Payless Shoe Source Store No More –Start Your Own Men’s Footwear Business Online

Payless Shoe Source store is bankrupt. Sad really as we do most of our shoe shopping there. But a footwear business online is ready for the taking!

Why do men love their shoes?

Shoes help people to represent themselves to the world. These days no one is restricted to any particular type of shoes.

For instance, my two boys and my two nephews like very colorful shoes. It not only helps them to stand out but it also shows that they are very confident in their own skin.

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Most people can buy shoes for almost every occasion. Not only that but they can buy a pair of shoes to match each of their outfits.

Did you know that shoes are ultimately a status symbol?  University of Kansas study found strangers were able to judge a person’s 90% characteristics just by looking at the shoes.

How awesome would it be for you if you were able to help a person represent themselves just by the type of shoes they are wearing!

  • This niche study is done based on the US population

Market Size

Men population in the United States is 163.93 million. 

Market Worth

In 2018 men spent $30.2 billion on shoes 


Athletic Footwear:                $10,872,000,000

Dress Shoes:                           $6,040,000,000

Work Wear Shoes/Boots:    $5,134,000,000

Loafers:                                    $4,832,000,000

Sandals:                                   $3,322,000,000

Why Is the Men's Shoe Niche in Demand

Men are all about presentation now as well. It’s not only limited to women. 

Shoes help to make a fashion statement in a world where most are judged on how they dress. 

Since many bricks and mortar stores are starting to close down, more people are going shopping online.

Now, for instance, Payless Shoe Source store has gone bankrupt twice. 

Ever wonder why that is?

Not because their prices were high, but because people have access to more options online. 

Google Trend For Men's Shoes

google trend for mens shoes

MicroNiches to Explore

  • Orthotics For Foot Needs
  • Party Shoes (clowns…)
  • Sports Shoes
  • Special Sizes Required
  • Special Occasion Shoes For Men
  • Flip Flops for Men
  • Leather Shoes

Domain Name Ideas

Long Tail Low Fruit Keyword Ideas

Focusing on long tail keywords is one of the best ways to get your post to read.

Longtail keywords are keywords are specific words used in a phrase to search topics online.

These words are more niche-focused. Due to the Internet being so vast, niche phrases tend to make your blog post more profitable.

At one time when the Internet was much smaller one-word phrases were enough, now the wording has to be more detailed to what we are searching for online.

Elevator shoes for men – 74 sites are ranking for this term

Designers men shoes – 54 sites are ranking for this term

Design and dress shoes – 74 sites are ranking for this term

Best men shoes – 64 sites are ranking for this term

Best mens casual shoes – 34 sites are ranking for this term

Men shoes that make you taller – 21 sites are ranking for this term

Cheap men’s shoes – 99 sites are written for this term

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Why Should You Get Involved In the Men's Shoe Niche

At one time women were invested in their shoes, now men are just as much invested in getting the right pair of shoes.

These days men spend more on their footwear because the quality has improved from past days. Due to the quality improving men are now more likely to buy more than just one pair of shoes at a time.

Nowadays many people get admiring glances at foot level. Because of where the eye travels, men want to be at the top of their game at the level.

Shoes also help men to sharpen the endpoint of how they are dressed from head to toe.

At one point shoes were not considered a top priority, now they are the main priority as they are what ultimately compliments the outfit a person is wearing.

Are You Ready to Get Into This Niche Today

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Enter a Website Name Below To Start Selling Online

It’s sad to see Payless Shoe Source store leave the shoe playground, but it gives you a chance to start a business online selling shoes.

Drop me a comment below on what you think of this billion-dollar niche.

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