The Best Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tool

Why use a long tail keyword suggestion tool?

Years ago a site post could be ranked with a single word, but now the searches Have become more organic. 

One word searches are way too broad to niche it down people now enter a phrase. By entering 3 to 4 keyword phrases, it becomes precise to whatever we are selling on our site. However, if you try to rank for one word you are primarily competing against millions of other sites online.

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What are long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are words that an individual may type when looking for something on the Internet. At one time when we searched on the internet, we could type a single word; few topics would pop up which weren’t so immersed.

At that time the Internet wasn’t so overcrowded.

But now, type one word so many things relating to that one-word pop-up. Nowadays to dig deeper into a topic people have to type it in phrases. Those phrases are typed into search in the way people speak.

The universal language of the internet is understood by short key phrases, the more targeted your key phrase, the more unique your search will be.

If you are to target a specific niche, then the targeted keywords phrases are what you want to use.

How is a long tail keyword search done

Long tail keywords searches are done by typing into search what you hope to learn about your topic. Most of us when looking up a question, don’t just type the one word in, we type in a whole phrase.

Now, for example, I type the word knitting, lots of searches do show up, but they are very broad. You would never go to a knitting store to say to the clerk just the word “knitting.”

The clerk wouldn’t have any idea of what you are asking about except knitting. She would take you throughout the store to show you stuff on knitting, but nothing in particular.

For the next example, I typed into search the way we conversely speak, how to knit a sweater. Look at the different posts that come, but they are all targeting that certain keyword phrase.

But notice there is less than when you searched using one word. 

Now if you were to go the store to ask a clerk you want to know how to knit a sweater, the clerk would know exactly which area to take you.

For showing purposes I am using knitting as an example, I haven’t a clue how to knit, the knitting I’ve managed is in tangling the yarn.

This way of searching could be applied to any niche.

The long tail keyword suggestion tool I use is Jaaxy.

Try it out for yourself

I am hoping what I wrote is pretty clear. If you have any questions about this contact me, we can discuss it more.  Or you can go here to read my review of Wealthy Affiliate University.

Leave your comments below on how you hunt down long tail keywords.

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