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7 Top Benefits Of Unique Rewards – Reviewed With Your Time In Mind

Unique Rewards

What Is Unique Rewards All About?

Unique Rewards is an online platform which lets you earn small rewards for specific actions taken on their website.

It is available to those who live in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Their payout offer is not as high as some others. But if you have nothing better to do than this might be a platform you might want to get involved in.

Like other survey sites, Unique Rewards members are rewarded based on taking surveys, reading advertising emails, shopping online through their website, and completing cash offers from individuals they are partnered with.

How Does it Work?

Once you start doing different actions in your account, your account will be credited within 12 hours to 30 days upon completion of the task.

Just want to remind you that any offer you complete for cash has a unique set of rules and requirements.

There are some offers which allow you to sign up and cancel right away, but others will need you to stay on for a more extended period.

What Are Top 7 Benefits to Members of Unique Rewards

  • Making money from your referral system

For every one person that you refer to this platform, you will earn $1.

Once one of your referees reaches $20, you will then receive $5.

For as long as your referrals keep making money, you will continue receiving a payout for them.

Making money by getting referrals is a great system.

Not only will you make money but when your referrals get referrals they will also start making money off them.

So a win-win for all involved!

This will help you to achieve gold status quickly. There are so many other benefits you can receive. One of them being better commissions.

  • Cash offers

There are many different ad types you can participate in within this platform.

You only have to watch them if they’re interesting; otherwise, you can go on and find something different.

Unique Rewards does not enforce any type of ad watching whatsoever.

They would rather that you do something which interests you because you’re more bound to follow that through.

  • Click for Cash

The requirement is to watch a 30-second advertisement.

These ads go by fast so watching an ad which lasts only 30 seconds long is reasonably straightforward.

For each ad, you watch you get paid $0.01.

Money can add up pretty quickly if you participate in watching these ads every day.

They typically have 10 to 20 ads available at once.

Keep this up, and you could very well earn a decent profit by the end of the day.

Once again you are not obligated to watch any particular ad. It’s all up to what your choice is.

  • Earning by watching video offers

Although the payout is not that great. Once again when you watch any video, you will learn $0.01 per video.

Every day they load up a new video for their members to watch.

The videos are short and exciting as well they create a cash incentive for you.

It’s simple to do. Just like watching your television, for an hour or so you could just watch some videos and earn a little bit of cash at.

  • Earn from their radio offers

This is a really unique way of earning money.

What they require you to do is simply enter captcha codes on radio websites.

Here the payout is a little bit better. You will receive $0.03 per submission of the code.

As long as you know how to read the captcha codes, you should be doing well.

They are shortcodes which will earn you a nice little profit by the end of the day.

  • Receive cash by following email links

Unique Rewards will send you up to three emails every day which have an exclusive offer attached to them.

Once you open the email, you are then directed to open a link within the email which leads you to an exclusive deal or special sales promotions.

The payout is decent. But if you were to take advantage of what the merchant is offering, then you can expect to make more money.

Here the payout becomes $0.25 all the way up to $20.

Now, this is something worth signing up for.

But the only thing is you have to remember to act fast as soon as you receive the email link.

  • Receiving cash back from shopping online

You simply go on ads which interest you. If you were to buy a product, then you would get a predetermined amount back from Unique Rewards.

Any of the ads you go to do not have a condition to buy. You only buy if you’re interested, yet you will still get paid to follow the link.

These links could also take you to surveys. Once you complete the survey, your bank account will later be credited with the amount that has already been set.

Will You Be Able to Earn a Living From This

The consensus is you will not be able to earn a living from this.

It’s great to do something like this as a pastime, but trying to do it on a full-time basis it becomes a chore.

I remember back before I started doing any type of marketing online I used to spend time doing surveys.

Unique Rewards was one of them. I had nothing better to do so this was another way for me to earn a little bit of cash.

There are a few other sites like this where you can earn money in doing the same thing.

If you’re interested here are some reviews I have done on my site:

I personally find Swagbucks to be one of the better ones.

They’ve been around for a long time as well are established with high-end brands.

Their payout is pretty decent compared to Unique Rewards.

Are You Interested In Earning a Full-time Income Online

As much as I would say surveys are interesting to complete. For all the effort that goes into doing anything such online, I don’t think the payout is worth it.

Although if you have nothing better to do than completing offers by these types of websites may be what suits your need right now.

I enjoy creating my own websites where I know the payout is going to be much better.

For instance, this website that I’ve created right now is earning a decent amount of income every month.

This site is a money earning site. But there are other types of websites you can create as well.

If you go to my billion-dollar niche category you can see the many different types of sites you could create to sell your product.

At one time I had no idea how to set up or design a website.

Then Wealthy Affiliate came into my life. You want to know more about this program read my Wealthy Affiliate University review.

This program definitely changed my life for the better. No longer was I working on survey sites where I knew I could spend hours, yet earn back very little.

I enjoy selling products that I stand behind. Thankfully WA has taught me how to market the products which I know will benefit my readers.

Like you, at one time I was hesitant to start anything where credit card information was required.

But thankfully with Wealthy Affiliate, you get two FREE sites, NO credit card information is required as well 10 free affiliate marketing lessons.

Not only that but you have access to all the super affiliates whose businesses live at Wealthy Affiliate.

Can you imagine that? All these different minds are always inputting information into WA, which members like us have immediate access to.

Unique Rewards is a program where you can earn a little bit of money. 

Now if you want to make big money then starting your own business online may be your best bet.

Let me know in comments below of how I can help you get started in creating your own business.

Unique Rewards


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  • Been Around for 7 Years
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  • Limited to 3 Countries
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4 thoughts on “7 Top Benefits Of Unique Rewards – Reviewed With Your Time In Mind

  1. Hey Jag,

    This is really a great review on Unique Rewards. I had heard of it before but the concept was never so clear than it is now. Many of my friends suggested me it as I waste my time in vain. But I haven’t proper ideas on it. But now I know that it is not scam but a legit way to earn money so easily. As you have explained so many benefits of it and how it works. I will give it a try.

    Thank you very much for this helpful article.

    1. Do give it a try, but remember it’s only limited to USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It’s definitely not a scam, but earning potential is small. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hi

    I think unique rewards is not so bad. Just that I can’t apply for it because I am not in any of the countries allowed. But it’s a easy way to make petty cash, which is always useful. 

    Just by curiosity ( because I can’t be part of it). Is there a limit on the number of tasks one can do per day? Is there a given process on how to get the tasks? Or one can just applied and get it. Because if there is no limit than I think the earnings can be meaningful.

    But it’s true that, wealthy affiliate gives  a better opportunity to create a sustainable business for the future. It takes work and it’s totally worth it

    Thanks for sharing, it’s a good opportunity!

    1. No there is not a limited number of tasks you can do. It’s as many as you can get to. Thank you for your comment.

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