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10 Self Starter Interview Questions – Answers You Need Before Starting Your Online Business

self starter interview questions

Self-starter interview questions are something you should focus on when starting your own business.

It is these types of questions which will help you to figure out if you are ready to go into business for yourself.

Many times people go into business thinking we’ll figure things out as we go along.

Sad to say, I was one of those people. I had nothing figured out, hence fell behind others who started at the same time as me.

In today’s fast-paced world, anyone starting an online business needs to be self-motivated as well be a good leader.

The attributes of a good leader are to know how to assess our own skills. By determining our own capabilities, we can help ourselves to reach for the kind of success we hope to achieve.

A certain level of self-honesty is required when answering any questions where you are going to invest time, patience, and money.

The more accurate your answers are the more likelihood of you achieving success online.

Knowing that you are going to be a person who is highly valued by your reader, you need to bring a certain level of stability.

This will help your readers to know that you practice what you preach when teaching others how to market online.

So let’s dive right into the types of questions you need to answer for your very own success. If you find yourself faltering on any of the answers, it’s okay. You can always come back to it later.

However, I want to stress these questions should be answered before you set up your online business.

Do you have a workload management plan in place?

There are several different ways you can get your workload management plan into place.

  • Know that you won’t have to multitask – by throwing that out the window, you know that you can focus on one task at a time. The more laser-focused you are on your task, the easier it will be to complete.
  • Your will to be adaptable –  one of your most valuable assets will be learning to adapt to your new work environment. Stepping into a leadership role will require you to take on new responsibilities which you are going to be solely responsible for.
  • Self-communication – it’s easy to second guess ourselves when we are working on our own. You’re going to have to let the critical part of you take a backseat to the part of you that’s the creative thinker. When you are giving direction to yourself be precise of what you expect yourself to be able to accomplish.
  • Complete your difficult tasks first – you will be the one deciding which task is easy versus which task is hard. What I do is I complete the hard tasks first to get them over with. The hardest task for me is creating content. The rest is smooth sailing once the content piece is finished.

Do you have ideas for marketing your company?

This is one of the most essential aspects when you’re starting an online business. Without having any ideas on how to market your business, your business will most likely be lost in a sea of businesses online.

Most businesses that start online are a one-person business, meaning they are a small business. Small businesses need to obtain focus often as soon as possible to bring in their first group of buyers/customers.

As significant as the prospect of buyers are online, there are just as many businesses which will cater to your prospects needs. You, as an individual business, will need to make your mark to stand out.

What you need to focus on when coming up with ideas for marketing your company online is the ability to interact with your customers to see exactly what they need.

Many times when people go online, they feel as though they need to cater to a small group of audience, which in the long run may hinder their online viability.

These people prefer to go slow when doing online marketing. They learn one technique at a time which can actually slow their growth.

Having great marketing ideas will enable you to spread in many different ways. Think of it as a web which is creating new connections. I wrote a post on left-brained marketing ideas, check it out to get some inspiration on how to market your business with new concepts.

What does efficiency mean to you?

Most times, when people focus on efficiency, they end up putting most of that focus on finances.

Once you gain a handle on how to make your workload more efficient, excellent results can be achieved.

Efficiency is not the same for all of us. However, in business, there are three types of efficiency you should be focusing on:

  • Energy efficiency – this focuses on the energy it will require you to produce products as well as services to operate your business.
  • Operating efficiency – the focus here will be to know what the operational cost of your business will be. This involves finances as well as being emotionally involved.
  • Return on investment – this is where you’re going to focus on how you’re going to write content as well as market your business. You want to be able to make sure that you are getting back what you’re putting in.

How do you solve problems?

Knowing how you solve problems is essential when going into business for yourself.


Because the reality of going into business for yourself is that you’re the only person who will be working there.

You will need to know how to solve the problem as they arise. Not knowing how to solve a problem can make a big difference to your business online.

The problems are the very center of any business. It’s the resolutions you focus to make available to your clients/readers online.

By being a good problem solver, your self-confidence rises to meet any demand which may be expected. Establishing your approach to problems quickly helps you become the go-to person online.

But not only are you solving others’ problems, but you also need to be able to get a jump on as soon as you see a problem rearing on your end.

Sometimes problems can be simple; other times, they can be more complicated. It’s all in how you decide how you’re going to fix your issue before it derails all the work you put into your business.

What is your biggest inspiration for going into business for yourself?

Inspiration can come in many different forms. For some, they are inspired by earning a living online. For others, inspiration is getting their story out to the masses.

Figuring out your inspiration right at the beginning stages of your business will help you maintain longevity. People who have no incentive usually give up a few weeks after launch.

By being inspired means, you can be driven towards the achievement of your goals and targets.

Many online business entrepreneurs focus on inspiration as hindsight. It’s when their business fails that they start searching for ways to be inspired to get going again. This is the wrong way to be inspired.

If you’re going to start an online business might as well draw on some deep inspiration to maintain a successful marketing business online.

What is the biggest concern you have about starting your own business?

For some people, the biggest concern about starting their own business is not being successful.

You need to figure out your most significant concern so that you can overcome it even before it starts to become a problem.

In the beginning, everything seems great. I remember that when I started my online business, I did not even focus on any concerns that would arise.

However, mind you, they did!

One of my biggest concerns was not getting enough readers to read my blog. I thought my writing was horrible; it wasn’t going to make sense to anyone, and people were not going to find anything of value.

How did I overcome this?

I overcame it by knowing that what I am putting out there is precisely what I wished I would’ve read when I started my online business.

So if you have any concerns about starting your own business, you need to address them, so they don’t lead you astray later on.

That’s when the flight or fight phrase kicks in. Some people will flee because they will be afraid to face the concern. Others will fight to make sure they stay ahead of the fear.

How will you keep your goal in sight?

Many times when we start our own business, there is always a goal which drives us. For some, the purpose gets lost.

How does it get lost?

Because they forget why they started the business in the first place.

 I started my business because I was a single parent who wanted to earn an income. Not only that, but I also wanted to be at home when my kids come home from school.

Not once did I lose sight of my goal of being home for kids. That’s how important it was to me.

I do not know what your goal is, but make it concrete so that you will always be focused on that goal. No matter what happens, nothing will get in the way of you achieving that one achievement you so desire.

What steps will you take to overcome failure?

Not many people take the time to create steps in case their business sales. But then others generate a backup for their business.

What do I mean by creating a backup for their business?

Back up for your business can go in many different ways. Especially if we are doing content marketing, where we rely on talking about/reviewing a product which we feel our readers may benefit by.

Many years ago, I had a blog which was focused on fitness, but after a few months, I ran out of topics to write about which were related to fitness. Hence my business at that time did not go anywhere.

But luckily, I had a backup business plan, which was to help online business marketers.

Now in hindsight, I think could have created different directions for my fitness blog. At that time my scope of writing was so limited. 

The beauty of doing business on the Internet is that if one business doesn’t work, we can always start a different one.

Sometimes some people don’t want to change their business, that’s okay. If you don’t want to change your business, then turn the direction of the business.

Initially, when I started out doing marketing online, my purpose was to review products. But the more content I put out, the more I realized people wanted help with marketing rather than buying products.

The direction of my business has now changed to suit the need of my readers. Now I’m more focused on how to market and grow a business versus reviewing products.

Do you have strategic decision-making skills?

Internet entrepreneurship is always changing. What worked as a marketing strategy yesterday may not work today.


Because Google is always changing algorithms for content marketers.

Having strategic decision-making skills, you give yourself that much of an edge on what needs to change to keep your business going.

As business owners, we are continually charting our success based on long-term goals with short-term visions. Need some assistance to plan a vision, read this last post I wrote on how to write down a vision.

By making strategic decisions, you have a clear idea of your business missions and vision.

As an online marketer, you may be a provider of solutions on how to overcome customer objections to buy what you’re selling.

Maintaining this type of organization can help you put into action a plan which involves changing strategies based on observed outcomes.

Strategic decision-making skills can take you from a small online business to a large, fully functioning business where you are seen as an authority.

Most of us entrepreneurs need to have the ability to make quick strategic decisions. Our impact on readers/customers can influence the decisions they will make. 

Can you work on your own for long periods of time?

This one is critical to focus on. I know that I like working alone. I get great satisfaction of knowing that the decisions which affect my business good/bad are my own making.

Some people require others around them to keep them working. These types of people would probably be best suited to stay in a group environment.

There are those who prefer to work alone. Working alone means you are the sole decider of how your business will prosper.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t turn to anybody. More so that your work environment may be a quiet one.

Although I work alone in my room, I can always turn to my favorite online marketer Zac Johnson. When I read any of his blog posts, I usually get fired up to keep going for my goals. 


Anyone can start a business online. But the only ones that are going to get far are the ones who answer the self-starter interview questions right at the beginning of their business.

With these questions out of the way you know, you’ve already set yourself up for long-term success.

Let me know in comments which questions you wished were answered before you started your business.

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8 thoughts on “10 Self Starter Interview Questions – Answers You Need Before Starting Your Online Business

  1. Your post has touched on many issues that face online marketers every day. Having an inspired idea is not enough to create an online business that will be successful. Know your weakness as well as your strong points and use them correctly. I like your suggestions about making a self-analysis of yourself to better prepare yourself for creating the best business plan. Some people are great at solving mechanical problems but can’t type or communicate well with others. These individuals might get appropriate help in the areas that they are weak and concentrate their talents where it will benefit their business the most.

    Thank you for reminding me to do a self-analysis from time to time to find the areas where I need to improve. It is the little things like this that can bring an online business to a halt.

    1. I agree inspiration will only get your do far. A person has to be committed 100%to be successful online. These questions would definitely be a start in the right direction. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I think the best thing for those looking to start an online business should write these questions down and just brainstorm. Ask themselves the questions, jot down some ideas, and always take into consideration the fact starting an online business takes time, effort, commitment, and determination. There are no shortcuts to success in this, and to ask yourself these questions and write down ideas will better prepare one for the journey ahead. 

    1. Brainstorming is a great idea. You are right there are no shortcuts anywhere in business. Most people do need answer these questions before moving ahead. Makes it easier. Thank you for your comment.

  3. This is an excellent way to prepare for work and mindset required to build an online business. A lot of people get so excited, that they don’t plan enough or allow for setbacks and shakeups.
    A checklist like this can help them create a gameplan for eventualities, maybes and uh ohs.
    I will be bookmarking this for future reference.

    Thanks for the info,

    Gwendolyn J

    1. Yes, I think a plan should be implemented right away. Makes it easier to follow through with business. Thank you for comment.

  4. This is a very engaging read for me. Full of insights and very helpful. Though I started my online business journey very few months back but then, I really wished I had put up more time to meditate on how or what to set in place. The question I failed to ask myself is how long I can work by myself? This has been affecting me because I lack motivations to push through after few months now and I do not know what the future holds.

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