How To Find A Niche In Affiliate Marketing: 10 Question Guide Which Will Create Your Business

How to find a niche in affiliate marketing is not based only on hot products. It’s also finding a topic that will hold your interest for the next 5 years.

What you will learn in this guide is how a niche selection can be made, only if you are willing to put in the work. But remember if you put in the effort required in choosing a profitable niche, then you’ll be the one who benefits the most. 

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What is a Niche?

A niche is a market which comes from a broad topic. By breaking down the broad topic into a smaller topic, you come up with a niche.

For example, home products would be considered a broad topic, but by focusing on kitchen products you now bring that broad topic down to a specific room in the home.

The niche can be further refined by focusing on:

  • Price (high priced items, moderately priced items or discounted items)
  • Demographics of your buying audience (gender, age, income levels, education levels)
  • Quality of products you are selling – this would indicate what quality a product you are willing to stand behind (high quality, moderate quality or low/cheap quality)
  • Which geographic location you’re selling to (location of your audience, cultural values, and interests of the people)

By marketing to a niche you’re making your job that much easier. It’s easier to focus on a small group of people rather than trying to fulfill the needs of everyone who is on the Internet.

When you focus on everyone out there, you will miss the ones who need the most help from you when purchasing online.

Learning to understand the different needs of a specific market helps you to become better at addressing their needs.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products to a group of people. It doesn’t matter where the products come from as long as you can back why people will benefit from buying what you are selling.

Many times affiliate marketers get caught up in trying to address their own needs rather than addressing the needs of their buyers. This can get in the way of their success, this is why it’s important to niche down.

Affiliate marketing is where you the blogger promotes a product to your readers which then leads the reader to a link where they buy the product.

You as a marketer get a commission from the merchant who your readers buy the product from.

As a marketer online the products you stand behind become your niche.

Common mistakes people make when selecting a niche?

  • Too many niches on one site

When people start blogging unless they’ve learned how to market a niche, they tend to end up marketing everything on their website.

Unless you have been marketing for years or have a whole team to talk about everything under the sun, your blog will not be profitable.

Just think about it for a minute – let’s say you clicked on an article which leads you to buy a blender for your kitchen, but then you look to your right only to see an ad for making money online.

Wouldn’t that confuse you?

  • Not interested in what they are promoting

Some people when selecting a niche end up choosing a product which they have no interest in. This makes it harder to talk about the product, which then makes it hard to sell.

If you’re not interested in the product yourself then why would your audience be?

Now let’s get on with the 10 questions you would need answering before selecting your niche.

  1. What topic can you explain inside/out?

This is very important you need to be able to explain the product to perfection. People would expect no less than that from you.

To build authority online the topic you talk about is going to be an essential aspect. There are times where you are going to write articles, and people may comment with questions.

You will need to have appropriate answers for those questions. This only comes from knowing about your product in every promotional avenue.

  1. What interests you but you know very little about?

Sometimes the topic we know inside/out holds very little interest to us.

For example, my friend’s daughter went to university to get a teaching degree which wasn’t one of her interests. She did it only for the sake of getting a degree.

Now if she were to start a blog about anything to do with teaching, she would have a tough time talking about something which means so little to her. Even though she has a degree, her interest is not there.

This young lady loves to sing as well she enjoys all things music. If she were to start a blog about singing/music, she would have much better success. Of course, here she could also put her teaching skills into good use.

Most of what she knows about music is self-taught. She has searched online for everything to do with music. It was a topic which interested her; therefore she researched the heck out of to learn all about it.

  1. What type of issues are people trying to resolve?

People are always trying to fix personal issues. There are many forums out there on different matters.

Find the particular problem of your interest to see how you can solve it. We as humans are always looking for solutions to our problems.

The best solutions are those that focus on our immediate needs. Individuals with urgent needs are the ones who are going to buy right away.

Let’s say my niche is to lose weight. Weight loss has many keen focuses such as:

  • Losing Weight to fix health issues
  • Losing weight for certain events
  • Learning to eat right
  • Buy a new wardrobe
  • The revenge body

If you were to search based on any of one of these statements above you would find thousands of articles as well as forums which talk about these specific issues.

You get the idea right….?

  1. How do you spend your free time?

It’s crucial for you to focus on where you spend your free time. For instance, I spend a lot of my free time browsing the Internet on how to beat cancer.

You might spend your free time playing a sport or watching TV. All of these can help to decide on a niche.

For example, let’s say you spend your time playing a particular sport. This is an indication meaning you probably know much about the game as well you have an interest in it.

What are the different aspects that you could provide to others which we don’t know much about based on what you do in your free time?

Another thing I like to do in my free time is to read books. Most of the books I read are fantasy novels. I could easily promote fantasy novels.

Might as well make some money out of an interest which is something I already know about.

  1. What search topics show up the most on your browser history

Most of us when on our computer research on different topics. It’s always an interest to me when I go through my browser history to see what I’ve searched in the past week.

Like I said above most of my research is focused on how to beat cancer.

I could tell you about:

  • Turmeric drinks
  • CBD oil
  • Carrot juicing
  • Cancer likes sugar
  • Positive thinking
  • Prayer helps to beat cancer
  • Raw food diet to beat cancer
  • And many more…

As you can tell, I already have enough blog posts to write if I wanted to write about how to beat cancer.

Each one of these topics that I’ve researched can be broken down into more subtopics.

You’d be surprised at what your search history reveals to you.  Sometimes we research without even thinking about what we’re searching for online. 

  1. Does your audience have a passion for what you are promoting

If your audience doesn’t have any desire for what you are promoting, then forget about them buying from you.

Once again this is where forums are going to come in handy. You need to be able to see what people are looking for with passion.

Weight loss is one of the most passionate topics out there, but unfortunately, it’s also one of the most over-covered issues.

You do want to stay away from overly promoted products. To discover products which people are passionate about, type into Google a very detailed question about your niche that you are looking into.

Take note of what pops up. Click on the links to see what types of comments people are getting. It’s those types of comments that will help you to understand what people are passionate about. 

  1. What type of competition can you expect in your niche?

Competition can be pretty fierce out there, especially if the topic is very popular. Some blogs have been around for years; newbies cannot be expected to compete with them.

These are people who are already ranking in Google on the first page. By competing with them, you are giving yourself no leeway in becoming a successful affiliate marketer online.

The best way to search out your competition is by entering one or two-word phrase into Google to see what pops up.

  1. Will you be able to rank for your keywords?

Keywords are the Queen of content. They are the words that will help you rank in Google. But the only way to be able to check if you will rank in Google is to find low fruit keywords and do some search on those keywords.

Jaaxy is one such place where you can see the types of posts which are ranking for the words that you want to use.

Most people who are starting in affiliate marketing go for the low fruit keywords. These are keywords that have been used for least when trying to rank on Google.

If your niche is already very popular then ranking for keywords will become tough. It’s doable, but you will have to do out write the people who are already ranking for those words.

Enter Keywords Into Jaaxy Below to Check Out Your Competiton

  1. Do you have a unique way of talking about your passion?

As you know when we want to stand out, we think and act differently. I know for a fact that when my daughter wants to stand out in school, she dresses differently than everyone else does.

That’s the same type of service you’re going to need to provide within your niche. Do you have a unique way of thinking about making money online, losing weight or dealing with health issues?

If so what are they? If you can bring in a uniqueness, a way people have never looked at a situation before you can make your mark in your niche even if it’s overcrowded.

Most topics online have been discussed to eternity. But if you can add that one different angle to a niche, you have that much of an edge on others.

  1. Will you be able to come up with at least 50 blog post ideas to start with?

Coming up with 50 blog ideas should be your focus right from the beginning.

Even better is to write down the 50 ideas which you are going to talk about on your blog. By writing down ideas, you can cause your mind creativity to flair which can help to develop more ideas on writing.

If you can only come up with let’s say ten ideas, then that’s not a good blog topic for you.

When starting blogging online, the ideal goal is to have a five-year plan to be working on your blog. Let’s say you’re writing three posts a week, 50 posts will cover at least 4 to 5 months. This goes back to what type of interest you have in the niche.

Do you need some ideas on niche selection, then check out my billion dollar niche category.

Hopefully, I’ve now made it simpler for you on how to find a niche in affiliate marketing.

If you have any questions or comments on niche selection, please leave them below.

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