Take Immediate Action On These Brilliant Strategies So You Can Avoid Business Failure

What’s does it feel like to take immediate action to avoid business failure?

All I can say is by doing this you will avoid the heartache that comes along with the already negative thoughts you may have about starting your own online business from home.

Seriously a day did not go by when the thought, “I’m not going to make it,” did not cross my mind. But the trooper that I was, I kept going at it no matter what. Mind you; there were days where I wanted to throw in the towel.

If you are like me, you may be one of those people who focuses on your business 24-7, because you think this is what you need to do to become successful.

Being a parent who works from home can be difficult at times. If that’s not hard enough with all the going on at home, you then have to call in the business minded person that is in you to be able to stay focused on how to propel your business forward.

I don’t know about you, but it sure made me tired! 

On a more serious note when you are working from home, everyone expects you to be free while being available at all times. My Mom is from a generation of no computers; when she sees me on the computer, to her, it’s like I’m doing fun things.

I am sure most of you will understand when I say, “Moms can cause the most guilt if you don’t hear what they have to say.”

At least with your kids, you can yell, “I’m busy!”

Since I’ve been doing this for quite a while, I have come up with four ways to make sure my home-based business runs smoothly, maybe you can apply them to yours as well.

Make a work schedule as though you are working 9-5

The mentality of 9-5 has been built into us for a long time. Why not keep this schedule to keep you functioning at a level of knowing you have dedicated this time to work.

This would be a time where you take no personal calls. I’ve made that mistake many times. Mostly during one of my writing periods, and it’s so hard to get back the train of thought when it has been interrupted.

As a person who posts information about doing an online business, a lot of my work is geared towards writing.

Your family/friends will start taking you for granted. This means they will take for granted that whatever you are doing is less important than them.

The only one suffering here will be you and your business.

Don’t leave an open invitation for anyone

In the beginning stages of my online business friends/family members would call to say, “Hey, you are at home, why don’t I come over for a quick cup of coffee?”

Now that’s a phrase I still hear often. Not only am I told I’m at home, but to me, it comes across like I must be free to move at their will — not a good feeling when you are trying to make things happen online.

In the beginning, it was hard to say no because I didn’t have enough confidence in my business. So I wanted to be distracted from it.

But not anymore, now I have concrete boundaries with others. If I am working on a project, there is no way I will let anyone distract me from it. As soon as I get distracted, it’s hard for me to get back into the mode again.

Eventually, your friends will start to respect your time.

You know why?

Because you will start to respect your time, your friends will have no choice, but to accept your terms.

Spread your 9-5 hours around your day

No one says you have to start your day at 9 am and end it at 5 pm. The remarkable thing about working from home is that you can get creative with your time.

What I like to do when I start my workday is to work at my most productive hours which are mid-afternoon, late evening and late night. Let your body and mind decide when the best time for you to work is, you’ll find you will get a lot more done when working within your natural rhythm.

My youngest daughter plays basketball; I have the luxury of not only dropping and picking her up during practice/games, but I can attend all of her games. The guilt of not being at her game will never be able to consume me.

As you all may know they are only at this age once to be able to have this round with them. Imagine all the accolades I will get when she’s older for always being at her games (not that I look for appreciation, but still it’s nice to be acknowledged). 

When you work at your most productive time, you will find creativity flows at a rapid pace. Rather than time dragging on, you will finish your work faster.

Create separate space for your home office

This is crucial to your business becoming successful. My office is in my bedroom. Since my children are at school, I could hang out in the living room, but it doesn’t work for me as well as one would think.

There are too many distractions in the living room. At least in my room, it’s silent; I know I have to work in the space I have allocated for myself.

Over the years I’ve learned preventing business failure is a mindset. Once the proper mindset is achieved, anyone can be successful from home.

Now that you know you can take immediate action by implementing the strategies I have provided to avoid business failure, getting going with it now to become successful.

But if you need a little support to put these strategies into place then read about my favorite place where you can get that support anytime 24/7.

I love hearing from you, please leave me a comment or thought on which issue struck a chord with you the most.


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