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3 Amazing Ghoulish Halloween Treats For You The Successful Affiliate Marketer

ghoulish halloween treats

Hmm..you are probably wondering how is ghoulish Halloween treats even remotely related to the successful affiliate marketer.

Have no fear I will explain it as we go along!

I know it’s a little late to be affiliating for Halloween, but hey, there is always next year. The affiliate programs I have listed here are not only about Halloween, but they could be seasonal or other event markers as well.

The treats you are about to receive are three well-known affiliate programs in the affiliate world where they sell all things related to Halloween and any other special occasion.

Every year around this time 7 out of 10 Americans/Canadians are preparing to celebrate Halloween. As you can tell, this is a lot of American/Canadians who will be spending money around this time of the year.

What’s wonderful about this time the year is, primarily if your business is focused on celebrating the different seasonal days that come around, you know you will get a lot of business. 

Considering that there are over 45 million trick-or-treaters in both countries, that is the potential of a lot of dollars going into your account.

All things related to Halloween, be it Halloween decorations, Halloween costumes or candy for the trick-or-treaters are high sellers. People are always looking to outdo each other.

For instance, my neighbor’s whole house including his yard is covered in everything related to Halloween. He’s got, zombies, witches flying on brooms, spider webs…you name it he has it.

Whenever my children and I walk by his house, we always wonder where he gets it all from. But one day I decided to buckle down and ask him. Lucky for you the seasonal affiliate marketer, he named one of the top places that many order from, which I am sure you all can guess with ease.

Below I will discuss where he ordered his decorations as well two other great places which you can market to your customers.


If you guessed Amazon for my neighbor, then you are right!

Most Halloween affiliate programs come and go. Usually, that’s due to the seasonal marketing of Halloween. Many affiliate programs give up because they don’t see any benefit of staying as an affiliate provider.

But not Amazon, they have been around for years and quite possibly will be around to an unknown time.


Because they sell everything and anything on their site. Which is great for you the Halloween affiliate. You can get anything that has to do with Halloween from here.

The nice thing about Amazon is that not only do they sell Halloween related items, but they also sell other seasonal and everyday items as well. So you would be pretty well set just by being affiliated with them as.

Their pay rate is 5% of whatever you sell. Not much, but it builds up over time. The more you sell, the more you make. Especially at Halloween when people are ordering everything related to Halloween.

The cookie link via a regular affiliate site is 24 hours, but if you were to create a link a customer clicks on that leads them to add a product to their cart, this ensures the cookie remain for 90 days. With the second option, you will be able to claim the commission if they buy within any one of those 90 days.

Great Final Fantasy Costumes

Ezcosplay Affiliate Sign Up Link

At Ezcosplay it’s all about anime lovers. Their goal is to provide top-quality cosplay costumes to keep their customers happy. When I went over to their website, I was excited at all they have to offer.

My older son is into anime, and I got him to look at all the costumes, I could see the happiness on his face which did not surprise me as I know how much he is into this sort of thing.

If you’re an affiliate marketer who is into anime, you should be affiliated with Ezcosplay as you would know exactly what to say and how to market what they provide.

Not only do they offer costumes but they also have a blog containing cosplay tutorials, cosplayer interviews, reviews, and cosplayers showcases.

As soon as you click on to their site, the wide variety of what they have available becomes instantly apparent. You don’t have to go hunt around on their site to find exactly what you need because the search bar is right there indicating 1000K+ items to search for.

Their rate of pay is 10% per customer order. Imagine all the moolah you could make just by sending anime lovers to the site, not only for Halloween costumes but also for any time there is some big anime event happening.

The average order at Ezcosplay is nearly $100; they offer a day 30-day cookie tracking for conversion.  Any customer you send here, if they buy within 30 days,  you will get paid for it. They also offer coupons and deals for customers.

Candy Store Sign Up Affiliate Link

Last but not least, how can we forget about candy, the essential part of Halloween. It’s not only important for the kids, but we adults love it as well.

The nice thing here is that they have candy for all special occasions. They have over 2500 bulk candy and nut products. Since 2007 they have provided for special events, favor needs, for businesses resale and corporate events.

This is perfect for the affiliates who are marketing to individual needs who can’t find the candy they want locally or prefer lower prices with the convenience of buying online.

As an affiliate, you get a set commission of 5% for every sale plus the cookie duration is for 60 days. Which means that any customer that you sent to their site to buy a product any time within 60 days, you will be the one getting paid for that. All you have to do is place a banner on your site, and when customers click through to make the purchase, you’ll get a commission.

The Candy Store offers tracking tools, notifications of special/sales, free coupons and more for their affiliates.

To sign up with any of these affiliates providers is free, it doesn’t cost you a dime. Now imagine doing business from home, where everything you sell is all done online.

What’s the greatest benefit in all this?

The greatest benefit is that you do not have to worry about returns, credit cards or any of the other stuff that wholesalers deal with. The only thing you have to do is send the customer to buy the product.

How simple is that!

Okay so my fellow Halloween lovers these are the ghoulish Halloween treats for you the successful affiliate marketer. Granted it’s not candy, but think of all the candy you could buy by making a commission from the three different affiliate sites.

If you are not an affiliate marketer yet, then read here about my favorite program which may entice you to become an affiliate marketer plus it can take you from being a newbie to a top seller.

As always don’t forget to leave me your thoughts or comments below on these affiliate programs or other affiliate programs that you use right now.

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34 thoughts on “3 Amazing Ghoulish Halloween Treats For You The Successful Affiliate Marketer

  1. Hey Jag,

    A food for thought, a seasonal/holiday celebration niche. Thank you for this brilliant idea enticing newbie to earn some extra income as an affiliate marketer for these holiday celebrations. I am affiliate marketer too, but my concentration is more on digital training side, and if time permit I might venture into the niche market – to get a slide of this big cake. At least to diversify my income.

    Enjoy your Halloween day and wishing you all the success.


    1. Hi Shui, 

      Thank you for the comment. Yes I was thinking the same, as I mainly try to provide my knowledge about affiliate marketing. I may look into getting into this market as well, it seems very popular.

  2. You’ve got some great options here for Halloween! I especially like Ezcosplay. Cosplay has become insanely popular even year round, so promoting their products during Halloween is a golden opportunity. Likewise, there’s no month like October to have an affiliate like CandyStore. Having some holiday specific affiliates seems like a great idea considering pretty much all of these can be tied in with any website’s niche.

    1. Yes Ezcosplay also reminded me of cosplay. So much happening in that area. The popularity of cosplay just keeps on growing. I wish I had started promoting it a little earlier, but better late than never I say.

  3. This was such a clever, and fun post to read.  Holidays and seasonal products are great for affiliate marketing.  Halloween makes for great blog posts, there are many great products out there to be promoted.  Everyone knows and trusts Amazon, and it is very popular among affiliate marketers, but their commission is low.  However, most people will buy more items when they shop on Amazon, and that means you get a commission for anything they purchase.   Halloween is great to promote, and next up is Christmas. 

    1. Thank you for your comment. Hopefully it catches google’s eyes so many more can read the cleverness of my title…lol. I started a little late on this but the affiliate providers can be used all year round. 

  4. This is an interesting post, thanks for sharing and providing information about different affiliate programs related to Halloween and other seasonal events. It’s an excellent idea to focus on Halloween, as it’s a time when a lot of people spend money on related products. I personally use Amazon for a lot of different products, it’s a great platform for any niche. I will note down Ezcosplay and Candystore for future upcoming Halloween or costume-related seasons. Good to know!

  5. You know it’s really not a bad idea. This could be a very lucrative niche if you really put some effort into it. There’s so many different avenues that you could go with it. Costumes, candy, decorations, party gifts. People are shopping online for everything theses days anyway. I like that you don’t have to worry about people returning the items and all of the things that whole-sellers have to deal with. I need to look more into this. Thanks a TON!

    1. Yes I agree it can be lucrative to be in the holiday season. People always need a reason to buy, what better reason to give them then the holidays.

  6. That’s such a cool idea having a seasonal affiliate website for various celebrations and holidays around the world. Apart from how lucrative that could potentially be, what a fun way to make money too. I don’t know a lot about Amazon and how it works if you’re outside of the United States. Do you know, if I were to create an amazon account from another country, say Australia, and my customers were in the US, they would click on my . com. au link – would they then need to get the product shipped from Australia?  

    Thanks for sharing such a great idea here.

    1. If they are clicking on an Amazon link which is US based, there product would come from which ever merchant they are buying from. Hopefully that answers your question.

  7. Oh my goodness what an excellent idea for the marketer.I have heard of amazon yes I use them on my website. The one that surprised me was candy. Candy? You really can find products of every size shape and niche!! Great thinking on that one. I wonder what other candy or holiday affiliate programs are out there now. You gave me some good research pointers thank you

  8. Thinking like a true online entrepreneur, think outside the box, love it! Thanks for the affiliate site ideas, I love reading when people do something different to get interest! This is an awesome post to read and you really had me thinking about what does Halloween have to do with affiliate marketing, well done great read and got some good tips from you! Do you always post with different affiliate links, does this have any effect on your google rankings? Thanks again for the great post!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I hope to be able to provide the advice to affiliate marketers which I wish I had had when I started out affiliate marketing. Not all links on site are affiliate links, but to keep this site running it cost money. So yes many of links you will find here are affiliate links.

  9. I love this time of the year OCTOBER is my favorite month because of three things My Bday, Halloween and the beautiful scenery of the trees changing their leaves different colors. I may like spring and summer because of the weather, but this post was an interesting and insightful one.

    This post caught my eye mostly from the Halloween theme to it, as I read even though I know all about Amazon Associates. Even though it has low commissions like you had mentioned those sales add up over time. Plus I have always wondered through the years where people that go all out on Christmas and Halloween where they got all those pretty cool decorations. Now I know plus for the seasonal Niche sites out there for Halloween I can bet they will be making a killing this year.

    I will have to go check out that candy store because sometimes buying online is better than trying to find it in person so I will probably get something form that site. Now my younger brother he is into Anime but I don’t think he is into cosplay but hey you know never know right?

    Thanks for the really good information I really did like this post and I hope the best for you and have a good Halloween


    1. Yes I love this time of the year as well. I think marketers should capitalize on seasonal themes. Interesting headlines will always draw people in. 

      I agree Amazon does have low commission, but it adds up pretty fast because most people going to Amazon don’t just end up purchasing one think. As long as you can get people to Amazon, they do the rest.

      1. I do agree affiliate marketers should capitalize on seasonal opportunities. I know it is a small window to make sales, but if you set everything up right and get your posts ranked high. There is no doubt you can make a killing even if it is from the small commissions from amazon (if that is the route you go).

        I believe every penny counts and plus you are helping others get to a product you stand by. So I agree with the seasonal sites or even having a part of your site that goes towards that holiday but you cover every holiday so you can profit year around.

        Affiliate Marketing is so versatile it is crazy the possibilities you can go down in order to help others and make an income to.

        Thanks again for the information


        1. Hi Matt,

          Thank you for your comment. Seasonal opportunities are a great affiliate opportunity as you say.


          Because there is always something coming around the corner. If a person could learn to take advantage of each seasonal opportunity on their website, imagine how much bank they would break. I agree with you the possibilities are limitless.

          Thank you for your comment.

  10. This was definitly a treat to read, so close to Halloween too.  

    My teen daughter is also very into anime and talks about it all the time.  She loves the outfits and would love to dress up and go to a cosplay convention.  There are also a lot of video game characters to dress up as.

  11. Great information! I am currently getting into affiliate marketing myself and this would be very helpful for those people with this niche, the right affiliate programs make all the difference! Amazon is a great platform for an affiliate program, what is your favourite overall? I wish you success and think you have really helped a lot of affiliate marketers with this post!

    1. Glad that you found information here that may help you in the affiliate marketing world. My favorite is Amazon, as they are easy to affiliate with, the other programs  you have to sign and wait to be approved, but not with Amazon.

  12. Hi this is a nice review of an interesting opportunity for many affiliate marketers as you rightly point out that where there is interest, there is opportunity. Sometimes being creative and innovative can lead to a way to get Rodrick to your site. Seasonal events are a good opportunity for this. Thanks, Kenny 

    1. Opportunity is everywhere for affiliate marketers, just have to strike at the right time.  Sadly I didn’t, but like I said there is always next year or other seasons to market for.

  13. Oh, I know your topic is affiliate programs, but I’m excited about Ezcosplay for myself! I’m gonna have to go check it out. And actually, I’m sure I can tie it in with topics I already write about, too. Seasonally, of course. And Amazon is always a big one! Anyone who wants to do affiliate marketing benefits from getting linked with Amazon Affiliates, for sure. Thanks for the suggestions! Next year I should prep my site for Halloween earlier. 🙂

    1. Yes my son is excited about Ezcosplay as well. Check them out for sure. It’s a great topic which will never go out as people will always be into anime, especially when there are conventions happening all the time. Yes Amazon is great. 

  14. Hi! Thanks for posting! I love holiday celebration sites, and Halloween happens to be my daughter’s FAVORITE celebration – from the decorations and costumes, to all that delicious candy. A child at heart, I’ve always thought about adding Halloween and other celebrations to my offerings. After reading your post, I’m going to go for it! The Candy affiliate program will get my first perusal, and I’ll see what and how I can promote. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve bookmarked your site for future posts. Looking forward to them!

    All the best!

    1. Holiday celebrations are the best sellers for affiliate marketers. But I don’t think one should limit themselves to just one holiday. Get a site going which is seasonal, yet hits all holidays, birthdays and so on…

      Candy is always great for everyone.

  15. A Halloween theme blog is not such a bad idea especially when you want to take advantage of the opportunity that the season provides. I like the fact that you don’t have to maintain it all year and you can just make it active during the Halloween season.

    Would you consider doing the candy store affiliate program? I ask because my issue is that I don’t see people shopping online for candy. I’d imagine I’d just go to the grocery store. Unless it is a unique candy that I can’t get anywhere else.

    1. It’s great to get a Halloween theme blog, but then you would be limited to that time. Why not get one which hits all seasons. Something happening all year round anyways. I would consider the candy affiliate store for sure, as there are some who like specialty candies, but then can’t find.

      My children and I always go to this one place where they carry many different types of candy, yet they don’t offer all that we look for. Someone with a sweet tooth will definitely order candy for sure.

  16. *rubbing my hands together* I wasn’t aware of the potential in marketing Halloween products!! You are right though, I too also have a few neighbors that are really into the Halloween spirit ( moreso than Xmas! ) they go all out for Halloween. I agree that since everyone trusts and knows Amazon, it would make sense to be affiliates of them in regards to promoting Halloween and just about anything really. I know that I am going to prepare for this Christmas season now knowing that the Halloween season was a profitable one. As a new affiliate marketer, I am always learning new things. Thank you so much for sharing this money making insight!

    1. Halloween products are their own niche. A person who is doing seasonal marketing can move a lot of product with the right words.

      Amazon is easily one of the most trusted brands around, so many will gravitate towards them. 

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