Sneaky Mind Motivation Which Will Always Hinder Your Online Success

Keeping sneaky mind motivation in check is essential to an online business. Sometimes a person can be so motivated yet still not find success. Motivation is one of the biggest misconceptions many online mentors will emphasize when training new people in affiliate marketing.

Okay, so this a brief article, but such a vast topic. Make sure to read all the way through so you can be your most successful.

Mind motivation is something we all struggle with daily in our home-based online business. If it’s not kept in check, it can get away from us pretty fast.

What’s my humble opinion on motivation

While it’s great to be motivated, it’s not the only component that is required when selling online. Motivation is among the top hinderance in internet marketing and most individuals, including their mentors, don’t recognize that motivation, in and of itself isn’t enough to help you to succeed in an online business.

Many times when an affiliate marketer doesn’t achieve what they desire to do online, they may be told, “you don’t have enough belief in what you are doing.”

While some other mentors might say, “you don’t want success as much as you say you do.”

But in reality, it’s the system which may be corrupted and not work!

Many times scammers will try to scam people out of money, but when the system fails, the scammers come back is, “you just don’t want it enough.”

Which then makes us second guess, “hey, maybe we aren’t trying hard enough.”

Do you know why motivated people fail?

These people fail because they don’t have the proper marketing system to succeed. They forget they need a plan as well as a roadmap.

  • For instance

Wendy’s in a hurry to get her sister’s new house; she still has to get directions to where she is going. As she gets ready to leave, she realizes her car has no gas. Having no gas in the car means she is not going anywhere anytime soon.

 Yes, she did have the motivation to get going!

But with no gas in her car means she forgot to prepare for her trip, she’s stuck with no way of getting to where she has to go.

Even so, she may have all gas in the world in her car, considering she’s never been to her sister’s house, what is she going to do without a clear roadmap of where she has to go.

Of course, if she has GPS, then her map is already laid out for. 

I’ve seen many people in the affiliate world who seem lost, never getting anywhere they want. But they are so busy being motivated; they don’t seem to care that there may be another way to get to their destination.

How can you keep sneaky mind motivation in check?

  • Stick to one goal daily – Of course, you have long-term goals, but if you try to accomplish them in all in one day, motivation is going to be the first thing that takes a hit.
  • Finish a self-assigned assignment – If you are one of those people who multitask, yet never finishes anything, now is the time to start completing one task to move onto the next. 
  • Don’t let lack of motivation become your excuse – Using excuses not to do something we need to do are easy to come by, the mind is pretty quick at always thinking something better to do.
  • Learn to Value Your Time – Remember when you worked for someone else, your time was valuable because it meant money earned, place the same value here.
  • Dream one step at a time – Don’t try to make your dream happen in one take, it takes time, let small steps lead up to the overall large dream you want to accomplish.

My take on this, keep your motivation going, but if one way is not working, try another method which will stop sneaky mind motivations limiters.

Just a make a slight note to yourself when embarking on affiliate marketing, more than motivation will be needed. You will require a solid blueprint and some efficient marketing tools.

Once a plan is formed in your mind, the idea is to execute it with precision follow through. But remember all plans take time, so having patience is required.

Again keep mind motivations in check, don’t let them start playing minds games with you. If that happens, you can say goodbye to having online success.

Are you now motivated to start your online business for success, if so then check out my view on where to get the best affiliate training?

What’s your way of keeping mind motivation in check, leave your best technique in comments below so others can learn new ideas.


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