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6 Legitimate Reasons You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To Those At The Top Of the Affiliate Line

stop comparing yourself

When should you stop comparing yourself to those at the top of the line?

My thoughts here are, don’t ever compare yourself to those who have been at it for years. What a buzz kill it is when you see others making money, but then start wondering when you will start doing the same. 

It takes months before affiliates start seeing success on their website. For the long-term it’s better this way, the success lasts longer. There are some who try to take shorts cuts, then cut their losses to start somewhere else.

Hence for them, the comparison cycle continues. Don’t become one of those people, or else you’ll quit even before you begin.

It’s a Slow Climb

Success is like climbing stairs, but instead of trying to run up two at a time, it’s better to be cautious by taking one step at a time. Taking two steps may lead to tripping which then leads to falling.

Seriously there are no shortcuts to being at the top. Like everyone else at the top, the work has to be put in. It’s your uniqueness that is going to get you there. Those successful affiliates are them; you are you.

The climb for us all is different, just because they have the experience of being at the top, does not mean you can’t get there. It’s all a matter of being yourself, what you have to offer is something others may not have.

The Runner Who’s Busy Watching Others Risks Not Completing the Race

I’ve gone to my daughter’s track meets many times, observations made there ring true to life in the world of work. Time and time again I see children running in a race where they will either look back to see who is catching up or give up because someone else is ahead of them.

It’s unfortunate to see their sad faces because already they are comparing themselves to others at such a young age. It’s almost like an inborn quality which we have to learn to deal with when getting into an online business.

My point being here is when we compare ourselves to others, we give up to leave the competition. Of course, when people go, the comparisons get even worse.

They now identify themselves as quitters, which makes it hard to get back into it again. But when we keep ourselves in the game, we at least have just as much of chance as anyone else of being successful. 

Others at the Top Got There With Their Sheer Determination

Determination is something all of us have.  For instance, it’s our determination that gets us out of a warm, cozy bed in the morning or going to work to earn a living.

The people who are at the top have been there for years with a determination to succeed in their market.

It’s something we can all call upon. Each of us is unique to our determination, what drives you may not motivate another person.  

Really, in essence, how can we be like someone else if our experiences are so different from what other people are experiencing in their lives?

Okay so I ‘m not saying I’m at the top, but I enjoy writing, maybe it’s not something you enjoy. There is no comparison in my likes versus yours.

When You Give Up Inertia Takes a Hold

The opportunity to be successful is lost when a person quits. As you may know, nothing happens when an action isn’t taken. Inertia takes place instead, which can cause one to berate themselves even more than before.

Having no movement leads to nothing happening. We are creatures of change, thus are always meant to be on the move, it’s not in our nature to sit/stand still.

Being at a standstill because someone else is successful breeds envy; envy leads to losing our power of a situation where we can self-manipulate the ending to justify our means.

Keep Focus on Knowing Your Dreams Are More Than Just Pipe Dreams

At one time the successful people also had dreams of being successful, if those people had compared themselves to others; they probably would not be where they are today.

Not all dreams are fantasy they can happen. Although those who think they can fly, well that is a pipe dream. Keeping the focus on visions of success without letting others affect the outcome is great a way to carry forward. 

It means you are not letting others influence the direction of your life.

Why would anybody let something like that happen anyways?

The successful people are living their lives in their way; they are not out there comparing themselves to you. The direction you go is not going to have any effect on them.

Remember Success is Getting Your Piece of the Pie

If you don’t keep going, then yes you are out. The only race you lose is against yourself. Many have their piece of the pie in affiliate marketing. 

But the beauty is so many people are now shopping online the pie is always growing.

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Read here what Zac Johnson says about affiliate marketing not going anywhere.  Each slice of pie is different as are we all. Now get your piece.

Let me know in comments if you have found yourself in a spot such as the above reasons and what did you do to change the outcome.

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12 thoughts on “6 Legitimate Reasons You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To Those At The Top Of the Affiliate Line

  1. Its funny you talk about taking shortcuts to try and get to the top faster.  I have seen myself doing just that a few months after I had started a new website.  I decided that the traffic wasn’t coming in fast enough and decided to “buy” some supposedly “targeted traffic”.  Well all I got out of it is an increase in bounce rate and less money in my pocket.  Oh and also it has falsified my Google Analytics for that period.  There is a huge spike in visitors to my website for that period but nothing to show for.

    All of this to say that I agree 100% with your well written article.  If we keep on pushing forward, without comparing to the ones that are already at the top, we can see our own progress and capitalize on that instead!

    Great minds think alike!  Thanks for your inspiration!

    1. I have yet to see any shortcut work online. Maybe when the internet started it might have worked, but now Google has gotten smarter. What worked in the past is really no longer viable. Thank you for your comment.

  2. This such a positive article and I like the comparison to runners looking behind or in front.  Yes, sometimes I run across a top affiliate site and wonder what I’m doing.  At those times it does feel impossible, but I then give my head a shake and keep going.

    I keep going for all the reasons you share in this motivating article

    1. Great that you turn your thoughts right around, interruption is the best method for thoughts to move in a different direction. Sounds like you’ve got it down pat. Thank you for your comment.

  3. This was really inspiring!  I know a lot of us compare ourselves to the ones who are really killing it in the industry and wonder what type of secrets they have.  I know this because I’ve spent countless hours reading others blogs and tips on how to make money online and improve your conversions when what I should have been doing was: writing more and more content and once I got to the place where I had the extra time to spend learning more, at that point start learning more tips.  I think that is what kills a lot of people’s success is because they are always trying to find the secret on how to make it easier or get there quicker, when the real answer is just WORK HARD! 

    1. Glad you were inspired. It’s so sad when we start comparing ourselves to say people who have around for 15 years, whereas we may have only have been here one. They have 14 year head start on us, plus all the knowledge and wisdom they gained. Thank you for your comment.

  4. You wrote this very well I couldn’t have said it any different. 

    However, in my opinion, it is a bit of human nature too when you start comparing yourself to others and to their successes.

    Again, it is normal and it should function more as an inspiration and as an engine, always keep you running in the right direction, and, with determination and some patience you, eventually will get there too.

    I wish, though, people could see it that way as you have said so eloquently in your article. Competition is good but only for those who are, somewhat, on he same level. Just my point of view 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words on my writing. You are right that competition should be done with others who are on the same level. Much more healthier and more fair. By competing with those who so far ahead then ourselves is such an injustice to our self-esteem. Thank you for your comment.

  5. I completely agree that it is pointless to compare yourself to someone who is at the top.

    As you progress in your business, the only person you should compare yourself with is yourself, and the amount of progress you have made.

    Celebrate each little victory, remember little successes can grow into big successes just so long as you have the correct attitude and perseverance.

    Your message is very important, and I do hope that everyone who is at the beginning of their journey to success will read it and rake notice of it.

    Many thanks for your post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Celebrating each little victory is a great way to recognize how far we have gotten in the online world. Thank you for your comment.

  6. Great Post! I think you are one hundred percent right! The only person you should compare yourself to is you from yesterday. That is a Great way to make progress in my opinion. It is interesting to me that people will only ever see the success. Most people are not there when you are putting in the grunt work.

    That is why you should run your own race, the time to do your grunt work is now. The success part comes later and is more like icing on the cake because with any achievement you are usually more proud of the effort and discipline you have mustered than the actual reward.

    1. Comparing yourself to yesterday is a great way to look at it, after all you want to be able to gauge how far  you have gotten. Running the race on your own makes it that much sweeter because you are giving yourself the permission to get to your goals at your own pace. Thank you for your comment.

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