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Create Confident Smiles With the Perfect White Teeth Niche

perfect white teeth

What if you could help people to have perfect white teeth?

That’s precisely what the white teeth niche is all about. You are there helping people gain an edge over their smile.

Not only are you helping them gain an edge, but you are also giving them the secure feeling they need to go for their goals.

Having whiter teeth isn’t only self-satisfying – it’s more like a dopamine trigger with staying power.

How awesome will it be for you to help people smile so that they can feel confident in their skin?

Most times our smiles create an immediate impact by visual means on the people we meet during our daily life. 99.7% of adults believe that the smile is the most crucial element when meeting in social settings.

All of us are interested in looking and feeling our best, that’s exactly what white teeth portray.

  • This niche study is done based on the US population.

Market Size

  • 325.7 million people in the States as of 2017
  • 80% will try teeth whitening products
  • 85% will be women
  • 15% will be men
  • Market size is 260,560,000

Market Worth

Compared to 2012 $1.1 billion was spent in this industry the growth has continued. This is reflected in 2018 figures showing people spent $3.2 billion to have perfect white teeth.


Whitening Toothpaste:                     $1,28 billion

DIY teeth whitening products:       $1.040 billion

Whitening Rinses:                             $547.2 million

Whitening Strips and Gels:             $272 million

In Office Whitening:                         $60.8 million

Why Is the Perfect White Teeth Niche In Demand

Everyone from Hollywood celebrities to people working in an office setting has a desire to have whiter teeth.

Most people believe that teeth are supposed to be white. If they don’t consider their teeth as white as they should be, off they go to purchase teeth whitening products.

The whiter the teeth, the healthier the person feels.

All of us want a dazzling sparkling smile. Having brighter teeth will give us satisfaction.

Many consider having yellow or stained teeth as a sign of being not financially well-off. In this day and age, no one wants to portray that.

Women will not smile if they feel that their teeth are not as white as they should be.

People will get into the public part of the world have a great desire to have nice white. Especially if individuals are doing any type of speaking conferences or are in the acting industry.

Even to be selected as a model for a modeling agency, white teeth are a necessity.

Google Trend For Teeth Whitening

google trend for teeth whitening

MicroNiches to Explore

  • Teeth Whitening Home Remedies
  • Natural Teeth Whitening
  • Teeth Bleaching
  • At Home Teeth Whiteners
  • Professional Teeth Whitening
  • Teeth Whitening Facts

Domain Name Ideas

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Teeth whitening sensitive teeth – 63 sites are ranked for this term 

Best teeth whitening strips – 121 sites are ranked for this term

Teeth whitening products reviews – 72 sites are ranked for this term

How to get brighter teeth – 77 sites are ranked for this term

Whiter brighter teeth – 153 sites are ranked for this term

Get brighter teeth – 164 sites are ranked for this term

Get whiter teeth naturally – 51 sites are ranked for this term

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Why Should You Get Involved in Perfect White Teeth Niche

Right now is the perfect time to get involved in the perfect white teeth niche.


Most people are interested in looking and feeling their best. White teeth convey strength, health as well as youth.

With the increase of people going into business online, many more brands of tooth whitening kits are becoming available.

Having self-confidence plays an essential role in people’s day-to-day lives. For most people, this confidence is found in their smile.

What you will do for people who purchase from you:

  • Raise their self-confidence 
  • Help them smile more

At-home teeth whitening kits have an advantage over in-office teeth whitening kits, which is being economically viable for the average consumer.

Going to a dentist to whiten teeth can be spread out throughout many appointments, where the cost can go into $1000s.

Are you ready to get started in the perfect white teeth niche?

A niche where you know you will be helping people to smile brighter, louder and prouder.

Do you want to give the niche a try before you commit to a monetary commitment?

Read my wealthy affiliate university review on how you can get started by creating a free site on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best places where you will be able to create long-term income as well as not be responsible for returns, complaints or bad reviews.

All you’re doing is talking about the product, listing it on your site and then forwarding the reader to where they can purchase the product.

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Drop me a comment below if you need more information about this niche.

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8 thoughts on “Create Confident Smiles With the Perfect White Teeth Niche

  1. Thank you for sharing ¨Create Confident Smiles With the Perfect White Teeth Niche¨ You mention various niches to choose from. Is there one in particular more profitable than others? Or are they all the same profit-wise? How about tooth whitening kits available over the counter at drugstores and chain stores?If you are going to promote any health related product you better make sure they are safe and deliver what they promise.These kits come in a variety of forms, including stick-on strips, dissolving strips and gels and tooth-shaped trays that you fill with gel before placing on your teeth for a recommended period of time. But will this tooth whitening products turn yellowing teeth whiter?. And are they safe?Home tooth whitening treatments usually rely on the chemical hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide – which releases hydrogen peroxide – to bleach some of the discoloration that can build up over time in the outer layer of tooth enamel.But there are many cases when they don´t work!!!

    1. I’m not sure what you think I am promoting. I’m talking about niche which one can get into as a profit earning niche. There is no product endorsement whatsoever. 

      And if anyone were to promote any such teeth whitening products, I would hope that they would do their research first to make sure it is safe to use.

      Above I have written out the overall profit of the niche as well I’ve broken it down into how people spend their money on the niche. Thank you for your comment. If you have any more questions, please let me know. 

  2. Hello Jag Randa,

    I like following your posts in Marketing Hindsight. this is really a supercalifragilistic review. Yes, White teeth is an important stuff for everyone. When you have whiter teeth, you have more confident smile. And. smiling confidently is another way of consoling people and become successful. After reading your review, I came to know about White Teeth Niche. I am personally very interested with it!

    I am going to share your post with my friends and family members. Thank you so much for such a nice post.


    1. I agree that white teeth are essential to people. It helps to raise to confident for individuals. Thank you for your comment. 

  3. There’s no doubt that having whiter teeth has an aura it exudes in the person who has such teeth. The confidence, satisfaction and the feeling of good health is unrivaled! It is well known that a smile makes people look more beautiful and with this knowledge, everyone would like to smile and show off their white teeth but people who consider their teeth not white enough tend to feel less confident about themselves.

    1. I entirely agree about exuding an aura; it just brings in a special sparkle with a little bit of glint. It helps an individual standout — thank you for your comment.

  4. I’m really happy for coming across your blog tonight. I’ve really been struggling with blogging ideas and the perfect white teeth niche is one I can focus on. At least, everyone can relate to this market. I think there’s a huge potential in this niche. I’ll look at the competitors in this niche before deciding on it.

    Thanks for the idea, was worth a million

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post. You are right; many can relate to this niche. The potential to earn in this niche is unlimited. Thank you for your comment. 

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