5 Easy But Efficient Ways On How to Make the Time For Marketing Your Online Business

How to make the time online for marketing your business can be tricky. Not because it’s hard to do, but because there is so much to do.

When you’re doing business at home on your own, you are wearing every single hat which is required to run a business. Making sure to create time with efficiency will be your best way to ensure your success.

Although I’m sure, there are a lot of different ways people find that works for them, below are techniques that have worked for me. As always I’m glad to share them with you.

Develop a Marketing Plan

Before you even begin a marketing plan, you need to understand your niche. To follow your niche, you will need to know the demographics of who you are targeting.

You need to figure out why customers will use your products/services. Will these products help them do their job more efficiently? Will, what you are offering on your site help them to lead their lives in a better way?

You also need to identify who your competitors are who may also target your intended audience. There are small businesses out there who hardly ever take the time to study their competitors.

Knowing who your competitors will put you at an advantage of how to respond to what they offer on their sites. This will help you figure out a strategy on how to strike back.

Determining your brand’s positioning statement is what will help you to symbolize to your readers the fiercest advantages of using your product/services. If you can get this statement down to one simple sentence with a single-minded focus, you are ahead of the game.

Ensure Consistency on Your Blog

Knowing that your blog/website is the most significant marketing tool you have, you will need to maintain consistency there as well.

One way to maintain consistency is to do a brainstorm to make a list of all your blog ideas. This will ensure that you never run out of topics to talk about.

Another thing you want to make sure is that you publish your new blog posts around the same time every day. This is where WordPress can come in handy. You can write your blog posts out, then select in WordPress when you want your post to be published.

Make sure you map out your blog’s content calendar way in advance. Seeing this in writing will help to keep you more accountable. Have a variety of different types of blog posts to write about, or otherwise, you may risk boring your readers.

Routine is essential when you are running a small business from home, where you are the one in charge. Routine makes life a lot easier. Creating a set schedule of your work week in advance will help to bring in more routine and consistency. 

Get rid of any distractions which may take you away from staying true to what you have scheduled in for yourself.

This includes:

  • Ensuring that your workspace is neat and tidy
  • Turn your phone off, as we all know family loves to call 
  • Focus only on the tab of your browser where your business is located – close all other tabs
  • Let your family members know not to disturb you when you’re working

Make $250-$500 From Home Per Day

There are times where it may seem overwhelming to write a whole blog post in one sitting. This is an excellent time to break things down into actionable steps.

A good way to break down the blog post into more manageable steps is by:

  • Create subheadings
  • Try to write at least 200 words per subheading
  • Proofread your post
  • Publish your post

I usually try to write at least 1000 words per post if not more. The more value you can provide your readers, the more often they will return for more.

Remember to make blogging fun, to make it fun you need to write about something that excites you.

Create a to-do list

The best to-do list I have found which makes writing more manageable for me is creating a weekly to-do list. The reason a to-do list works is that it keeps us away from distractions.

My head is always full of ideas on what to work on. If I did not have my to-do list, I would be all over the place which would make things complicated. Splitting our attention between the new ideas that pop into our head as well as trying to accomplish a specific task makes it easy to lose focus.

For each activity that you write down, that needs to get done for a particular day, make sure that you write down the goal that the action has to achieve before you’re done with it.

Take for instance my goal today is to make sure that I get at least 1000 word article out for my readers. With this article that I’ve written today, I know I’ve accomplished that task. This helps me move on to my next activity on my list.

Try not to go over three tasks per day for your online business. By limiting your duties, it will prevent you from choosing the most effortless range of functions to perform that day. By creating a limit number of tasks, you will add value to your blogging bottom line.

As we all know it’s easy to check email, social media or respond to comments, but it’s much harder if you intend to create a course or write an article for your readers online.

What I find is easy for me is creating one task which is hard to do, while two which will take less time.

Refresh Your Content and Republish It

Sometimes creating new content can get boring, this is a great time to read over what you have published before.

Online marketing is a fast-moving process, what you might have written a few months ago may have already become obsolete. This is a great time to go over what you wrote to see if it can be updated.

To republish your old blog post have a look at your Google analytics. This will tell you which one of your old articles had many hits but may need new retargeting with the same keywords.

These types of articles are probably the best ones to republish.

This is a great way to remind your readers that these articles exist as well bring fresh new ideas to the new readers you may be acquiring along the way.

To avoid the Google penalty, you’ll need to update your post to what’s happening today in the marketing world. You may also want to consider adding more detail to your original post, flesh it out a bit more.

Add more appropriate internal links to this post so your readers can see what else you have out there. Another great thing to do is make it more attractive which means putting in more images or laying your post out for more ease of reading.

Don’t copy your old post instead refresh the content, edit the time and date to update your post. Also, let your readers know in a note at the top, ‘this post was originally published on (date) and updated on (date).’

Make sure you keep the URL the same, in order not to lose the link juice. But because you have changed the date, you may have to do a 301 redirect to point the old URL to the new one.

One thing I would suggest is keeping the comments from your old post. This will show that this post was popular to the readers who may be reading it as a new post.

Have Your Keywords Ready

Having your keywords ready is not only crucial to writing a great blog post, but it also helps us to keep focused on what we’re writing about.

What I find easiest to do is to create keywords for at least one week worth of writing. Using these keywords, I write out headlines. WordPress has a great feature in it which is to save your blog post as a draft. This is where my keywords come in handy.

By creating keywords, as I stated before I create a headline, I open at least seven add new posts. In each post, I will put the headline as well at least ten subheadings. Doesn’t mean I’m going to use all the subheadings, but they are they are if I do need them.

This way I am ready for each new day to begin working on a blog post where everything is prepared and set up to go. You won’t necessarily have to work on the blog posts in the order you created them, you can also work on one of the seven that captures your attention the most.

Find Awesome Keywords Now

So these are just little tips on how to make the time for online marketing, share your comments below about what you find to be most effective.


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