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Sneaky Mind Motivation Which Will Always Hinder Your Online Success

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Keeping sneaky mind motivation in check is essential to an online business. Sometimes a person can be so motivated yet still not find success. Motivation is one of the biggest misconceptions many online mentors will emphasize when training new people in affiliate marketing.

Okay, so this a brief article, but such a vast topic. Make sure to read all the way through so you can be your most successful.

Mind motivation is something we all struggle with daily in our home-based online business. If it’s not kept in check, it can get away from us pretty fast.

What’s my humble opinion on motivation

While it’s great to be motivated, it’s not the only component that is required when selling online. Motivation is among the top hinderance in internet marketing and most individuals, including their mentors, don’t recognize that motivation, in and of itself isn’t enough to help you to succeed in an online business.

Many times when an affiliate marketer doesn’t achieve what they desire to do online, they may be told, “you don’t have enough belief in what you are doing.”

While some other mentors might say, “you don’t want success as much as you say you do.”

But in reality, it’s the system which may be corrupted and not work!

Many times scammers will try to scam people out of money, but when the system fails, the scammers come back is, “you just don’t want it enough.”

Which then makes us second guess, “hey, maybe we aren’t trying hard enough.”

Do you know why motivated people fail?

These people fail because they don’t have the proper marketing system to succeed. They forget they need a plan as well as a roadmap.

  • For instance

Wendy’s in a hurry to get her sister’s new house; she still has to get directions to where she is going. As she gets ready to leave, she realizes her car has no gas. Having no gas in the car means she is not going anywhere anytime soon.

 Yes, she did have the motivation to get going!

But with no gas in her car means she forgot to prepare for her trip, she’s stuck with no way of getting to where she has to go.

Even so, she may have all gas in the world in her car, considering she’s never been to her sister’s house, what is she going to do without a clear roadmap of where she has to go.

Of course, if she has GPS, then her map is already laid out for. 

I’ve seen many people in the affiliate world who seem lost, never getting anywhere they want. But they are so busy being motivated; they don’t seem to care that there may be another way to get to their destination.

How can you keep sneaky mind motivation in check?

  • Stick to one goal daily – Of course, you have long-term goals, but if you try to accomplish them in all in one day, motivation is going to be the first thing that takes a hit.
  • Finish a self-assigned assignment – If you are one of those people who multitask, yet never finishes anything, now is the time to start completing one task to move onto the next. 
  • Don’t let lack of motivation become your excuse – Using excuses not to do something we need to do are easy to come by, the mind is pretty quick at always thinking something better to do.
  • Learn to Value Your Time – Remember when you worked for someone else, your time was valuable because it meant money earned, place the same value here.
  • Dream one step at a time – Don’t try to make your dream happen in one take, it takes time, let small steps lead up to the overall large dream you want to accomplish.

My take on this, keep your motivation going, but if one way is not working, try another method which will stop sneaky mind motivations limiters.

Just a make a slight note to yourself when embarking on affiliate marketing, more than motivation will be needed. You will require a solid blueprint and some efficient marketing tools.

Once a plan is formed in your mind, the idea is to execute it with precision follow through. But remember all plans take time, so having patience is required.

Again keep mind motivations in check, don’t let them start playing minds games with you. If that happens, you can say goodbye to having online success.

Are you now motivated to start your online business for success, if so then check out my view on where to get the best affiliate training?

What’s your way of keeping mind motivation in check, leave your best technique in comments below so others can learn new ideas.

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26 thoughts on “Sneaky Mind Motivation Which Will Always Hinder Your Online Success

  1. Ah! I resonate a lot of with this article. I am a single, stay at home mom of a toddler. I am unable to work on my laptop UNLESS my son is asleep, either for his naptime or at bedtime. Besides that, the entire day I need to keep my attention on my baby because he can hurt himself if unsupervised very quickly! Therefore during the day while I am taking care of him, my mind gets bombarded with all these ideas of inspiration  as well as random content ideas, ideas for Pins, a “remember to post this on twitter” and in the back of my mind is always “I gotta check my email” – I do look at my phone, and it gets me really distracted. I attempt to multitask things on my phone because I feel like its “safer” to work with while taking care of my son. Although its harder to navigate things and write actual blog posts with just a phone 

    When my son finally goes to sleep I am so thrilled to have me time. At first I distress by making something to eat for myself and relaxing with my meal. After that if I don’t feel so tired, I hop on my laptop and tackle all the things that I need to do. I am so bombarded with al the things I thought about during the day that I “need to do” that i attempt to do everything at once! 

    When my son wakes up from his nap I feel…I rush to his side and rub his back and say “Shhhhh go back to sleep” lol, hoping that he will not be ready to wake up because after only an hour of working in the day, I feel so inspired to do more! Its not fair that i can only have pockets of time to work, but this is my predicament. 

    1. Great that you can stay on task even with a little one running around. Hopefully you are able to keep to that motivation in check. Thanks for the comment. 

  2. Hey i really enjoyed this article, it was very informative.  I do have problems with getting motivated to work on new content and my site.  When things come up or i have a bad day i use it as an excuse to not write new content or anything and that keeps happening daily.  So i got to remember what my goals are and keep pushing to succeed, i just over think way to much and stress about paying the bills and what not and that gets in the way!  Good article, i will have to get my motivation back!

    But I know sometimes I get over motivated, that also affects how efficiently I get things done. Sneaky mind motivation is definitely something to look at. 

  3. Hi Jag,

    I love doing all the getting yourself motivated stuff, but I do agree – that is only part of what will make a difference.

    We all need to take action and take the right action!

    We do all need a plan or map or all that hard work is going to count for nothing.

    Thank you for steering us to use a plan that works!!

    All the best!


    1. Thank you for the agreement, it’s always nice to know when others realize motivation isn’t all there is to become successful. Much more effort has to be put in. Thank you for your comment. 

  4. Motivation is the like the gas that starts you up, but it can only take you so far, unless you stop to fill up again.  It is great to be motivated but we must also recharge or we will just burn out and what started out as a great begining just ends up going nowhere.  Do not forget to take time for yourself and slow down once in a while, smell the roses and enjoy life, that is what we are here for.So be motivated, and have a plan, keep achieving your goals.

    1. So true, it’s is gas which starts you up, the way your going to travel and how you are going to get there is the rest of the journey. Thanks for your comment. 

  5. Hey, Jag. Just the motivation I needed to get on with my task for today. I agree, we definitely need a plan. My biggest distration for me in completed my primary task is procrastination. I don’t deliberately, sabotage my big tasks, but I always manage to find some other important (easier) tasks to eat up my time, thus avoiding what I meant to be doing. Do you have any solutions for procrastination? Thanks, Paul.

    1. Glad that I was able to assist in completing your task. Distractions are in inhibitor which online business entrepreneurs can do without. With the right motivation it can happen. Thank you for your comment. 

  6. Motivation, that’s something I struggle with a lot of the time, but I did get the proper training at Wealthy Affiliates, so its my own fault.  Being an Affiliate you pretty much have control of the time spent on your business, and my problem is I don’t have that daily schedule to keep me focused on my needed daily tasks so I offend put my business second, because I can.   I believe that having a daily schedule or goals is the most important jobs a person has when they are self employed, because if you don’t then you risk failing your own business.  

    Thanks, for reminding me to do what I need to do.


    1. Yes, you are right. You pretty well do have to control your own time as well how much work you are willing to put into it. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Hey Jag, nice article. Your article really spoke to me and if we’re being honest, there are a lot of times when we hear those feelings of defeat especially those that tell us that we are far less deserving of the success we try to achieve on our own. Also, I want to go on record as saying that your article reinforce the adage that “success is a journey, not a destination”. Good job!

    1. The adage “success is a journey, not a destination”, is great way of looking at it. Going at on our own if done with the right type of motivation can go on create long-term success. Thanks for your comment.

  8. It takes good motivation to create content for my website 5 days a week. It can be easy to get down on this when my site is still kinda in limbo where I am not getting ranked high by search engines and seeing traffic. Will my site ever get traffic? you ask yourself everyday, but everyone I ask about this says to keep making content and be patient for 3-6 months. So I keep working and waiting, but it would be more motivating if I was getting traffic and sales.

    1. Yes motivation is required, but is has to be focused motivation. Otherwise it’s useless being motivated when there is no way to apply it. Thanks for your comment. 

  9. Sneaky Mind Motivation. Not sure I have ever called it that, but I know what you are talking about. So true though, you can have the initiative to do something, but if you haven’t planned it out and have what you need to accomplish it, then you are not getting it done. Great article and advice. Keep them coming. 

    1. Motivation can work both ways, positively or negatively. Really depends on how successful a person wants to be. Thanks for the comment.

  10. Love the gas analogy. I have my days like that! Just like you mentioned having a blueprint I have found that daily “to do” lists have greatly helped me in getting things knocked out (and down) in one day. As I type this I have a notebook sitting beside me with 75% of my tasks listed crossed off. It truly truly helps me chip away at tasks and move closer to my bigger goals! Great post!

  11. Hi Jag,

    This is a great article. And by the way, your website name is very catchy.

    I totally agree with you as far as motivation is concerned. I used to be affiliated with a multilevel marketing company that had great plans, tremendous motivational conferences, and super support.

    However, all those were external factors. Most of us can’t succeed to our greatest potential from external forces alone.

    I loved your analogy about the car. Right to the point!

    The best to you,

    Dennis Detweiler

    1. I love motivational conferences as well, but like you said they are external factors. We all need a plan to follow where the motivation itself can be applied to.

      Thank you for your comment.

  12. There is nothing wrong with motivation. In fact, it’s a necessary tool to achieve our goals and get what we want to get out of life. The challenge is when we are motivated without understanding what exactly it is that motivates us.

    I think you need to combine MOTIVATION with EDUCATION. That way, you’re applying your energy to something that can produce positive results for you. Otherwise, you’re just spinning your wheels.

    1. You are right we do need motivation, but like you said without education it gets us nowhere. Applying energy the positive way is the best to get work done.

      Thank you for your comment.

  13. I think what you’re saying here is that motivation is only part of the equation towards success. You can be fully motivated but unless you also educate yourself and put that learning into action you’re not going to have much success.

    I also think persistence is important. Motivation helps with persistence to a certain point but then there usually comes a time when motivation wanes and you need to rely more on self-discipline to get the job done.

    Thanks for motivating me on a Thursday morning 🙂

    1. That’s exactly what I’m saying, motivation is important, but without a plan to execute the motivation, the work can’t get done.

      Thank you for your comment. Have a great day.

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