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Is Too Damn Easy a Pretty Wrapped Money Chain Letter Scheme

Money Chain Letter

Is too damn easy a money chain letter scheme?

Years ago people use to attempt to convince recipients to make copies of letters and send them out to random addresses. This process was called the money chain letter which is now known as cash gifting.

In each letter, a person would include one dollar with five names, with their name being at the top to send the dollar back to.

Once the dollar was sent back, the list was rewritten with the top name being omitted, with the sender adding their name at the bottom.

Too Damn Easy seems to follow this process.

In my opinion, it is just another process or opportunity for someone claiming to help you get rich quick.

This cash gifting scheme has red flags written all over it.

When I was watching the video, which by the way is fairly old, Mr. Q seems very confused as to what he is doing.

It was very difficult to follow the complicated and bizarre process he was trying to explain.

This cash gifting program works like a pyramid scheme where the person at the top seems to make the most money, which is coincidentally is Mr. Q.

Money Chain Letter

Too Damn Easy promises you will make a lot of money? But you will have to give more than you make!

What is the concept behind this money chain letter scheme

The concept behind this cash gifting scheme is that you need to first enroll with an investment of $2000.

Mr. Q provides all the instructions to you himself.

  • He has all the voice commercials prepared for you already
  • His postcards, letters, emails are ready for you to use
  • He has an automated system which does a follow-up
  • He will answer all the questions for you
  • He has a list of people ready to give to you
  • His pre-design marketing materials all you need
  • He does it all

As you can tell his instructions are all about him. He makes a sound like you don’t have to do anything.

Honestly, I don’t know if I want to invest in a program where it seems like I have nothing to do.

Throughout the video you will never see Mr. Q’s face, now that should be a giveaway right away as to who we are dealing with.

What you will be doing is sending money to people you don’t know, hoping that they will do the same for you.

Before the Internet existed, individuals used to send out a money chain letter.

I remember this because I also was excited about trying it.

A friend of mine participated in this. She sent out a hundred letters. Each letter had a dollar bill in it.

A few weeks later she received out of the hundred, 20 letters back. She waited for another two months before she decided she had just lost out on $80.

That was an eye-opener for me, it wasn’t something I was interested in anymore.

Will You Make Money?

Chances are you will make money. There are many gullible people who will follow this scheme.

But unfortunately, you will maybe get back 1% of what you invest.

Frankly, I’m not too sure what he does with the $2000 that you invest.

I feel most likely the machine that is counting his money, is the money that people on the Internet have invested.

too damn easy

Are There Any Upsells

The upsells are investing further. Mr. Q advises to invest up to $18,000.

The breakdown of the membership levels is:

  • Red Dream Tube – $2000 investment
  • Green Dream Tube – $6000 investment
  • Black Dream Tube – $18,000 investment
  • Purple Dream Tube – $100,000 investment

FYI: once you agree to send out someone a  money chain letter, it becomes impossible to back out. 

Now if you want a legit program which actually helps you to make money legitimately. Then you may want to browse on down to see what I have to offer.

What You Could Try Instead

Get rich quick schemes have always bothered me.

Why do they bother me?

They bother me because they don’t work. Rather than help people this scheme takes in money from innocent people looking to make an honest living on the Internet.

Once they have the money they have no incentive left to help you.

The one place where I found where everyone’s involvement is required is Wealthy Affiliate.

Reason everyone’s involvement is required is that we are all rooting for each other to become successful.

Matter of fact, it’s not even a requirement, is just something we all want to do for each other.

There are so many training videos available at this platform, that you would be amazed at what you will receive once you join the program.

What I really like here you can join it for free, NO credit card required.

What you get as a free member is:

  • Two free websites at your fingertips
  • Free domain names
  • Free websites hosting
  • 10 free affiliate training lessons from one of the creators of the platform
  • 100s of free training created by super affiliates
  • Awesome 24/7 live support
  • One of the best keyword finding tool
  • Live chat is there to answer any question

Read my Wealthy Affiliate University review form more in-depth into this platform.

There is a paid version in Wealthy Affiliate, but the FREE is pretty awesome! See for yourself below.

I Can Be Your Online Affiliate Coach. Join Me There to Make Some Real Money!

You will not only have access to me as your affiliate coach but 2 million other affiliates as well.

It’s a place where we are all willing to share our knowledge.

You can create questions as a blog, or you can ask them in the live chat.

Someone is always there with an answer!

Unlike Too Damn Easy which follows the process of creating a money chain letter, here you will simply share your knowledge of a product you love.

Those who are like-minded will buy your product because you are not marketing to them in a gimmicky way.

Drop me a comment below with your thoughts about any questions or experience you have with getting rich quick programs.

Too Damn Easy


Overall Rating



  • With the large investment, you might get 1% of your investment back


  • You never see Mr. Q's face
  • Fake testimonials
  • Large investment up front
  • Unknown reputation
  • No guarantee you will earn money
  • Too many complaints out there about Too Damn Easy
  • Pretty wrapped up money chain letter scheme
Number One Recommended For Affiliate Training

8 thoughts on “Is Too Damn Easy a Pretty Wrapped Money Chain Letter Scheme

  1. I appreciate this review on Too damn easy a pretty wrapped money chain letter scheme.  it is quite informative. The internet is littered with many fake schemes, and many impatient and greedy people are falling for these antics. it is glaring from your review that the scheme that Mr. Qs and his team are out to defraud people. I agree with you; it makes no sense either to invest in a program where you won’t do anything or with a total stranger like Mr. Q.  The cons of this program are more than the pros. Getting 1 percent from an investment makes no sense. 

    1. You’re right the Internet is littered with many fake schemes. The greedy just cannot stop trying to get more. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Yays, wealthy affiliate, all the way.

    Awesome review.

    Compare to so many programs advertised online, wealthy affiliate is the best I have seen so far.

    The training programs and the numerous affiliate working together to achieve success is a blessing.

    Also, my present favorite is the regular sharing of successes and milestones by members.

    I also like that unlike the other programs out there, you are taught how to fish not just promises of everything being done for you.

    1. I agree with you wealthy affiliate is one of the best affiliate programs around. It’s a slow process, but once the ball gets rolling, it’s unstoppable. Thank you for your comment.

  3. This is the most ridiculous scheme I have heard of. Anyone with a little bit of common sense would not join a program cost $2,000 and hope to make money off it by peddling money around and hoping a random stranger will also send money across our way.

    Fraudsters are really getting creative with their schemes these days. Only a totally gullible person totally devoid of any sense would throw away $2,000 just like that. The chain letter is another Ponzi scheme designed to trap the desperate and inexperienced newbie trying to raise extra cash my any means possible.

    I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliates to anyone who is ready to work hard and earn a decent living online. Just the other day I read the testimonial of a member who made over 40,000 bucks in 4 hours by applying what he learned at Wealthy Affiliates. While this result is not typical, it does show that Wealthy Affiliates works.

    1. You are so right, people with common sense would not join the program. But unfortunately, desperate people will join this program to make money online.

      I totally agree with you people are getting more creative with their schemes online, this money chain letter is just one of them.

      Wealthy affiliate beats out too damn easy any day.

  4. Wow really? Too Damn Easy is still floating around after this long. Grant you I don’t remember it being that expensive. I remember seeing the wacky program like 11 years ago or longer, could be a different one with the same name. Either way, they were not a good site and there was nothing easy about it from what I saw LOL. Gifting programs were pretty hot back then, but were always getting shut down by the government for ponzi scheming. Anyone, just totally shocked me that name is still floating around out there, I can’t imagine anyone making anything out of it. Affiliate marketing is the safest legit way of doing online business and never goes out of style.

    1. Yes, it is still here, and people are still getting caught up in it. Can you believe that! I wish there were ways on the internet to track this sort of thing. It’s a good thing more reviews are starting to pop-up which may keep people away. Thank you for your comment.

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