How to Fire Your Boss

How to Fire Your Boss Requires You to Use Your Strengths

What are they, how will they help you get started on your own business are the questions you need to be asking yourself. Some people’s strengths are being organized, while other individuals say time management is their ally.

Do a skills assessment test to determine where your strength lies. There are many online, type in strength skill assessment. Once you have your assessment completed, prioritize according to where you feel you would have the most fun.

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Once you have discovered your strengths, list them in fun order, start searching where these strengths can be applied. For instance, if research was indicated as your strength, you could get started with an online research business where you might help people research their ancestry. There is so much available out there.

Develop Your Strong Crowd

It’s essential to have a good support system in place because without support things can fall apart quickly.  Better yet is to have a like-minded support system. My support system at wealthy affiliate is well over 1.4 million while growing every day.

These are people who will be right there with you. On days you feel nothing is going right, you can turn to your support system, they will help to get you right back on track.

Even when you are soaring high into the sky, they are the ones who will keep you grounded!

Hanging around in a crowd that is on the same path as you are, makes it that much easier to achieve the success that you wish to obtain.

Family members sometimes don’t fit into that crowd; you may hear negative things from them. But people who are thinking on the same path as you will have the same thoughts you have which will help you in the long run.

Shine don’t whine

Don’t become one of those people who complain about their situation, but then doesn’t do anything to change it. Take control of what is bothering you, dust yourself off and get on it with. Most of the people who are successful made no excuses.

They shine while emanating light which helps them move forward as well shows them the direction they need to travel. Excuses mean nothing to them, it’s all about being successful on their own.

“Bring it on,” is their slogan.

Agreed your first start into online marketing after firing your boss may not be successful, but do remember this that three out of four startups will fail. It’s okay if you do too. You know why because you can start again. 

Understand that there are at least 90% of people in your audience who had an unsuccessful attempt at starting their own business. Luckily some people attempt it again and go on to become successful; you can do the same. 

Be Patient Your Time Will Come

It’s important to be patient; success doesn’t come overnight. But it most definitely does come. It comes to those, who don’t’ expect things to happen at the snap of a finger. Although there is the rare case when someone lands a good thing, it takes off right away.

Think of planting a seed; it takes time for the seed to grow to become a full bloomed flower. Although some plants meet resistance in hard to expand areas, yet they come through. Just the same when you are going into business for yourself, your business needs tender loving care to grow in the ways you expect. The saying ‘patience is virtue’ rings very real here.

Embrace Your Need For Change

Sometimes when people attempt to make a massive rescaling of their life, their impulse is to go into a spin of activities. It’s better to sit back, relax and put some thought into what the rescale will look like.

During this time it’s better to have a silent period, it’s important to allow yourself some quiet time before you blow into the full being that you should be.

Sometimes your inner critical thinker may try to send you some thoughts, “Oh no I’m in danger of not having any money coming!” It’s better to silence the inner critic right away. Otherwise, you will always be looking for some way out of the new entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Many people who practice meditation or zen, practice it to bring new awareness into their environment. I am a deep believer in meditation, have always practiced meditation.

Becoming your own boss after firing your old boss can be pretty scary. The thing that you need to remember is that you do need to try something new otherwise you’ll never know what could be. 

Here’s a little story about my attempt at trying something scary:

Many years ago when I was starting out working as an employee, the person who had hired to do the job left. I had a tough time with the new person that was employed. Not because they were rude or mean, but because their ideology was different than the person who had hired me.

His values, interests as well as the way he the ran things was different from mine. At that time I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to work under this new boss or not. 

I then talked to a family member about it, but her response back was, “what’s the worst that can happen?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to this. It made me think, “what is the worst that can happen to me?” Even I wasn’t sure how to answer this.

The more I thought about it, the more it dawned on me the boss wasn’t a problem, I was. As soon as I took responsibility for my own thinking, my whole perception of this new relationship with the new boss changed. I became a better employee because of that.

Mind you he was not the boss I fired, that came later on when I was ready to dive into the world of online marketing.

Now you think about it, what’s the worst that can happen if you go it out alone?

For me, the best outweighed the worst. Especially being able to answer to no one, but myself.

So there you have it, some of my expert affiliate advice on how to fire your boss. Leave your thoughts or comments below on how you fired your boss.

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