My First Hand Pomodoro Technique Review

The Pomodoro Technique review is one I am more than happy to do as it has helped me to break down long, arduous tasks into simple steps which I can easily fit into my workday.

Anyone who is writing for a blog online needs to develop consistency. When we write for others to read, they return to our website expecting something new almost every day.

achieve your goals

But for that to happen we the bloggers need motivation by learning to write quickly, efficiently while being thorough with the information we provide.

In the book which I’m reviewing for you is a method called the Pomodoro Technique, it helps to get over the lack of motivation by breaking down complex tasks into more manageable ones.

This book showed me that I could be more effective where my work becomes more rewarding as well I can beat procrastination. What I like is that it not only works for blogging, I can use it in other everyday life situations.

 Who is Francesco Cirillo

  • Owner of Cirillo Consulting
    francesco cirillo
  • Creator of the Pomodoro Technique
  • Software designer
  • Business coach/mentor
  • Time management skill developer
  • Motivational speaker

Francisco Cirillo developed this technique in the late 80s while he was still studying at University. He developed this technique mainly for himself because he struggled with structuring his workday.

He wanted to improve his mental stress of having to do too much. Many times he found himself doing things which were not related to what he should have been doing.

Pomodori helped him to stay motivated while maintaining a focused intention which led him to fulfill his task.

The satisfaction he gained from putting down pen/tapping on keyboard keys was especially rewarding. He knew he could take a break from the tedious work he had to finish, which was crucial for his success.

There are six steps involved in this technique. Each task easily leads to the next task, which makes the completion of each step easy with an accomplishable feat.

The author states why each step is essential; he says there are no half-Pomodoro steps. The steps are always a certain length which would help the person working on a task to make it more manageable.

What It Did For Me

It taught me to be strict with myself to the point where I started internalizing the technique. By being able to internalize I have now naturally started working each step without focusing on what step to do next.

I have managed to develop a more natural rhythmic flow to my very long workday. Remember as a blogger I’m working alone, so this technique is like a motivator to get going to complete my work.

By working this way, I have also now lessened the amount of time I spend on email, Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites where time is taken away from where my time should be spent.

The discipline that comes from following this way of writing is something all us bloggers can use. It’s our content which helps our blogs to grow. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is working on their time management skills.

It will help overcome the procrastinator who resides in all us!

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Let me know in comments below what you think about my Pomodoro technique review as well what type of anti-procrastinating ideas you have which you find work for you.

The Pomodoro Technique


Overall Rating



  • Technique becomes automatic
  • Automates writing
  • Easy to follow


  • Not great for undisciplined people

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