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Take Control of Your Life by Being Your Own Boss – 7 Reasons To Do So For 2019

Take Control of Your Life

What’s it like to take control of your life by being your own boss?

Yep, I’m one to answer this for sure. I love giving answers, that’s what I’m good at.  So sit back, rest and relax while reading my reply.

How can you take control of your life?

By taking control of your life you are giving into learning how to manage your emotions as well as placing value on your time. Life can sometimes get hectic, but it does not mean you need to let it chaotic to the point where you lose yourself. By being in control you make the decisions on where you are headed as well managing your present while aligning them with your future goals.  When you take control of your life by becoming your own boss it means you will be meeting challenges head-on which includes your perceptions of working for yourself while building up your own self-confidence.

In this advanced day of the Internet means being my own boss has me functioning on my time. Not having to answer to anyone, especially since I’m such a grouchy person in the morning, one who doesn’t want to be told what to do early in the morning. 

That’s one way of taking back control of my life. 

It‘s enough when I have four bosses at home bossing me around.  They need food, rides and all the lovely things we parents do for our children.  I love having my own time, where I can do things on a schedule I have created.

But the best thing is I can attend all school functions/trips, extracurricular activities my kids are involved with. It makes living life a whole lot better, for me at least the kaleidoscope of life gets much more colorful. 

Having a hard time deciding what you should when you are your own boss? Read my post 7 careers for people who like to work alone to get some ideas. 

Top 10 Reasons Why I Became My Own Boss

  • I drive my business

I love being in the driver seat. As you mosey along with life, becoming the driver is the best. You get to say which direction you’re going to go. As a child, I couldn’t wait to grow up to make my own decisions. Alas, here I am making big decisions on everything.

Guess what?

I love it!

If I want to market my business in a certain way, I can. If I feel it’s not working, I don’t need to consult anyone to make my decision for me; I go ahead and do it. It’s my business; I will take it where I want it to go.

  • My Location

I can get up in the morning go to my desk in my pajamas and start working. Other times my location can also be my bed.  Depends on what is happening. For instance, during the summer months, I don’t have to get up early for school or anything, my location becomes my bedroom.

Just recently my kids and I went on a trip to Seattle, it was great we saw many sights. But during our downtime, we returned to our hotel room. While my kids watched television, I was able to work.

As a parent, I developed an innate ability to avoid distractions, so I was able to get a lot of writing done on my blog.

  • I Own My Own Earnings

That’s right I own the money I earn through my hard work. In an employment type of situation if you come up with an idea to create more revenues of income, then the person you work for owns it.

Not when you work for yourself, any revenue earned goes into my bank account. It was my idea to create it, so I should be the identified owner is my motto.

  • Variety is Key

I love having variety in life. Otherwise, I would be bored fast. My attention span is short, sometimes at a moment’s notice; I sometimes feel the need to be elsewhere. By being my own boss, I can make this happen.

It’s much easier asking myself, rather than asking someone who might say no to my excursion of having fun. Employers sometimes don’t understand a person works better when there is fun involved. 

I like being an entrepreneur who decides what I will allow into my business. If it gets boring,  then I can always find something else. 

  • You Decide Your Style of Working

Working for others means depending on what they decide is right for the office.

For instance:

  • They choose the technology coming into the office
  • Your parking spot is already designated
  • What speed of Internet you use
  • Where you will be sitting at what type of desk

When you work for yourself you decide all this. No one else gets any kind of say because it’s all in your hands.

As a matter of fact, if you’re working from home, I imagine the control you have of which way your life is headed is as well is the direction of your own business.

If you can afford the better luxuries of life while working for yourself, then why not? Seriously when we’re working we spend at least half of the day doing work things. They should at least be done in a comfortable space. Why not you be the deciding person on how this space should look like?

  • You Decide Your Hours

That’s the one thing I had real difficulty with. Especially being a single parent. My schedule had to revolve around my kids. The last boss I had was not willing to bend.

When there is no stress for a person with any outside factors that may interrupt their workspace, they are guaranteed to be a better employee.

Unfortunately, I was not able to be the best employee that I could be, because my kids were always on my mind. There were so many activities that they were missing out on due to the fact that I just could not get them there.

Now that I work for myself the worry of driving my kids around is no longer there. Any time I want I can get up to go do whatever I need to do. Because of the stress of not being able to do what I wanted to do is gone, I come back to my business with a better mindset.

  • The Need to Meet Quotas Will No Longer Bother You

As you know time is money. At least that’s what I learned when I was working for my former employer. It was a really tight ship where you were meant to make as many sales as you could. Even at the expense of your own health.

There were times where I stayed overtime just so I could meet my quota of the month. Some of those quotas were preposterous. They were numbers the boss himself had not even meant. If he couldn’t meet them, then how could he expect his employees to meet those numbers.

Boggles my mind tell you the truth!

Nowadays I don’t worry about quotas anymore. Of course, there are certain things I need to get done in a day which I’m very happy to meet because they know they will only benefit me.

No other person but myself is the deciding factor on where I choose to place importance on. Be it writing content, social media or networking with others in the community. I’m not bound to any one thing.

There you have it on how being your own boss to help you take control of your life. You are the only person who knows yourself the best. You deserve the best in life. My best arrived when I became an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate.

Why not create your best to come now?

Let me know your thoughts below.

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6 thoughts on “Take Control of Your Life by Being Your Own Boss – 7 Reasons To Do So For 2019

  1. I really liked your post and it appealed to me for so many reasons. A few days ago I was reading the paper about how important it is to have a second job. I like the idea of taking control and being my own boss like you said, Personally I am working on a online business until it can become full time. To have the ability to work where you want and have variety is great. What tools do you use to have control of your business?

  2. For a lot of entrepreneurs i think this is the dream. Especially for a young one like myself. I think this article is very enticing and motivating to read. But to be honest i think it takes an enormous amount of effort at the start to get a business going. But once you do it’s full steam ahead. What are your thoughts on a lot risk takers dropping everything and trying to give their business a shot?

    1. I have to agree with you, it was long time dream of mine to have my own business. Us old timers also like having our thing, but it’s a good thing to start out young.

      I would say taking the risk to start your own thing is worth it. At least at the end up day they won’t have regrets of not doing something about it. Regrets are the worst when it comes to going down memory lane.

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. I love the sound of that I believe that is the reason why we are here and doing what we are doing and that is working and putting in the time so one day we will be our own boss and not have to work for anybody else, this may be a lot of work but it is worth it because in the end you receive all the benefits and get to live the lifestyle that you always wanted.

    1. The best tool I have is my laptop, as it goes with me everywhere I go. I also carry around a small recording device, so if any idea does come up, I can record it right away.

      Thanks for your comment.

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