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How An Affiliate Can Avoid Risk of Losing a Customer By Focusing On Their 5 Basic Emotional Needs

5 basic emotional needs

Discovering the five basic emotional needs of customers looking to buy online are like gaining an edge on understanding the human psyche. If as an affiliate you can understand what drives people to look for something they desperately need, why then you’ll indeed be an affiliate ninja.

So what is it about people, which makes them search all over the web until they land on a website which speaks to them?

Well, the emotional impact of course. I know when I go shopping, look at a product, only if I feel the need to buy will I do so.

So you notice I used the word feel. Rather than base my needs of buying on rationality, my feelings drive my shopping trip.

Being rational with myself would complicate matters, as the feeling of need would not be quenched which in turn leaves an emotion unfulfilled.

For instance, when I buy food, I know I need it as it takes care of an emotion. The emotion here could be boredom, emptiness or bringing my state of happiness up. It’s a known fact when people don’t have food they get hangry.

Other times I will buy a new outfit which takes care of feeling of dressing well; an emotional fulfillment of this would be standing out.

According to experts, 90% of purchases are done based on fulfilling an emotional need. That’s where an affiliate needs to focus as well as understand to be able to correlate the emotions of their readers or customers.

What are the emotions, how will they help an affiliate, well then let’s get on with it.

Customers Will Purchase In the Chase For Pursuit of Happiness 

Being happy is not only a condition but also a general need for human nature. People are always looking for a piece of happiness. If they don’t find it one place, they will go to another place to search it out.

Once the emotion of happiness is fulfilled customers leave away knowing a part of them has gained the satisfaction of what they were after. But remember just due to this fact they may return.

Knowing happiness is short-term when a physical item is purchased, the best thing to do as an affiliate is to create a long-term experience for the customer. This will bring them back to your site.

Experiences are the key to purchasing, because with experience comes irreplaceable memories. Physical items may need to be replaced, but a memorable experience is there forever.

Memories are created on vacations, having your own business as well as where time is spent with family and friends. I know some of my most cherished memories with my kids were created due to the fact I could take a day off from work because of working from allows me that advantage. 

The excitement on their faces continuously astounds me, which in turn brings me happiness. I am pretty happy to be my own boss to be able to make a call on when I can take the day off.

Customers Will Purchase In Order To Fulfill Their Emotion of Acquirement

Most customers have an emotion of acquiring items which others may have. It makes us feel like a part of society. It’s not that we want to be better than anyone else, it’s more like we want to be like others.

The self-acceptance that comes with having something others have brought about the transcendence of knowing we can now maybe experience what others are experiencing.

Knowing that acquirement is essential to a purchaser, as an affiliate, it’s imperative to stay up with what it is people are now buying. The experience is always changing for people. For some it is being able to own their own home, for others, it could be having the latest gadget or being able to spend without worrying.

What is the acquirement people are looking for right now requires its own research? I know within the marketing industry the need to have your own business is an essential part.

Customers Will Purchase Based On Alleviating Their Fears

Many customers will buy based on fear. The fear of being caught somewhere vs. where they know other choices are available. For example, people who purchase a fire extinguisher have a fear of being caught in a house fire.

Others get a security system installed in their homes because of their fear of being robbed.

  • How could you as an affiliate help customers to take care of their fear?

Help them make their purchase stress free. Without throwing all the negatives of what will happen, place value on could happen if they make the purchase.  

Letting customers know how the purchase will improve their life without impeding on their current lifestyle is showing concern for them. Which in my books is tops, because concern for your customers should be of utmost importance.

Before I got into the affiliate industry, I made sure to check around what was best for my family and me. The ones which involved the risk of investing money up front caused the fear of me running away, while not looking back.

I got involved with WA because there was no sense of fear of being pressured into doing something. It was a very casual experience as though if you are doing it; it’s only going to benefit you.

They have free sites available for anyone who wants to get started with them; there was no sense of having to buy.

What got me started on having my own affiliate business was due to the fear of not having enough income coming in. So I am glad I started on this road as it’s a road which leads down to a place of alleviating my fear.

Customers Will Purchase Based On Need to Control

These individuals coming to your website to make a purchase may have no power in their own life. By purchasing on your site, it may give them back some control.

How can you the affiliate make this happen?

For instance: Think about a company which lets their customers have control if you can’t think of one that’s okay. I will share one which I see every day, yet so successful while doing it.

The company is Apple. They so generously handed over the control of music to music listeners everywhere. You name any of their devices or apps; all allow customized control by the customer.

How can you provide that control a customer looks for?

Give them a choice to purchase a product through soft selling. Yes, there are places hard sale needs to happen, but it shouldn’t happen so blatantly that the customer leaves the site never to return. Give them a choice to click or not click for a sale. 

Apple handed control of music over to the music listener.  Through the iPhone, iPad and the apps store, Apple handed over much more control over these devices to the user such that each iPhone, each iPad, can truly be customized to the user by the user.

They may already be controlled off the net, why control them when they are just visiting?

Customers Will Purchase Based on Their Value

Value has no measurement, but if someone were to try to scam a customer, the customer would run from the site. As their sense of being a valued customer would be called into question, it’s an inherent quality many of us have.

You as an affiliate need to put yourself in your customer’s place, read what you are writing/reviewing/selling. Then make the call of judgment on your own writing.

I know many times what we write is the next best thing to happen in writing, but I had to go over this article at least three times to make sure my message was going to be of value to you.

Do you feel you understand these five basic emotional needs of a purchasing customer? If so then get yourself set-up as an affiliate marketer to start your own business online.

On the other hand, if you are already are an online marketer than reassess your content to see if your writing reflects the needs of your customers.

 Leave any thoughts or comments you have how emotional needs impact the buyer.

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16 thoughts on “How An Affiliate Can Avoid Risk of Losing a Customer By Focusing On Their 5 Basic Emotional Needs

  1. What do you do for a customer to buy the product you are promoting? Until they buy, you do not make money in affiliate marketing. This blog discusses the five basic emotional need to avoid the risk of losing customers.

    When the customer is searching for product they look for websites which speaks to them as if they are talking to you in person

     Make your website that kind, so that the customers will pick yours vs. the rest. 

    Stand on the shoes of customers and write your content to engage customers, capture their emotion, offer how the product can give happiness that will be preserved as sweet memories for ever or depending on the product your emotional trigger can be the necessity of product based on fear or security.

    Then serve them with value of the product. 

    Finally give them freedom to decide. The best scenario is they buy and they come back in future because they like you and will choose stay with you.

    Although it was new kind of blog to review, I learned from it and hope my comments are meaningful which reflect my extent of understanding.

    1. Yes, all customers look for a website which speaks to them in their emotional language. So the best thing to do is learn all about your customers. Why are they reading as well what are they responding to the most. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hi Jag Randa,

    This article is interesting, I will take into consideration the emotional needs of my visitor/customer. Making a soft sell would definitely be better since it can create trust, and provide the visitor/customer the emotional satisfaction they are looking for. Which I also think would make them feel that they have a connection with the author of the website

    Does that mean that their emotional needs will bring us loyalty? Are their any actual strategies that I should use on my website to bring this emotional connection?

    I can understand what you meaning by “It makes us feel like a part of society” when we make purchases. Yes, each of us when we play that role “the customer” go through that so it understandable to see it in visitors/customers of our websites.

    Ok ,so giving them some sense of control will keep them coming and creating an environment that can be trusted.  I will take your advice and re-asset my writings.

    Thank you for sharing,


    1. Creating trust is the first step to building long term relationships online, but it only comes if we are able to understand our readers.

      Yes, I believe when one trusts you, loyalty is there, this could lead to them referring you to others. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hi

    You have made some really important points in this helpful and informative article.

    Emotional needs are very important in all walks of life. Such as their values which could be a hard one to pin point. 

    But customers fears and need to be in control is a very valid point when offering an opportunity to them because if you fail to understand this point then I feel you will fail in this business.

    Thank you for giving me food for thought, I will be thinking about how i can personally improve and this is partly due to your article.



    1. You are right emotional needs are important from all walks of life. All needs need to be understood to be able to sell while still talking to them. Thank you for your comment.

  4. Hi Jag, thank you for your article, that’s really food for thought. How emotions are working and why people would purchase products. Great explanations how the feeling of fear or the feeling of happiness can influence the buyer. Next time, when I am in temptation to buy something, I will memorize your article and find out my why? Is it fear, or do I pursue a way of happiness or would it be perhaps be something I want to control?


    1. Yes please do notice what is the at compelling you to buy as well please report back. Would make a great case study of why people do what they do. 

        1. I think that is a great choice. We all need to learn to live in the present moment. Learning to control how to not let our thoughts get away from us is the best to way to get a handle on how to control a situation without walking away. Thank you for bringing this book to my attention, something else my readers may enjoy.

  5. Good one Jag,  you are absolutely right,  all human needs are base on emotional satisfaction and it also transcends online marketing.  Like you said,  being able to satisfy these needs is vital in defining yourself as a successful affiliate.  

    It starts from what kind of background do you have as an affiliate??  How much of experience have you?  These are important questions to be answered and good to know you are with WA.  

    they have all it takes to push you forward and set your rolling. 

    1. Thank you for your comment. Glad that you are seconding buying based on emotion. As I feel all purchases are usually done through some kind of internal requirement.

  6. What a very interesting and informative post, As an affiliate !marketer myself I had never thought of this approach before so you have given me a lot to think about.

    I have just really focused on helping people and given them what I thought they needed but you have shown me that it’s so much more than that.

    Fear, Emotion, Happiness, Value, and Control are 5 emotions that I need to start working on to help boost my online business a bit so thanks for your wise words of wisdom.

    Do you think as an affiliate marketer you should educate your readers first before selling to your readers?

    1. Glad that I’ve given you something to think about, hopefully you will find it useful enough to implement. I definitely think readers should be educated on what they are purchasing, it definitely helps to make a more informed decision as well follow through also goes high.

      Thank you for your comment.

  7. This is so true. In fact, it got me thinkjng of all the times I’ve seen “only 5 left” and had to buy it. My rational self tells me it’s a sales tactic but the fear of losing out is much stronger.

    Here’s, the thing I’ve worked in sales for 15 years and truly know how to play on emotions. However, I struggle to put my face to face and one to one skilled set in practise online. 

    I truly don’t know how to appeal to the masses as I have developed my skill to extract information out of them. How do you do this online? 

    P.s great tips which I will try and see if my converstions go up.

    1. Yes the scarcity product compels people to buy for sure, but then sometimes what’s ends up happening is the product gets returned. 

      It wasn’t the feeling that got them involved to buy, but it was more about what they might lose out on. Nobody wants to lose, aside from that nobody wants to be goaded into buying. 

      Thank you for your comment.

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