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Develop These Strong Organizational Skills To Be The Ultimate Entrepreneur Online

strong organizational skills entrepreneur at home

For the people working at home, creating or managing a business often requires that you possess strong organizational skills to become the ultimate entrepreneur online.

When running a business at home, especially one that you are hoping to turn into a self-running online business, there is some level of organization required.

Not all business owners retain essential organizational skills. But don’t despair. These skills are not complicated; they can often be learned by anyone with a little diligence and effort.

There are some things you need to learn to master even the smallest trace of organizational skills and put them to work for you effectively.

Many online business affiliates/owners who have achieved high success started from scratch. The ones that did become successful are the ones who were eager to learn from the ground up.

Clean Off Your Desk

Although this might seem like a smaller matter, in reality, to stay on task and focused, it needs to remain clean. In my personal life I know if my bedroom is cluttered, a high level of stress builds up. I’m sure that you have heard that your environment often reflects your mind. 

That is so true on so many levels. Organizational skills involve keeping a clear head. The best to keep a clear head is by having a minimalist desk. 

Things off the desk, means there are no distractions, which can keep you on track. Or better yet get a desk where you won’t be able to create clutter on.

Plan Properly

Proper planning is also one of the best ways to master your organizational skills. If you have future projects, cases, tasks or business proposals, you have to start planning for them ahead of time.

Sometimes planning doesn’t go according to what you have written down, but writing it down helps significantly.

The one thing I have learned about planning is it can create room for mistakes that may/will happen. At least you planned for it; it didn’t take you by surprise.

So many people say, “oh I didn’t’ see that coming.” At least you won’t be one of them, because you have already planned for it.

It is more of a realistic way of looking at it!

Time Management Is Everything

To facilitate proper organizational skills, you can make use of an online calendar. Today, there are so many office assistants, managers and other people who make use of online calendars to organize their day to day tasks. 

With the use of any of these calendar options, you will be able to avoid embarrassment when you forget some of your important appointments or meetings.

All though many now have phones where they can book all their appointments; I still use my daily planner to help me stay ahead of the game. Let’s be realistic, sometimes a gadget’s battery can die at the most inopportune moment.

So I’d rather have something tangible in my hand reminding me, rather than depend on technology.

Forget Mind Memory, Get It In Writing

Often I think my memory is the best, but most times that’s not true. The thought that runs through my when taking notes is if I don’t have written down, chances are I will forget it. Take all of those things off your mind by writing them all down clearly.

By doing this, you can pick one thing from the list to focus on. Getting things done one at a time without worrying that something will be forgotten makes it that much easier. The above planner can work for that as well.

Don’t procrastinate. If it has to be done, get it out of the way as soon as possible. Plan out your day with efficient time management so that you can get as much productive work completed as possible. This leads us to our next organizational skill.

Goal Setting

When a goal is set, it is one of the best techniques you can use to have master organizational skills. By having goals, you will view yourself as highly accountable with the thing you need to do.

Thus, you will be motivated to do the needed actions to meet the goals you have set. After each goal is achieved, it can give you thirst to achieve more goals. Setting goals allow us to establish a metric for measuring our progress and success.

Clear Out the Clutter

The first thing you need to understand is that being organized requires focus and clarity. You need to clear all the clutter. This pertains to going through your e-mails or other messages to delete those you think are junk or wherever else you store clutter.

Many times people don’t realize, but their mind stores a lot of clutter as well. Don’t let junk in your brain or email in your inbox be the reason for failing to run a business at home.

Give them their designated space, which is the junk folder.

Being organized will not just provide you with business-related benefits. You will also benefit from being able to spend time with your loved ones.

Because of having proper organizational skills, you will observe that everything will run more smoothly and according to your wants.

With the few tips mentioned above in mastering your organizational skills, a person working from home will be able to take their business to the next level.

Plus these little tips can go a long way in helping you to stop getting mad at yourself for the missed details.

Your business efficiency will grow by about 1000%!

So are you ready to start your own business at home where you can implement these strong organizational skills to be the ultimate entrepreneur online?

If so then read my about my top recommended place to get started 

Please leave any thoughts or comments you may about developing organizational skills to have a successful home-based business.

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18 thoughts on “Develop These Strong Organizational Skills To Be The Ultimate Entrepreneur Online

  1. This is another wake up call for me. I’m unfortunately one of those guys who just struggle to plan and I’m always surrounded by clutter. My desk and my head are always full of stuff and you are so right, I always forget things because I don’t write it down.

    I agree with those recommendations you made and I definitely have to check them out.

    Thanks for your advice and the article, it was good.

    1. At one time it was wake up call for me as well. My memory which I thought was great,  unfortunately wasn’t so great. Lost a lot of valuable thoughts, which I know would have been useful at the time. 

  2. My biggest problem on that list would have to be desk clutter. I don’t mind having a clean desk but I actually have a hard time finding stuff when I “organised” it. It is like I have my own method to the madness and a desk too clean seems to unbalance me. I know it is weird. I am pretty good about making goals for myself but I am bad about getting it in writing. That probably makes it to easy to not meet them but I do try. Which item on the list have you had the hardest time with?

    1. Yes desk clutter is a huge one, that’s why recommend the desk in my article. I have that desk, believe me it’s really hard to make clutter on something like that because it so small as well it’s not one of your regular office type of desk. Makes me want to keep it clean.

      I had the hardest time with the clutter on the desk as well not writing things down while trying to rely on my memory.

  3. I really do need to develop my own strong organization skills because I am a stay at home mom with limited time to do the things that most people can sit at their desks and do all day. My time is literally limited to only nap time, which starts at noon and can go until 1 o’clock or if I am really lucky, maybe 3 o’clock. But that short window of time is all I have to sit at my laptop with my full focus and attention, and when I do manage to get situated I turn on my laptop and think to myself, “Okay what is the most important thing I need to accomplish?” I do what you suggest and I write things down during the day when I am taking care of my son; things that pop up in my mind like “Ah ha! I need to do this later” so I jot it down. So when I sit down at my desk, I start with whatever is at the top of my list. But do you know what usually sneaks in an takes my attention away? Either social media or checking email! Its like, I notice I have a whole pile of email to go through, I do realize that its mostly spam and stuff I am not interested in reading but for some reason I still am compelled to sift through it. And Facebook is like internet cocaine! Seriously will take my whole entire nap time and when my son starts to wake up and I realize I wasted my entire window of time, I get really angry at myself. I would like to accomplish so much but my son really does require my full attentions since he is a toddler who is curious about everything. 

    1. Strong organizational skills are important. Should not be thrown to the wayside, as they are what a person a successful entrepreneur online.

      A desk in my firm belief now is that it should always remain clutter free, there is no workaround that. 

  4. Hi Jag, how are you? You put very good ideas in this article that will be very helpful, thank you!

    Personally, I have a hard time carrying out a defined schedule since I am a housewife and I have a 14-month-old baby, you can imagine that my life is a bit chaotic.But a few months ago I’m working on my blog, and I always try to find a little time every day for that.Greetings, Pao.

    1. Yes I can imagine with young children especially babies to able to even create a functioning schedule. My children when younger were a handful, I got a lot done when they were napping. 

  5. You hve given me a new book to read Millionaire road map  sounds intriguing and helpful. I do agree the one I often times have problems with is time management,I set out on a list of things to accomplish and somewhere down the track that list grows to the point I get only part way through. Instead of sticking to my original plan or goal. 

    1. Time management especially to one working at home is so very important. Because time can runaway in an instant. Life at home can get in the way really fast. Sticking to a plan can be the best thing ever.

  6. I agree that we need to set goals.  How else can we know that we have achieved something?

    Everytime we reach a goal and make that progress in our lives we are encouraged to keep going and making more goals and finding our what we are all truly capable of.

    It is easy for our minds to become cluttered when we fail to focus on our goals and allow ourselves to get distracted.  

    Clutter is just a build up of junk that we have let pile up when we should have been organizing and throwing away a lot of stuff.  Enviromental clutter can easily lead to mental clutter.  You need to orginized the clutter that surrounds you in the enviroment in order to help declutter your mind.

    1. Yes I agree with you goals are important. We all have to have something to measure ourselves by. Each time a goal is ticked off our list, what a good feeling that brings, which then helps to accomplish the next set of goals.

  7. Loved this article, goal setting and writing down stuff that needs doing is very important, sometimes I remember to do something and then put it off thinking I will do it later, but then I forget what needed doing and I rue that I never wrote it down. It is so important to be organised and have a plan, otherwise you end up trying to do multiple tasks but end up never finishing any of them. A well written article.

    1. Put things of for later, are things which will most likely not get done. I know this because I have experienced it. Thank you for your comment.

  8. These are great tips! The main thing I think I have to focus on is to clear my desk. It’s always so messy with a hundred things on it. And yeah, I realise now that this makes my work more difficult. Especially when I have to find something but also because of the clutter itself. It’s so distracting!

    I’ll take care of it and I believe this is going to high rocket my productivity!

    1. Clutter seems to a really issue with many, hopefully the desk I have listed in here helps. I have one just like it, it definitely helps me out a lot.

  9. The information provided was very helpful and t is a good framework to put into practice. In fact, there are times when I should follow a bit more of the advice.

    The one thing I wonder about how to clear the clutter from my head. All day I have so many things to do, I get lost inside my own head. I like the Amazon recommendation you about millionaire road map. I will be checking this book out for sure.

    Actually, if you think about, most of these recommendations are perfect to develop strong organizational skills for the entrepreneur online. It seems you have a lot of affiliate experience as I have read your other articles and the advice is phenomenal, what’s the first step you recommend for people starting out in this type of online business?

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