What is BulletProof Profits Going to Do For You – 2019 Review

What is BulletProof Profits?

Bulletproof profits launched in January 2019. The creators of bulletproof are already claiming that they can help people make tons of money. If you go to their website, you’ll be instructed to go to a video. In the video are people counting money, or money is raining down on them.

From a watchers viewpoint, you can tell that it is all a set-up.

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Even the people that are advertising the product, especially the ones who are talking and promoting it sound fake. 

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What is BulletProof Profits Main Selling Point? Not much really

What is BulletProof Profit All About

They say they will provide you with campaigns and strategies to promote your deals and increase the commissions you earn.

What else Bulletproof says is they will teach you how to make money on Amazon.

They will send you PDF’s as well as video training which are lacking up-to-date qualities. These videos are at least 2 to 3 years behind.

As you know marketing is always changing. What’s happening this month may become obsolete next month.

So the videos will not help you at all just because they are outdated or possibly even PLR. 

Honestly, I don’t know how anybody will be able to make $1000s with just seven clicks.

There are a couple of reasons why I would advise to stay away from it.

  • Testimonials are not clickable
  • Income claims are fake
  • 7 clicks are just not possible
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I definitely see that she is getting her Shutterstock worth. Check out below to see how many others are using her picture as well.
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Will You Actually Earn From BulletProof Profits

Based on what I saw bulletproof profits is a secret online goldmine, which is available just for a limited time. 

All they ask for is $10 which they say you can quickly turn into $2000 paydays.

They are essentially meaning that you can create $50,000 per month without having to do too much work, except to stumble upon their goldmine.

So what exactly is it that they are trying to sell you?

What they offer is that you take up their training and you will then be shown how to make money on Amazon through FBA as well as their affiliate program.

Just think about it, you pay $10 get into a program and start earning $2000 a day.

Seriously, it takes bloggers at least 3 to 4 years to start seeing $2000 a month.

Here is an entirely new program saying you will be making $2000 a day.

Although I’m not going to say it is a scam, do you see the ridiculousness of their claim!

After doing tons of research about this affiliate program, I was unable to find any data online to back it up.

If you go on their page and try to click on one of the testimonials, you will see they are not clickable.

what is bulletproof profits about

Are There Any Upsells

You didn’t think there wouldn’t be any, did you?

Be aware of their 1-click upsells!

As soon as you click on that link, your credit card will be charged instantly.

  • Upsell One Bulletproof Commissions Pro

This upsell is $27. Here they say you get 10 times more power. But what kind of power, can’t know?

  • Upsell Two Bulletproof Commission Ultimate

This upsell will cost you $19.95 a month. The guarantee here is you can have success even if your newbie or advanced.

  • Upsell Three IM Traffic Academy

This upsell will cost you $147. This is the Bible of bulletproof profits. Here you learn how to master traffic.

  • Upsell Four EHome

This upsell will cost you $67. Here the thought is that they are going to teach you like gurus. You are taught how to multiply your recurring income which is usually nothing.

  • Upsell Five Bootcamp For Life

This is their most important upsell apparently and it is $197. It involves too much commitment from their side so you had better be ready for something I guess.

What You May Choose Instead

The above sounds way to good to be real!

I know it sounds too good to true because I’ve tried so many programs that are out there. They’ve left me wondering if there is something out there is worth it.

It took me a few years to land upon the program that I’m in right now.

Before I tell you about the program, I have to say it’s a slow road to creating residual income.

It doesn’t happen instantly, and if someone tells you so, you should run the other way.

Now let’s talk about Wealthy Affiliate. The program that I’m with, where I’m earning an income every month.

This program has a monthly fee or a yearly fee, or you can even go free. There are no upsells whatsoever.

There are 1000s hours of training. They are created by the creators of the program as well as super affiliates.

All this training is available for free.

But get this!

If you don’t want to join the premium program, you can still get two FREE websites as well as 10 free affiliate training lessons.

Their Bootcamp is free!

Read my Wealthy Affiliate University review for a more in-depth explanation.


  • Over 2 million people participating in the program
  • Over 2000 super affiliates sharing their knowledge
  • Free training available
  • 2 free websites
  • 10 free affiliate lessons
  • Live Chat
  • 24/7 Support
  • Access to Owners
  • Low hanging fruit keyword finder tool
  • Direct publishing from program to WordPress
  • Free web hosting
  • Free domain name


  • Getting caught up in chat

What BulletProof profits is going to do for you isn’t much. Instead, it may just take up your money or time, which could be better spent somewhere else. 

Drop me a comment below if you have fallen to something like this and what was your aftertaste?

BulletProof Proftis


Overall Rating



  • 60 Day Refund Policy


  • Social Proof is made up
  • No real ownership
  • Made up testimonials
  • Use paid actors to promote the product
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