketer. This is a great article you have articulated with you own experiences that gives good and clear understanding to especially beginners. I am a beginner at WA and online marketing wasn’t my thing but I had a passion to do something online. It my first month at WA and after reading through your article, it refreshes me to take note of these important steps to become successful at WA. Thank you once again. Well done!


  2. Hi Marketing Friend, 

    All your information was right on point. I agree with your 7 focus points. We must the niche. We must be honest. We must have unique content. Those are my favorite 3!

    I am just delving into the market. BUT I have DEFINED interests and niches with a unique perspective. I hope to see it impact those who are drawn to it. I personally need help on getting the word out to more people. I’m not sure your article address how to go from concept to high volume traffic. That might be something good to add. 

    Thanks again!   


  3. These are really great suggestions to follow if one wishes to become successful. The important thing is the start. It’s also great to have a plan, organize yourself and stay focused. There are so many distractions and it may seem as if you may not be heading in the right direction. This article will really be helpful in achieving success. 

    I am going read again to motivate me! 

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I haven’t seen any recently (I’ve been quite busy creating content for my own site) but I remember when I had a lot of time to just read blogs and it was disturbing how many blogs I saw that copied and pasted content from another source! Having unique content is a huge deal, but the most important item on your list is to get started because without actually taking the first step, there’s a zero chance any online business will be successful, let alone exist!

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