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13 So Casual But Most Obvious Ways You May Recognize How An Online Home Business Runs Your Life

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When an online home business begins to run your life, everything can get out of whack. But this doesn’t only affect those starting, it can also cause havoc for those who have been around you for years.

These so casual but most apparent ways are always the easiest to take care of early on. Leave it too late, and they become a natural part of you, which then become hard to shake.

Back when I was working as a business consultant these are the ones I noticed the most happening among self-employed individuals.

From now on I may use ‘you,’ but don’t take it personally as it most definitely might not mean you, but then it could, which means it may cause a revelation to come through.

  • You spend at least 20 hours a day on the computer

Can you even imagine spending this much time on a computer? I get a backache, plus all sorts of other aches. I’ve had severe illness (cancer) in the past. So sitting idle for 20 hours at a time would just be way too much for me. 

Break-it up, go for a walk. If that is not an option, run up and down your stairs for about 15 minutes.

At the very least you are breaking up the monotony of sitting there while staring your computer. Who knows what new ideas you may have pop into your head while rejuvenating yourself.

  • The family complains they don’t see you anymore

If you are married you may already have a resentful spouse; if you are single then you may have resentful friends, vice versa with the kids…

Of your course, you want to be successful, but this shouldn’t mean it should cut into your family/friends time. Okay so you might make it to the top, but what you are going to do up there sitting all alone. 

Although some business-minded people think of nothing else, their sole focus is only their business. But remember the people around you need attention as well or otherwise, the risk of losing them can be significant.

Karma is real…you ignore them now, they will ignore you later!

  • After you drop your kids at school or running some other errand, you come home to find your dog heading straight for your office

Yep, the dog knows exactly where you are going. He/she is so in tune with your habits you may even find him/her sitting by the door or even in your office. 

Of course, this may provide you with some companionship when your pet is there waiting for you. These beautiful creatures are smart; they start to realize what you are placing importance on really fast. 

Step back to see if your pet places importance on this behavior. If so then it’s time to reassess what is important.

  • You find out three months later that your favorite celebrity couple is divorced

You are probably thinking why is Jag mentioning this. I say this because reading about celebrity lives is interesting to me. I have to break up the boredom somehow, that happens by reading about others online.

Hey, I’m human after all!

If something happens to your favorite celebrity without you knowing about it, say until three months later. It most likely means you are behind times, an excellent indication that your business has now totally consumed you. 

  • Your office chair has your butt groove in it; it’s only been a month since you bought it

This most likely means you are not just sitting in your chair, but you also may be falling asleep in it. If you notice drool dripping down the side of your mouth, it’s time to take back control.

Heck, even the chair knows what you are going to do with your day, it creates a spot to match your body. 

This is a perfect time, still early in the game to figure out what you want going forward.  Plus maybe you need a new chair which will create less stress on your body.

  • You hit a plateau with no gains being made

Yep, this happens quite often. Right at the beginning when we start something, we are full of ideas. 

Oh, I could write about this, I could write about that and so on…

In the beginning, it’s all about focus and intention to make things happen. It’s that same focus and purpose which escapes at a moments notice. Our brain becomes so consumed with coming up with ideas, that overload takes over pretty fast.

Have you ever noticed how a computer gets overloaded, that it shuts down?

Well, our brain is the same way. Only the mechanics are different, but a computer can be rebooted right away, our brain not so much.

It needs a break! 

  • Your tummy is getting in the way of you reaching your computer keys

This is a real thing, and it happens. Back in the day when I was a personal trainer, you wouldn’t believe how many of my clients were owners of home-based businesses. 

Most of them would complain about how their overall appearance changed when they started working from home.

No surprise there, it’s probably the time they gave up on their appearance to focus solely on their home-based business.

Haha…My Personal Training Days

  • No one makes plans with you anymore

Do you know why no one makes plans with you anymore?

Most likely because they know that you’re going to bail out on them, make one excuse or another. Eventually what happens with these types of people is that they start getting left out of things left and right. 

Although your neighbor may be planning a BBQ, you will not find out about it until you smell the steaks or whatever they are barbequing on their BBQ. That’s when the hurt feelings start to come in.

Maybe you even start to wonder what’s wrong with you, that you’re not being invited to get-togethers anymore. That would be the time to focus back on when you were invited; and what was your excuse.

  • You get angry with the one who is working for you, which is yourself

This could be the most detrimental element to having success online. You are working only with yourself all day long. You’re the boss as well as the employee.

As you know, most bosses take their aggression or anger out on their employee. So who’s going to bear the brunt of your anger, most likely yourself.

Okay, so this is important!

Give your employee a break that he/she deserves. Don’t make them overwork to the point where they hate you. If you ever worked for another person in your life where you were required to work overtime to the point of exhaustion, well then you know the angry feelings I’m talking about.

  • Where once you were raring to go, now you make excuses

There was a time where you were up and ready to work. At that time it was a choice, now it feels like it’s not a choice anymore, so you find yourself making excuses to make your getaway.

Excuses can come in the most mundane ways, even boring news sites will get you excited because there exists something else you can put your focus on.

Don’t become a boring or fake newsreader. Step away genuinely without an excuse, give yourself a mental break that you deserve. Then gauge how it feels to come back to work.

  • When over-excitement hits and you don’t know what to do with it

Overexcitement can come at the most inopportune times. Now if it strikes at the right time, you know exactly what to do with it. But if you have been focusing on something 24/7 the over-excitement can cause some real damage. 


Because you will be beating up yourself later at not taking advantage of what brought the excitement in. Too bad the next day it will most likely have stepped away from your mind.

Don’t you hate it when you try to jog your memory of what you were trying to say, but it just won’t come back?

That’s what happens when over excitement comes in. Just as quickly as it comes, it steps away. This is also the time when creativity remains creativity, without action being taken on it.

Seriously those creative ideas could be what propels you forward, but sadly because you didn’t take a break, now those ideas remain ideas.

  • The sun is shining, but you can’t see it

This is the time when people are so focused on their business that they genuinely can’t see the sun.

How sad is that?

Were so focused sometimes on making things right with our home-based business, that the little things become so inconsequential that we don’t even see them anymore.

This also means that you’re locked up in your home office way too long. If you notice that your skin is getting paler than usual, step out into the sun and get some good vitamin D.

  • The present moment is becoming a vague memory

Many times home-based business owners are so focused on the future of their business that they start to forget what the present moment means to them.

Remember the saying, “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” It rings very accurately here.

You have no idea what your tomorrow holds. Learn to live in the present moment that is truly what matters right now.

Who knows maybe you decide that you are not going to do this online thing anymore, so all that work you spent working on it has no meaning anymore. 

Don’t let that happen! Stay focused on growing your business, but never let the present get away from you. For real the present is a gift which once gone does not return. 

Make the present moment count!

These so casual but obvious ways can become a real hindrance to your online home business, but only if you let them. Take care of them before they care of you. 

Are you now ready to become a focused business owner online who will know how to take a break, if so then join me at the best place to learn online?

Sound off in comments below if you recognize any of these online home business symptoms in yourself.

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34 thoughts on “13 So Casual But Most Obvious Ways You May Recognize How An Online Home Business Runs Your Life

  1. Hi again, yes this training has taken a large portion of my time. Asides from the benefits of learning and the friendship I have gained at WA, I have not been able to gain more than that. I have not been so inspired by a person as you for a long time. I thank you Jag.
    I still have to explore more of your site.

  2. Great article, and it rings true to so many of us that are working from home.  I work from home, and I find it just consumes me.  You end up not having/making time for anything else, but your business.  It is important to take a break and refresh yourself.  I do own a dog, and walk every morning and night, and when she is resting during the day that’s when I work on my online business.  Sometimes it can be difficult to balance everything out.

    1. I own a dog as well. He keeps me on feet as well taking him for a walk help him to work out his legs, and my mind spins oof ideas of what to work on  next. Breathing is so important for the fresh flow of new ideas to come in.  Thanks for the comment. 

  3. You touch on a some really great examples of how we can get fully consumed with our online business.  I guess we feel there is so much to do that we can’t stop.  

    But I agree with you…that there comes a point where there are diminishing returns on your effort.  Like all things in every aspect of life…it’s all about balance.   

    Plus stepping away from your ball and chain business allows you to decompress and come back to your workstation refreshed and full of new ideas

    1. Business consumption can be a real pain. Especially when it eats you up, swallows you then spits you out. Stepping away from the ball and chain can be difficult but not impossible, especially if you have the key.

  4. Hi

    This is a subject that is very close to me because I can see myself in some of what you are saying in this article.

    I can get so focused on what I am building that everything else becomes secondary and days and months go by and you realise that maybe it is time to enjoy other parts of your life.

    I realised this when I started having dreams about working. lol meaning that I had not completely switched off.

    It is all about balance I have learned.  

    Thank you for building awareness around this topic


    1. This subject is close to many hearts, but sadly not many put into effect the changes that need to happen. Hopefully more online business owners become more aware. Thanks for the comment. 

  5. I am so glad that I have read this post. I can reallyrealte to so much of it. I wanted to run my own business to spend more time wih my family but I now find myself constantly distracted. It is hard to find the right balance so it i great to read this and recognise where i can make some changes. I will be honest i misread the title at first as ‘ruins’ your life. Must make sure that doent happen!

    1. Glad you can relate to this post, as that was my intention. To relate and put into effect the change that needs to happen. Thanks for the comment. 

  6. Is it only me that cracked up at the picture. Too funny.

    But on a serious note, very interesting write up. It is always a good idea to take a break. Some times we forget how good an idea it is and stay glued to the computer without realizing how much time is passing. I am setting an auto run reminder, i have to to remember to take a break.

    True, success should not cut into our families and friends because are also valuable to us and should be treated as such and like you said you ignore them now, they will ignore you later.

    As per not knowing that your favorite celebrity are divorced until 3months later, i will say know that it is that bad when it gets to 3months before one is aware about his or her favorite celeb.

    1. Yes I liked that picture too. Staying glued to the computer can cause some real problems. Success can only be truly appreciated when everyone else appreciates it as well. Thanks for the comment. 

  7. Hi

    Thank you for this article you have given me food for thought. lol

    This is a serious subject for many people and I must not make light of it but I did have a good laugh reading this article, not just because I found it funny but because some of it is so true to me.

    You have just reminded me to get a life. lol

    Must make a better working plan

    I will share this article because I am sure that there are quiet a lot of people out there could also do with some food for thought.

    Many thanks


    1. Great that it has got your thinking going. Always like it when I hear someone has some food for thought after reading one of my blogs. The seriousness of this subject needs to be weighed from all sides, as that’s when the real change can happen. Thanks for the comment,

  8. Hey there i am very pleased reading here, it is very important to be determined and do everything with your butt off but it is also important to relax and give the body time to be its self. spending more time can be dangerous like you mentioned that a computer being overloaded will shut down, now i have to sleep also i got a lesson from you, i have to live in the present sometimes. and also to have time for those i love.

  9. You are so, so right.  It is really easy to get so involved with your online business that you forget that the rest of the world is out there.  It is important to schedule your day in such a way that you allow yourself time for family, friends, and all the other things that make up your world.  Balance is the key word here.  I am still working on that one!

    1. Yet the world just keeps on moving and waits for no one. Even if one is locked away in their room, they come out only to find out things have changed. Thanks for the comment.

  10. Hey Jag,

    Thank you for reminding us these casual but obvious ways that can hindrance to your online home business. Since l started to blog, l used to spend about 10-12 hours per day that l almost neglected my family & friends. I don’t spend enough quality time with Kids, playing with them and leaving all the housework to my wife. We have a big quarrel.

    After that l start realising the importance of the relationship with my family, friends beside paying full concentrating on blogging. I started to schedule my time table, and what to do list. i saw great improving in my blogging business and   my social live.

    I agreed with you that let take care of them before they care of you, learn to live in the present moment and that really is truly what matters right now.

    Great points and all the best to yu.

    1. They for sure are casual yet easy to miss ways which can wreak havoc on mental/emotional/physical health if they are not kept in check. Need to place importance all around. Thanks for your comment.

  11. Jag,

    Great subject matter and addressing something that can happen to many of us who use a computer daily. 

    Was nice to find something that reminds us to just breath, the work isn’t going anywhere. I have found over the years from previous work at home job. If we are an ambitious sort of person, we tend to always over do it when it comes to work and having such easy access available, i.e. right next to the bed. How’s that for a close commute?

    I’ve been thinking about moving my computer desk/office out of the bedroom so I don’t just rollover and go to work right away. 

    Maybe I should rent a little office or storage space and set everything up there as to remind me, my home time is for home stuff, wife, kids and all other relative issues. I easily forget and want to get whatever I just started inadvertently finished now. Should of never checked the email in the first place.

    Cyber age has a ball and chain around me, I think I actually work more when I work for myself then when I punched a time clock. Actually as I’m thinking about it, I’m sure of it. 

    Thanks for the information, a real wake up call and a reminder to not do it. Finds some alternative ways to better manage my time. Everything backslides if we don’t remind ourselves as to why we choose to do what we do. Eating well, exercising and yes, working from home are prime examples of not setting or staying within parameters. 

    Thanks for the insight, as if you have been watching me from my computer cam. Are you?


    1. You are so right when you say, “work is not going anywhere”, as matter it is there 24/7, the only you can do is step away take a deep breath and then return. Thanks for your comment.

  12. I’ve realized that I have recently burned out when it came to starting a business online. It has only dawned on me that a lot of my friends haven’t talked to me in awhile because they know the answer I would tell them if they asked me to go out. I also realized I should’ve been taking breaks to avoid the burnout as well. 

    How do you try to get back into the lives of people you neglected if you were in my position?

    1. Burning out means quitting the business, don’t ever let that happen. Just find work/balance to be lead a successful entrepreneur life. 

  13. Just amazing and Very true!…If you aren’t careful, that’s what happens when you are trying to make money online working from home. It can easily affect you, just like many others out there…it’s just like being “stuck” with a smartphone or iPhone on what ever they do. According to me the solution is discipline, create a schedule of working hours on your computer and that’s it! Even if you haven’t completed something…let it go, and start over again the next day. 

  14. Thank you for sharing with us this post.I have been doing online business and spend many hours in front of my laptop ,my eyes becoming red,not attending any wedding ceremonies ,..but no fruit . Most of the time i get frustrated and think that i will never do online business again. But i still struggling and i hope it will succeed anytime.

    Best regards

  15. – This article made me laugh! Everyone is promoting working online as one of the best options to be yourself boss, quitting the overwhelming 9-5 jobs and having as much free time as you wish, but…you are overlooking this way of working from totally a new perspective. And you are so right, I just couldn’t agree with you anymore. As in every other job, time management is the key to success in order to find out a balance between work and real life.

    1. Glad it made you laugh, my intention is always to lighten the load, yet still get the message across. You are right time-management is key to having work/life balance.

  16. It’s amazing how some of these are dead on when it comes to working on my online business. But I guess it’s a necessary evil if you are trying to create a certain type of success for yourself. I think it’s important to find balance between your online business and your personal business. Thanks for this. I can definitely relate.

  17. I can’t help but laugh at how accurate most of these are. Its amazing too how we don’t recognize these signs about ourselves until someone else points it out – in this case your article.
    I read through them and noted down which I could identify with right now. Thanks for the reminder that I should have a balance with work and life

    1. I am pretty sure many of us working at home can identify with some of these. As a matter of fact most times at least one of these statement has applied to me. Thank you for your comment.

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