Seth Godin, This is Marketing Review

Seth Godin, This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See is a phenomenal read for anyone looking to create a busy tribe where the hustle and bustle will determine where your group fits in.

Considering that for us marketers marketing is all around us, I for am glad this book arrived at a time when my journey into affiliate marketing is just starting.

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While reading this book I was walking on my treadmill with iPad in hand, my excitement overpowered me to the point where I had to sit down so that I could absorb the message Seth was trying to instill.

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Who is Seth Godin

  • He has authored 18 books which have all become bestsellers
  • Was inducted into the American Marketing Association’s Marketing Hall of Fame in 2018
  • He offers courses on both Udemy and The Marketing Seminar
  • He has been on Ted Talks 5 times
  • Has over 30 years of marketing experience

Seth writes a very compelling book on how tribes are created. Newbies and veterans alike will both gain an infinite amount of knowledge because this book is geared towards all who want to establish themselves in the marketing industry.

On a day I should have been focusing on writing content, my desire to learn more about marketing was what pushed me to purchase this book, that and I have heard a lot about Seth Godin. I wanted to see if his book lives up to the hype.

His book brilliantly taught me, marketers don’t use their customer to help solve an issue for their company, but rather marketing is used to resolve a problem the customer needs fixing.

His writing is charismatic as well he elaborates on each technique without the non-fiction drag. Keeps you captivated the whole time, so there is no sense of lag. 

Seth has extensive marketing experience which accomplishes the task of knowing what he is talking about. His flair for incorporating examples into his storytelling kept my usually wary eyes glued to each page.  

In his expressive way, Seth lets you know straight what’s up with mass marketing and how ineffective it has become. But don’t worry in the next breath/chapter he lets you know what works and how you can get there. 

His message throughout the book is very clear, get your tribe together to make the most of marketing online. He not only teaches you what to look for in a tribe but also what it takes to develop one. 

What stood out for me in his book was how to focus on the adopters versus the adapters. This is where my wary eyes became eager eyes because I finally learned something which has been slipping my grasp for some time. 

Throughout his book, I had to take a break to incorporate each message into my psyche; such was my fear of missing something. I re-read the book at least three times. The book has many digital earmarks for me to study each step more studiously. 

His subtitle You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See is so very accurate, this book makes you see what needs to be recognized for your marketing efforts to be your very best efforts. 

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