3 Amazing Ghoulish Halloween Treats For You The Successful Affiliate Marketer

Hmm..you are probably wondering how is ghoulish Halloween treats even remotely related to the successful affiliate marketer.

Have no fear I will explain it as we go along!

I know it’s a little late to be affiliating for Halloween, but hey, there is always next year. The affiliate programs I have listed here are not only about Halloween, but they could be seasonal or other event markers as well.

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The treats you are about to receive are three well-known affiliate programs in the affiliate world where they sell all things related to Halloween and any other special occasion.

Every year around this time 7 out of 10 Americans/Canadians are preparing to celebrate Halloween. As you can tell, this is a lot of American/Canadians who will be spending money around this time of the year.

What’s wonderful about this time the year is, primarily if your business is focused on celebrating the different seasonal days that come around, you know you will get a lot of business. 

Considering that there are over 45 million trick-or-treaters in both countries, that is the potential of a lot of dollars going into your account.

All things related to Halloween, be it Halloween decorations, Halloween costumes or candy for the trick-or-treaters are high sellers. People are always looking to outdo each other.

For instance, my neighbor’s whole house including his yard is covered in everything related to Halloween. He’s got, zombies, witches flying on brooms, spider webs…you name it he has it.

Whenever my children and I walk by his house, we always wonder where he gets it all from. But one day I decided to buckle down and ask him. Lucky for you the seasonal affiliate marketer, he named one of the top places that many order from, which I am sure you all can guess with ease.

Below I will discuss where he ordered his decorations as well two other great places which you can market to your customers.


If you guessed Amazon for my neighbor, then you are right!

Most Halloween affiliate programs come and go. Usually, that’s due to the seasonal marketing of Halloween. Many affiliate programs give up because they don’t see any benefit of staying as an affiliate provider.

But not Amazon, they have been around for years and quite possibly will be around to an unknown time.


Because they sell everything and anything on their site. Which is great for you the Halloween affiliate. You can get anything that has to do with Halloween from here.

The nice thing about Amazon is that not only do they sell Halloween related items, but they also sell other seasonal and everyday items as well. So you would be pretty well set just by being affiliated with them as.

Their pay rate is 5% of whatever you sell. Not much, but it builds up over time. The more you sell, the more you make. Especially at Halloween when people are ordering everything related to Halloween.

The cookie link via a regular affiliate site is 24 hours, but if you were to create a link a customer clicks on that leads them to add a product to their cart, this ensures the cookie remain for 90 days. With the second option, you will be able to claim the commission if they buy within any one of those 90 days.

Great Final Fantasy Costumes

Ezcosplay Affiliate Sign Up Link

At Ezcosplay it’s all about anime lovers. Their goal is to provide top-quality cosplay costumes to keep their customers happy. When I went over to their website, I was excited at all they have to offer.

My older son is into anime, and I got him to look at all the costumes, I could see the happiness on his face which did not surprise me as I know how much he is into this sort of thing.

If you’re an affiliate marketer who is into anime, you should be affiliated with Ezcosplay as you would know exactly what to say and how to market what they provide.

Not only do they offer costumes but they also have a blog containing cosplay tutorials, cosplayer interviews, reviews, and cosplayers showcases.

As soon as you click on to their site, the wide variety of what they have available becomes instantly apparent. You don’t have to go hunt around on their site to find exactly what you need because the search bar is right there indicating 1000K+ items to search for.

Their rate of pay is 10% per customer order. Imagine all the moolah you could make just by sending anime lovers to the site, not only for Halloween costumes but also for any time there is some big anime event happening.

The average order at Ezcosplay is nearly $100; they offer a day 30-day cookie tracking for conversion.  Any customer you send here, if they buy within 30 days,  you will get paid for it. They also offer coupons and deals for customers.

Candy Store Sign Up Affiliate Link

Last but not least, how can we forget about candy, the essential part of Halloween. It’s not only important for the kids, but we adults love it as well.

The nice thing here is that they have candy for all special occasions. They have over 2500 bulk candy and nut products. Since 2007 they have provided for special events, favor needs, for businesses resale and corporate events.

This is perfect for the affiliates who are marketing to individual needs who can’t find the candy they want locally or prefer lower prices with the convenience of buying online.

As an affiliate, you get a set commission of 5% for every sale plus the cookie duration is for 60 days. Which means that any customer that you sent to their site to buy a product any time within 60 days, you will be the one getting paid for that. All you have to do is place a banner on your site, and when customers click through to make the purchase, you’ll get a commission.

The Candy Store offers tracking tools, notifications of special/sales, free coupons and more for their affiliates.

To sign up with any of these affiliates providers is free, it doesn’t cost you a dime. Now imagine doing business from home, where everything you sell is all done online.

What’s the greatest benefit in all this?

The greatest benefit is that you do not have to worry about returns, credit cards or any of the other stuff that wholesalers deal with. The only thing you have to do is send the customer to buy the product.

How simple is that!

Okay so my fellow Halloween lovers these are the ghoulish Halloween treats for you the successful affiliate marketer. Granted it’s not candy, but think of all the candy you could buy by making a commission from the three different affiliate sites.

If you are not an affiliate marketer yet, then read here about my favorite program which may entice you to become an affiliate marketer plus it can take you from being a newbie to a top seller.

As always don’t forget to leave me your thoughts or comments below on these affiliate programs or other affiliate programs that you use right now.

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