What Is the Membership Method By Chris Luck? Read Before You Invest

What is the Membership Method By Chris Luck?

Membership Method by Chris luck has been around since 2007.

People who have used his method have already generated over $25 million.

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What Membership Method teaches you is how to start a niche website as well to sustain subscribers.

Chris Luck is an entrepreneur who has been dealing with different types of online businesses since 1999.

So he has much experience to offer, which he willingly shares on his Membership Method program.

What I really like about this program is that the owner is easily accessible to help out when some members may find themselves in a situation.

Many people get skeptical of his program. But I want to let you know that it’s not a scam.

It’s a hefty investment. I think due to this investment most people work hard to become successful.

In the past, Chris has tried different methods to earn an income online. Some of these methods were failures.

It’s those failures which have helped him to create this successful training method.

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What the Membership Method Owner Chris Luck states is he will turn any newbie into a successful online seller.

What is the Membership Method All About

This program involves training for over five weeks.

But it does not end after five weeks, Chris will train you until you start earning an income off your website.

You are given materials to find a niche best suited to your needs.

He does not force any type of niche selection on you; this is helpful in the long run.


Because you are the one who is going to be writing about the niche, not Chris.

It’s a reasonably in-depth program. What you will receive is:

  • Precise method on how to set up a membership site
  • How to get your first hundred members in the first 30 days of launch
  • Membership pages come pre-built

Chris doesn’t leave you hanging. He actually has a consulting forum where you can get access to any concerns you may have.

Most members are pretty happy with what Membership Method has to offer.

The ones who are not happy are the ones who do not want to put in the work.

As you know on any type of moneymaking idea we have, work has to be put in, or it just remains an idea.

One of the things that I really like about this program is you have a 12 month back guarantee.

But to secure this guarantee, you have to establish how you tried to get memberships.

Chris believes in his program so much, and he knows you will get memberships if you implement the training he provides.

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Are There Any Upsells

There are no upsells involved in this program.

You pay one-time fee of$1497, which gives you access to the whole program.

Although there are some other costs, you’re going to have to fork out some money.

They are:

  • Domain name
  • Domain hosting
  • Marketing

These expenses are not too much, but they are there.

So if you decide to join this program may keep in mind you will have to spend some money besides what you’re going to pay for the program.

Overall Conclusion

My overall thought on the Membership Method is that Chris is not out there to take your money.

He offers proper training which will help you become successful as long as you are putting in the effort.

I do have to say it’s a little bit on the expensive side, but then if you’re putting in the effort, you should be able to make that money back within 60 days.

He has been doing this for a while. Chris knows exactly what to do help get you to 5 digit earnings per month.

What If You Could Do This All For Free

Yes, you read that right.


Not only will you get free training, but you also get two free websites including ten free affiliate training lessons.

To build an audience, you need to give them value.

Although Chris’s program is excellent, you’re still going to have to set up your own site plus hosting.

Basically, at Wealthy Affiliate, you get everything which Chris has to offer at his program Membership Method for zero cost.

Not only are you taught how to build a subscription list, but you’re also taught how to create videos for YouTube marketing.

You earn residual income off of your passion online.

There is no limitation to how much you can earn from a site you build yourself.

Within this platform, you have access to over 2 million affiliate minded people.

Everyone shares their information without hesitation.

Some people in this program are social media masters. These people teach you how to build your social media skills to gain more followers.

Others are SEO masters; these individuals show you how to find low fruit keywords to help you gain ranking in Google.

When I first started, I invested in programs which led to no success for me.

You have no idea how thankful I was when I found Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a program which explained everything I’d always been looking for about affiliate marketing.

I was able to join entirely for free. Not only did WA not ask for money, but they did not even ask for credit card information.

Any commitment I was going to make to this program was done on my own terms. They’d sent me no emails about having to join the program.

Unlike other programs where you get bombarded with email after email, at Wealthy Affiliate this was not an issue at all.

What will you learn with WA:

  • Pick a good domain name
  • Find the right keywords
  • SEO Tactics
  • Create great content
  • Get ranked in search engine
  • Feedback on your website from other members
  • Top paying affiliate programs
  • Create a money making Amazon site

Their free trial remains open to whenever you decide to upgrade, but only if you want to.

I know some members there have been using the free option for the last few years, yet are still bringing in a decent amount of money.

The income they bring it has allowed them to leave their full-time job without any guilt whatsoever.

Read my Wealthy Affiliate University review for an in-depth look into this platform.

Hopefully, your question, “What is the Membership Method by Chris Luck?”, has now been answered.

If you have any comments on how I can help you get started in the affiliate marketing world, please list them below.

Membership Method


Overall Rating



  • Guaranteed Success After One Year
  • Detailed Video Instruction
  • Owner Is Easily Accessible
  • Pick Your Own Topic
  • Membership Sites Create Residual Income
  • Morally a Good Way to Make Money


  • High Investment
  • More Costs Will Be Associated
  • Will Have to Work Hard to Keep Subscribers
Number One Recommended For Affiliate Training

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