Quick Mind Mastery Tips to Master Your Internal Fears to Eliminate Self Limiting Beliefs to Be Successful Online

Okay, so you are probably what is mind mastery and how will it help me to eliminate self-limiting beliefs to be successful online.

Have no fear, for I am here to tell you all about!

But you need to buckle up; this is going to be a long read.

What are self-limiting beliefs?

These are beliefs which have been inbred into us since we were born. They limit us on what we want to accomplish by sending critical limiting thoughts which then get in the way of achieving success.

Most of our definition comes from ourselves in how we act and react to the environment around us; we are our own worst critic. Our limited self-image prevents us from moving forward in the desired fashion.

We believe in the thoughts constantly replaying in our heads. Thus we become those very thoughts. We bind ourselves by our values, norms, laws and other rules, but always our governing body is our self-limiting beliefs.

When we attempt to guess what others are thinking, we are mostly trying to project our thoughts onto them to gauge their reactions. When there is none, most should know how far off they are, yet still, hold onto the original beliefs without letting go.

Throughout life, due to self-limiting beliefs, self-esteem takes a huge hit. When our self-esteem is affected, it drives us further into making our self-limiting beliefs more concrete.  If our efforts do not produce the results, we want it can cause us to doubt our abilities.

If this happens repeatedly, it will likely affect our overall sense of self-worth which, in turn, affects our self-esteem, which cements the limiting belief even further. It’s like a never-ending merry-go-round.

Another way to look at self-limiting beliefs is to recognize they are excuses for lack of willingness to change a behavior that inhibits success. If we get rid of one reason, another one pops up to takes its place.

In reality, to get rid of these types of beliefs, we have to remove them from the root. This way there is nowhere for them to fester and grow.

As you go over the 11 amazing techniques listed below you will be amazed at what your mind is capable of; be prepared to be surprised at how easy it is to let go of old limiting beliefs and develop new successful ones.

Remember to make these work for you in the most optimal way; you will need to incorporate your favorite technique every morning before you start your day.

At least that is what I do; now my workday begins by ridding of the negative thoughts which I know can hinder my day. So I get a jumpstart on them, even before they pop-up.


You have probably heard a lot about affirmations, but did you also know every thought you have or say is an affirmation of your beliefs, be it positive or negative?

By consciously choosing how you think, you can force your mind to accept the positive beliefs you want to incorporate within yourself. Your subconscious may find it easier to stay within its accepted truth to avoid the challenge of having to scan the issue.

Once you feel a positive belief evokes a negative response, you’ll know your subconscious is resisting. As time goes on the resistance is decreases while acceptance is increased.

When you experience pure joy, and your mind accepts the positive belief as truth, you know your affirmations have been affirmed.


Meditation is when you relax, with a focus on bringing awareness to one part of you. This could be your breathing or a focal point on the wall.

To replace negative beliefs rather than letting the breath or another medium be the guide to more profound meditation. It would be best if you were to have your positive belief ready, which should be memorized beforehand to focus upon.

You use the positive belief repeatedly at a pace which is acceptable to you to guide you into meditation—the more you relax, the more the belief is integrated into your being.

 Become Like a Child to Absorb Everything

Remember when you were a child and nothing could stop you from accomplishing what you wanted. If you tried to climb the tallest tree you could; if you wanted to learn a new skill, you picked it up with minimal effort.

Your belief system then was strong enough to have you believe in yourself. Over time, we as adults lose this versatility because we stop believing in ourselves.

To re-develop this type of mentality we need to become childlike to unlearn some learning we did which led to the cynical belief being developed in the first place.

Develop Empathy for Yourself

If you cannot be empathetic to yourself, the negative beliefs can eventually become a self-contained prison, one which can be very hard to get out of.

This method works very well because here you learn you can empathize with yourself. By understanding, you learn to accept your fault as well as develop ways to overcome those faults which lead to new, positive beliefs of overcoming to be developed.

You know you have overcome something within yourself, which makes it easier for you reassess the other parts of your life with empathy to self-program new beliefs.

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of the comfort zone is not an easy feat for anyone, but it can be done if there is strong enough demand from the inner self to change.

It’s not easy recognizing this desire to want to change, but here is a clue—you wake up to a new day with the same old stuff, but then one day you decide today is going to be different. That’s when you know you are ready to experience a new lifestyle or a new way of thinking.

Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean jumping into a new situation completely, it means taking gradual steps away from the zone to see how you respond to it.

Once you have accepted the new step, then you are ready to step away even further, until eventually, you are running forward without looking back. You will know a new belief has been developed when you move into a situation without hesitation.

Use the Power of Will

Our will can be weak or strong to change a belief. If the intention is weak, there is no desire to improve. If a will is strong, then nothing can stop the change from happening.

How do you recognize your self-will?

One way is to notice what shift takes place when you desire change in your beliefs; another way is to place before you your wishes to see the type of desire you have to achieve them.

This could come in the form of thought – “Oh, I will never get there, who am I kidding?” Or even a feeling of not wanting what you think you want.

An excellent way to make the shift of self-will is taking action now on what you hope to have in, say, a year from now or ignoring negative people. Remember you are not a doormat for others or yourself, you don’t have lie there and take it. Take charge to become the leader you can be.

‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’ is an old saying, a cheesy saying, but so true—if you can develop the will, the way almost always shows up.

Attach a Positive Emotion to a Belief You Want to Develop

Attaching emotion to positive belief can be made easy. What you would need to do is look into the future as though you have accomplished what you want.

How do you feel now that you have accomplished it?

There is a little bit of imagination and pretending involved, but the outcome is developing the feeling. Once you have the feeling you want, anytime the negative belief rears its ugly thoughts, bring the feeling that you have accomplished your goal already.

Over time this starts to become second nature, and a time will come where the negative belief will no longer even attempt to arise.

Use a little bit of imagination to feel as though you have already overcome the negative belief. The more you do this, the more it will become a part of you. As time goes on the positive emotion will replace the negative emotion.

Challenge Beliefs by Reconsideration

Challenging by reconsideration is a little tough at the beginning because basically, you are inherently challenging yourself.

If you are one of those individuals who like a challenge, then you will do well. If you don’t want a challenge you can still accomplish your task, it may just take a little more time.

To challenge by reconsideration, every time a negative belief pops up you must question its intentions for you. Reconsider what the belief is trying to do for you.

Is it keeping you safe by protecting you or stopping you from moving forward?

By challenging your negative beliefs, you put in cause and effect of how your thought flows. By interrupting the flow of thinking, you challenge it to go in another direction. See how far you can take it. Next time the negative pops up, push even harder in the other direction.

Change Your Perceptions to See Things in a New Light

Perception is a very tricky thing; it can show what want to see or don’t want to see. So it all depends on what you look for in any given situation.

Do you look for the negative or positive? How do you change your perception?

The following is a quick and efficient method: Fill a bowl with water; take your time to focus on the fluid which is standing still.

How could you move the fluid with your perceptions?

Maybe you will have to imagine or pretend, or you could move the bowl around. Just by taking command of the bowl in the water, you were able to perceive some new thoughts to come in.

By doing this, you are creating a new perception of how to see things in a new light. The question you now need to ask is, are you able to bring that mentality into your life to change perceptions of how you view your life?

Experience Self-Guided Imagery

Using self-guided imagery to you guide yourself into a meditation where you are walking in the park or floating in space or whatever it is which creates peaceful feelings in you.

Here your thoughts become an image; believe it or not most of our negative thoughts have an image in our mind. Many smokers report seeing a cigarette as a little stick beating on them; imagine what could happen if you were to take control of the stick and beat it back.

In self-guided imagery, you would need to bring up the negative belief. Look at what it represents to you. Change the representation, by doing this you are observing it a different way to what it could mean, which means a belief is being changed.

Get Rid of Self-Pity

Self-pity, otherwise known as a victim mentality, controls your life with an iron hand. Ironically, the iron hand is usually yours.

As children, usually we all have something happen which puts us into this mentality, but some of us dust ourselves off and move forward, whereas others stay stuck in this mentality without knowing there are other ways to deal with what life throws at you.

One of the essential things to do when in this mode is to validate yourself.

Are you truly still a victim of the past, or is this your own making now?

Once you have assessed this, the next thing to figure out is how far it’s getting you to where you want to be. Time slows down for no one; now is the time stop to being a victim and become a survivor.

What you may have survived could be horrendous, but you still did.

Celebrate that!

This way your belief system gets updated to a winning attitude.

The next tip is not a belief, but it is crucial.

Get rid of what if, this phrase can never be caught or changed. Maybe you started your business years ago and now think what if I had done things differently or what if I had more money for marketing myself.

These thoughts are true business destroyers; people get so caught up in thinking what if, they forget to focus on what now. Mind mastery and how will it help you to eliminate self-limiting beliefs to successful online can be had by all. It’s just a matter of wanting to succeed or not.

So you are ready to get going on becoming a true entrepreneur online? Plus you have now cleaned out your internal limited critical thinking, if so then visit this page to how you can become all you are meant to be.

achieve your goals

If you were to apply one of these beliefs, which one would you use to change your life to eliminate self-limiting beliefs to be successful online, leave your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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