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Shocking Revelation of Over The Counter Pain Relief Products- Niche You Need to Get Into Now

Over The Counter Pain Relief

Over the counter pain reliefs products are the first line of pain relief people will try!

Pain makes it difficult for people to enjoy family and social time. To make matters even more complicated, some doctors still don’t understand pain. Although they know that what works for one person might not work for another.

For this reason, most people’s first attempt to manage pain is buying over-the-counter pain products.

These pain products will include pills as well as natural healing products.

  • This niche is done based on the US population

Market Size

  • 100 million people suffer from pain
  • 40% look for alternative pain relief

Market Worth

The pain industry is worth $52 billion.

The most common type of pain people report:


Back pain                                             $16.04 billion

Severe headache or migraine pain  $7.8 billion

Neck pain                                              $7.8 billion

Facial pain                                            $2.08 billion

All other pain relief                     $18.28 billion

Why Is This Niche In Demand

Pain is a constantly recurring problem. Most people will buy pain products more than once, especially if it works.

Almost any type of pain is subjective. This makes it hard to treat. Individuals who suffer pain will not look for a cure, but rather a way to lessen or manage it.

When people are looking to buy products for pain, they will not only go for one type of product. 

I know that when I’m looking for pain medication due to chemo treatments, I stack up on whatever I can to help manage the pain.

Most times I stay away from narcotics. I want to live a full good quality of life without the effects of narcotics dulling it down.

Google Trend For Pain Relief

google trend for over the counter pain relief

MicroNiches to Explore

  • Women Suffering Pain
  • Men Suffering Pain
  • Children With Growing Pains
  • Arthritis
  • Back and Neck pain
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Nerve Damage

Domain Name Ideas

Long Tail Low Fruit Keyword Ideas

The best keywords are the long tail low fruit keywords. When someone searches for something online they will usually use a phrase, not just one word. 

Herbal pain relievers –139 sites are ranking for this term

Joint pain reliever –91 sites are ranking for this term

Tension headache pain relief –31 sites are ranking for this term

Chronic migraine pain relief –24 sites are ranking for this term

Night leg pain relief – 1 site is ranking for this term (hot keyword)

Leg nerve pain relief –16 sites ranking for this term

Rheumatoid arthritis pain relief –74 sites ranking for this term

Use the Tool I Use to Find Keywords


Why Should You Get Involved In the Over Counter Pain Relief Products

This is a hot niche. Look up above, and you’ll see how many sites are ranking for each term.

So much room to grow!

People with pain generally want to get rid of it. Pain affects people more than any other type of illness.

Three out of four Americans will suffer pain, or they know someone who has experienced pain.

Pain isn’t only limited to the American people, over 2 billion people worldwide suffer from daily pain.

Most people when they look for pain relievers will go for over-the-counter pain relief products as they are the least costly.

Some people are into natural pain relief products. These people believe drugs are not for them.

Pain can be healed naturally by:

  • Herbs
  • Turmeric
  • Fish oils
  • Resveratrol
  • Heat therapy
  • Epsom Salt

These are all things which can be bought over-the-counter.

Now that you know this is a hot niche, ready for the picking. Are you ready to help people find pain relief? What should you do next?

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18 thoughts on “Shocking Revelation of Over The Counter Pain Relief Products- Niche You Need to Get Into Now

  1. Informative article, hat down. Never thought about looking pain reliefs online. My first thought would be to jump to the pharmacy. Guess a lot of people do it differently lol.

    To be honest, acupuncture spots are working very well, even with a migraine. Not so often happens I take a pill to relife pain.

  2. Dear Jag,Thanks a lot for the informative and insightful article. I got helpful information from your article.Being a full-time blogger, niche research is very important to extend my online business. At the moment I just have one blog and planning to create my second blog soon. So I was thinking and doing some research on finding the niche for my second website. The market size and market worth you shared gave me a plenty to think here and its mind-blowing looking at the potential of this market. This is really helpful in my research for my second niche.Often I come across experts advising… “Address the pain and provide them with a solution” This niche is exactly the same.Its always advisable to cut down our niche to narrow instead of choosing broad niche. Your suggestions “Micro Niches to Explore” is an eye-opener.You have covered almost everything! You left no stone up-turned in explaining it all. I am bookmarking your article.Much Success!Paul

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your comment. It’s definitely not as explored as the other health niches are, so there is much room to be had here. Addressing the pain literally is what one would be doing when jumping into over the counter pain relief products.

      Wishing you much success in your second blog.

  3. This is one of the best reviews one can come across. Obviously pain is what people can’t cope with cos as human naturally we want pleasure. Focussing on pain to make a niche is an area most people hasn’t thought about. Thanks for the heads-up in making money online in this area. Your post is really helpful. 

    1. Thank you for your comment. Pain is at the top of someone’s mind who is suffering pain. So this would be a great way for them to share how they find pain relief.

  4. It makes complete sense as to why otc drugs would make a great niche idea; yet, I would have never thought of it. After reading this, I found myself recalling all of the times looking up ways to help ease some type of pain. 

    Someone will definitely be stealing this idea. I’m off to check out more of your website! Have a good day!

  5. This is quite excellent and eye opener post. So many newbies like me have really struggled or currently struggling to chose their niche because of confusion. Reading this article has made realize that providing solution to humanity’s problem is the fastest way to get rich. This Pain Relief Products are actually great Niche that will surely help people like me to succeed in the affiliate marketing industry

    1. Yes at one time I struggled as well. But now it’s not so hard. Glad you found something useful in this blog post. Thank you for your comment. 

  6. Thanks for sharing such an Informative post, I realized that this is indeed a great niche. I have been thinking of a perfect niche on health for quite some time now and came up with nothing but I know right now that with the stepping stone you have created on this post success is guaranteed. Thanks a billion times 

    1. Glad that you were able to find the information helpful. The health niche itself is in the trillions. This is just a little part of that. Thank you for your comment. 

  7. With more and more people ditching shopping for buying products online, I found this information really helpful. This would be a great niche for someone to get into with little to no competition. This is a really genius article honestly.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. The health itself is worth trillions, too broad of a niche to get into. But going into a smaller niche would create success for the right person.

  8. I never would have thought there was a market for otc pain relievers. I find this to be very informative and beneficial. You basically left a guide out there for someone to get started on running an online business. #chaching

    Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. It’s pretty amazing what’s trending out there. Most people don’t want to spend, so their first line of fire is to get over the counter products or alternative ones, which are also sold over the counter. Hopefully, this guide will help someone who is looking to getting into making money online. Thank you for your comment.

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