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Put Self Employment On Your Bucket List Now

Put Self Employment On Your Bucket List Now

Yes! Put self-employment on your bucket list now. Right now the market is hot with so many consumers going online to buy products.

Of course, the market of being online isn’t going anywhere, but why not start benefiting from it right at the crux of affiliate marketing.

When you work at home you pretty well know “cash in your pocket” means money will be going to you. For years people have been completing other people’s bucket list to line others pockets with fistfuls of cash.

The person working to make money for the employer works hard, yet recognition hardly comes by. Frankly, I was one of those people.

There were times where I hit quota, yet all I got was a pat on the back. “You did a good job, this month,” I would think to myself, but the real kudos was going to my boss. 

It wasn’t until many years later an “aha” moment struck in the form of, “you did a good job,” I realized my worth. I guess over time the affirmation finally hit home. It was then that I created a bucket list of what I wanted out of my working life.

By this time I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted having to work so hard. Being away from my kids, sometimes even during the weekend made it that much harder.

Below I will share some of my work at home bucket list; maybe you will find some inspiration to carve out your career online.

  • Travel at Will

Previously when I worked for someone else, I wasn’t able to get up and go. But now that I work for myself since the Internet is available anywhere in the world, I have the freedom to go wherever I want.

Especially the times when my children are off from school, some of those days off from school are my working days. But I do not need to worry because I can schedule my day around their activities.

The freedom I feel to be able to travel at will is pretty awesome!

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  • Be Seen As an Expert of What I Do

Back in my working days, my employer got all the accolades for bringing in inspiring new thoughts. There are many times when some of those thoughts were mine, but due to an ethical issue, they belonged to the employer no matter what.

I wasn’t allowed to claim my thoughts or be seen as the expert of what I did. Always the recognition went back to my employer, he was seen as the one who had a hand behind what I was doing.

Oh! I’m not boss bashing; it’s just the way things work when you work for others,

Now that I work online others see me as an expert in what I do.

Why do they see me as an expert?

They see me as an expert because there’s no one behind me claiming ownership of my thoughts of what I put out there.

  • Be Confident About Who You Are

During my working days, I was considered an employee. Just another person who came in did a 9-to-5 job then went home. This was more of a robot-like feeling.

Every day I woke up expecting the same results, nothing changed in my routine. There were no new expectations to expect, except what I had already been experiencing. Every day it was the same humdrum feeling of here we go again.

Now I get up excited in the morning because I never know what kind of inspiration will strike or where it will come from. I look forward to the day because I can take my time getting to where I need to be.

I’m confident about my skills as well as how I inspire others to go for their dreams. That confidence is reflected in the comments I get on my posts. When I started in this online business, the first contact I made as a newbie was with Zac Johnson, with his reply back, my confidence went up a whole notch.

Before I was afraid to approach others due to being an employee, now I approach people with confidence because there is no fear of being reprimanded in any which way or being told I took someone else’s customer away.

  • Be Known As a Boss

Making my own decisions hasn’t been an easy process. There have been times where I have looked over my shoulder wondering if someone else is going to come and say, “Nope, that’s not your decision to make.”

Over time since I decided to be my boss, it has gotten easier. I have no one to answer to except myself. I’m not the type of person to beat myself up if I do make an error I find ways to fix it.

When I was an employee error was not allowed. If they happened there were consequences; sometimes those consequences came home. I remember many weekends where regret would rear its ugly over a mistake I had made.

But now that is not the case.


Because I’m responsible for any mistake, I make. The only person who questions me is me. This leaves no room for open regrets of failing someone else.

Employers who own up to their own mistakes, rather than pass the buck onto an employee, is what makes them the boss. This doesn’t always happen, because most are always looking out for their protection.

Self-preservation will always come first! 

  • Last But Not Least Money Goes Into My Pocket

As I had stated, earlier this was one of my biggest pet peeves. Although I know the employer may have worked hard to get where he was, I also had the same determination to get to a specific goal.

By helping the employer get to his goals, I was not able to get to my own goals, which became an issue for me. I had paid my dues as an employee, and now I was ready to set out on my way to financial freedom.

I have to say that working for someone else did give me the experience and knowledge I needed to be able to work for myself. I’m thankful for that.

So don’t get me wrong, I’m appreciative of all the skills I obtained.

But then there came a time where I realized what I was contributing to the company wasn’t bringing me the monetary recognition I had always believed would happen one day.

I was underpaid but overworked!

Recognizing my monetary worth wasn’t easy. But once I was able to deduce all the education I had paid for as well the years I had put into my job, I knew I was ready to start lining my pocket with financial freedom.

Leave in comments below of what steps you are going to take to put self-employment on your bucket list now.

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28 thoughts on “Put Self Employment On Your Bucket List Now

  1. Not on my bucket list, but working on it actively. The reasons? 

    I don’t want to have to answer to anyone else but myself, so if I make a mistake, it’s my own problem, if I make money, it’s mine as well, if I feel like having a day off, I’ll do just that and if I feel like working overtime, I’ll also just do that.

    Another reason is to be independent, being able to spend my time the way I want to, work from anywhere, travel way more, see more of the world, spend more time with family and friends.

    1. Working on it actively is great. I l answering to myself as well, it makes me more accountable. Having the freedom to be able to do what I want is a very real necessity in my life.

      Thanks for your comment

  2. Hey Jag,

    I acknowledged your pain as I have been in your position too.  Working for someone else are plain sucks, all your deserved rewards and efforts are going down the drain leaving you in frustration and disappointment. When l saw the opportunity coming, l just quit and start working on that bucket list.

    Nothing is more fulfilling and satisfying than working for yourself from home. Further, you know the money is in your pocket as well you have time and location freedom.

    Kept it up with your great post.

    Best Regards.


    1. Hi Zayn,

      Thank you for your comment. It’s great to see so many taking the opportunity to go online and enter the big world of internet marketing. I love working from home, nothing better than sitting in my pajamas to do research to get out to the masses who are interested in being financially free. 

  3. I realised long ago that working as an employee was never going to get me far. The harder you work, the more your boss makes. I work on a salary with no pay for overtime, so if I work 40 hours/week or 80, I still get paid the same. 

    What people don’t realise is even if you love your job, it’s not your job, its your bosses, and it can be taken away from you.

    But if you have commitments like kids and a home loan, it’s very hard to break free.

    Since I discovered Wealthy Affiliate I now have a plan, the tools and a timeline.

    My bucket list now is to replace my income with an online Affiliate Marketing income that is recession proof. 

    Your post is spot on. Thanks for reinforcing it.

    1. Now isn’t that a shame, no matter how much time you put in, the income is not going to change. I feel people who work for others, have such a disadvantage of being able to have say in regards to our work day. 

      The only way I was able to break free was because I really wanted to self employed. WA has all the tools one really needs, the nice thing is they have free tools for those who are hesitant to get online, but need to try it. 

  4. I really enjoyed reading your article, and it’s so true there is nothing better then working for yourself.  I believe more people should put down on their bucket list be self employed.  Unfortunately there are so many people out there who are afraid of making that commitment  because they are scared of failure .  I have been in affiliate marketing for a 2 years and I love it so much because to me it doesn’t feel like work and I enjoy having the freedom to work when I want to. It was all made possible because Wealthy Affiliates made it easy for me to learn at my own convenience.

    Awesome Article 



    1. Fear of failure will throw many off. When I first went online, I got ill and had to go away. You have no idea how happy I was to get away because the process of being online was scary. Maybe the illness itself was scary too, but now that I’m back, the feeling is beyond thrilling.

      WA is so very easy, glad I’m getting my second chance at this.

      Thank you for your comment. 

  5. Hi, a great post and an easy read. Jag,  you write extremely well.

     I have been and unfortunately am still, in a working environment that can at times be unpleasant, so I identify strongly with your post.

    I checked out your post with Zac Johnson and yes heaps of info on his website.

    Thank you,  keep posting!


    1. Hi Michele,

      Thank you for the compliment on my writing. I tend to write how I speak, so at times to me it seems like rambling. The 9-5 grind is hard to get out of, especially when one depends on pay check to make things work. 

      Zac Johnson is amazing, he has a wealth of information, his link on my site is not an affiliate link, that’s how much I value his knowledge.

  6. I love this post, it resonates with me on so many levels. For me, it wasn’t until after I had my children and was working so incredibly hard at my job (and not progressing in any way) that it even occurred to me that I should consider an online career. It seemed like only ‘other people’ could succeed on their own, I thought I was destined to be working for someone else forever. I thought I didn’t have what it takes.  

    Little did I know!! It wasn’t until I started doing solid research that it seemed like I could have an online career. I wanted to be in control of my life – doing what I love doing, balancing my work and life, and learning the skills that I want to learn for my future. I’m so glad I came to that realisation 🙂   What I realise now, is that with the right tools and motivation ANYONE can have an online career.

    1. Glad to know this post resonated with you. At one time when I was started working for myself I had to really consider the consequences of staying home. But luckily I had a lot of support to go it my own way. I like being in control of how my working day goes, it’s much too precious to me now.

      Thanks for your comment

  7. Hello, you can’t imagine how much being your own boss is encouraging! Working at any place ,at your own pace,, is incomparable. I have a boss when i am late only 5 minutes he tells me” Julie i am going to fire you.” hahahahah

    I know most of the people have the same problem with the boss, but i am struggling to build my own business with WA and i will succeed until i won’t be afraid when the boss talks about firing.

    1. Yes I love being my own boss as well.Working at my own pace, with a hot coffee in hand. Sometimes after I drop my kids off at school, I go to Starbucks enjoy my coffee, find motivation and just start typing.

      Please do keep going, it’s tough, but with perseverance you will succeed.

  8. Hi

    I like your style, put self-employment on your bucket list, love it.

    I agree with the travelling part.  I use to have to get up at crack of dawn just to get squashed on the tube and fight my way into a job that did not appreciate my efforts.  Then there would be too much month at the of my money. lol

    I also agree that by working for someone else you are helping them to build their dream, to follow their passion, Whilst leaving your dreams and passion.  This is why there are so many people feeling less than satisfied.

    Thank you for writing and sharing this article, you have made me feel so grateful for taking the leap to become my own boss and mind my own business.


    1. I love my bucket list and being self employed did top it for sure. Getting squashed in a tube does not sound very appealing at all. 

      My self-appreciation is worth more than someone else who was not very open minded about letting others get praise or feel worthy.

      Glad you enjoyed the article.

  9. You know I once thought it was everyone’s dream to walk away from their job and go to work for themselves.  I have actually met several lately who are content in getting their paycheck every two weeks and going on like that.  I guess that’s good for someone like me who wants to work from home.  I absolutely agree that no matter how much and how hard you work for someone else you never get the pat on the back that you deserve.  I loved this article and should be a must read for anyone who either is or isn’t in business for themselves.

    1. I guess the thought of not having something come in every two weeks can be pretty scary. I was out of the workforce for a few years due to illness and it was tough. 

      The pat on the back is very a subjective matter as no one in charge ever wants to praise the one doing all the work. At least that was what I experienced.

      Thank you for your comment.

  10. Starting a business is exciting.  But, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it.

    For instance, once you really start making good money you need to decide if you want to create a S.Corp or LLC.  

    But, it’s important to have goals even if you work from home.  Because it’s a real job and if you don’t work at it things could always take a turn for the worse.

    Here is a good example, I had a site that was making $10,000-$15,000 a month.  I got slapped from a Google penalty and my income was pushed down to $200/month.  It was a life changing lesson, though.

    However, have you had any setbacks in your business ventures that you could share with us?

    1. Responsibility was a tough one, as staying home meant being self-disciplined. Which is discipline in itself when kids are involved. 

      My goals were to get something started and keep it going. But illness got in the way, now that I’m healing and feeling better, I am now going for round two with this affiliate online business.

  11. Nothing is more fulfilling and satisfying than working for yourself from home.

    Making an adequate income through affiliate marketing frees up so much time once it’s running optimally that you can actually get out there and enjoy life and make a difference in the things that really matter.

    When you are enslaved working for someone else, all your efforts, energies and money are invested in just treading water and you get into a rut that takes you nowhere for years on end.

    Love your post, keep it up!

  12. Creating your own work at home bucket list is a great idea. This is a unique perspective for creating short and long term goals. Which in turn are great motivators. Creating a successful home business is rewarding in its own right as is the money you put in your own pocket.

  13. Having written one up when I started with WA, I can totally relate to your bucket list. I’m a musician without a day job but, I’m enjoying learning about how to make money online. I’ve got a ways to go but each time I run into positive folks telling their story like U, I’m motivated. Continued success to U in all your endeavors. I like the pop up window that slid across the bottom of your site. That was cool.

  14. If there’s one thing you learn pretty quick is that, working just plain sucks. Working for someone else really sucks. The problem is we get into debt and then become a slave to that debt and then it becomes not to easy to quit that job.
    You end up stuck on the job treadmill like a hamster on a wheel. Get out of that job as soon as you can afford to and then start working on that bucket list.
    Great job explaining all this, thank you.

    1. I agree with your comment, staying out of debt is huge for me. As well when we work from home we can write off many things which are not an option when working for someone else. Coincidentally I feel staying debt free is another thing I should I add to my bucket list.

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