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These Are Content Questions Affiliates Need To Focus On To Increase Blog Visitors

increase blog visitors

Are content questions to increase blog visitors driving you crazy? Do you feel your content has a need to focus but isn’t all quite there yet?

Do you think to yourself like, why would readers come to my site when they have so many others to look at?

When I started with affiliate marketing, I was always questioning myself on who precisely I was speaking to.

Eventually, I learned that even in online writing some rules do have to be followed to be an online success story.

Following are eight questions which need answering if you want to retain or increase blog readers. 

 Do your headlines evoke an emotional response

So what do I mean by eliciting an emotional response? By grabbing a reader emotionally means you are causing a reaction in them. Now your readers’ reaction could either be positive they’ll come to your site to see what is written.

But it could also be negative with their thoughts reflecting, “whatever just another site telling me nothing about what’s written in the content,” which means they will mosey on by.

What you want to do is create a positive emotional response where they feel compelled to read what you have to say.

I’m going to give you two examples of a headline, see which one you react to.

  • Three Different Ways to Attract Customers
  • Gain Insight on Three Different Ways to Attract Customers Who Will Buy Your Product

Which one did you react to? If you are like me, then it would most likely be the second one as it has more value than the first one.

While I agree your content could very well be the best they may ever read, how are they going to get there if they have no reason to?

Are you writing for the reader or yourself

I’ve seen this happen many times where the person writing the content will write for themselves rather than the reader who they are there trying to help out in the first place.

When a customer comes to your website, they are there for a reason. They clicked on your headline for a solution to their problem. The answer to their question should be available within the first couple of paragraphs, or else you will lose their attention.

So how do you know the difference if you are writing for others or yourself?

When you write for yourself, the only one buying the product or whatever it is that you’re selling will be you. 

Because essentially you’re selling it to yourself.

 When you write for others, a whole different process takes place. It’s when you know their age range, what your reader’s dislikes and likes are as well what they shop for.

Now I’m not saying to lose your voice or abandon your style of writing; it’s what makes you unique.

It’s what will attract the readers to visit your blog. My message here is let it ring a bell for them.

What action are you targeting from your readers

What’s the action you want your readers to have? Do you want your content to get them to buy a particular product or to be in agreement with you about the points you are making in your writing?

Here you’ll need to do some digging to find out what your readers want. You also need to know their complaints as well what makes them happy

Now how can you get this response from them?

When you finish writing your content, leave them with a question or thought to answer in the comments section of your post. This is a great way to gain insight into what type of blog visitors or readers are responding to your writing.

What objections are you overcoming with your content

The first objection you want to come overcome when a reader comes to your website is their mindset of not being there to buy from you. These people are not looking for you to make a sale to them; they’re already wary of being sold to.

Don’t give your clients a chance to walk away from your website, instead provide them with a reason to stay.

How can you provide a reason for customers to stay on your website?

You can get customers to stay on your website by providing something of value of they will be happy to walk away with. This value can come in the form of giving them knowledge through your genuine need to help.

You’ve already learned what their complaints are. Now it’s time for you to provide an answer to those complaints.

How is your tone coming across to your customer

Your tone of writing can make or break your website. I’ve been on many websites where the paragraphs are like six or seven sentences long. People who write like that seem like people who would go on and on, but have nothing of value to add.

Do you have a friend in your life who goes on and on about his/her story? 1/4 of the way you realize you’ve already shut him/her out. This is what happens when blog readers are reading content which goes on and on.

When I land on a website like that, I usually book it out of there fast. It’s hard on the eyes as well it becomes rather boring to read.

The writing of your post needs to be active as well it needs to create a response of, “yes this was written for me.”

What’s the best way for your tone to come across as engaging?

In my opinion, it’s better to have 2 to 3 sentence paragraphs. They get to read as well some action may take place after each section. With the ultimate action taking place when the whole content is read.

How well do you know the topic you are writing about

When writing about a subject, it’s important to understand what message you are trying to convey. If for instance a reader comes onto your website, but they know more than you, believe me, they won’t be staying.

Do some proper research before you begin writing. This will help you become an authority about what your content is all about.

Are you willing to go that one extra step

Some people will cover the basics hoping the reader will understand what they’re trying to say. The ones who go that one extra step will be the ones who build long-term readers.

How can you go that one extra step?

You can go that one extra step by explaining in detail what your message is. Don’t leave the reader wondering what you’re talking about. Give it to them in detail, a step by step breakdown.

Kind of like what I’ve hopefully done here for you.

What will you do to promote your writing

This is important; you will need to promote your writing. Without promotion, there will be no one reading what you have written. Spending a couple of hours to write content and then having no readers can be discouraging.

I’ve been there!

Where can you promote your content?

At the beginning when I started writing content, I was terrified to market my content on any of these sites. I thought people would get offended, but that wasn’t the case.

Once I got over the fear, I gained readers. My family/friends were pretty impressed writing skills, as you know the close ones are usually most judgemental. 

These are content questions which most resonate with me to increase blog visitors.

Leave me your thoughts below if you agree or have other content-related questions you feel are important.

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36 thoughts on “These Are Content Questions Affiliates Need To Focus On To Increase Blog Visitors

  1. Thank you very much for this article and for explaining so well each specific point, I’m starting with my website and writing the posts is something that is costing me a little I will follow your advice and I will also start using social networks because I was not using them either . I added your page to my web bookmarks to be able to review the other posts and to be aware of what you write 🙂

  2. This was a really nice piece. Content questions affiliates need to focus on is just as good as the name I love the way you later this article it was perfect. I gained a lot of insight know how to go about working with the content on my website and gaining my audience’s attention. The first thing I’m going to do is change the way I write my titles. After reading this article they have been pretty boring now I can know what I need to do to spice them up.

    I really appreciate this article it really made me see things that I had them missing.

    Thank you again for this wonderful article

  3. Hello Jag,

    Great lesson! I was never a good copywriter and your article really helps me in understand how to structure my content to arouse their interest, increase higher click through rate, keep them engaged (reduce bouncing rate) and attract them

    coming back for more. 

    Yes, I am totally resonated with you to increase blog visitors with these content question. By the way, is there any good copywriting course you can recommended to enhance my writing skills?

    Thank you.


    1. There is a link in this article which is a great copy writing course. If not you like you can get click here to find it as well. Glad you found some value in what I have written here. 

  4. Thank you for a very informative post. 

    Getting people to visit my website has been one of the greatest challenges for me so far. I try to publish relevant contents regularly and although I am quite happy with the stats I see from my google analytics, considering that my website is still new, I noticed that the number of page views and daily users have not increased for the past 3 or 4 months. I don’t know what else to do. 

    Anyway, I just signed up with Pinterest and Twitter because I was told to not solely focus on Facebook. I will also follow your advice to use headlines that evoke an emotional response and I hope things will get better soon. Thanks again for the helpful tips.

    1. Yes getting people to  my site was great challenge as well. But I feel even though people were not visiting, providing value was the best thing I could do. 

      Now that I have people actually visiting my website the value is there for them. Great that you signed up with Pinterest and Twitter as they will help your business take off even more.

  5. I agree with your 8 questions and I think many affiliate marketers miss the mark when they are writing. Evoke an emotional response that is a huge key in getting people to your site. Often many writers will try and sell instead of help which is a huge mistake. Make the article about your reader starting a sentence with You or You are will make them feel like the article is just for them.

    A call to action is definitely a must have without it your readers will not know what to do next. I dont like people who babble either. Readers are evolving into wanting short paragraphs because thats what they read everyday in text messages and on social media.

    Explaining in detail about a product or service is always a good idea. It also gives you more content that could lead to better rankings. And yes promote on social media once you build up your social media presence you will get a lot more traffic. Dont forget about google +.

    I have a question for you Jag are there any other questions I should be focusing on while im writing? Wich of these Questions do you think are the most important?

    1. Evoking an emotional response has always worked, because people want to be moved emotionally. When a person is moved emotionally it means they are also becoming attached to something they are being moved by, which then compel them to read what is written.

      I agree a call to action button is great as it actually tells them what to do. My son who has been driving for 2 years knows his way around town, yet when I am in the car with him ,he wants me to give him direction on which way to travel. This is exactly how our online readers are, they want to be told where to go.

      The  most important question is are you writing for yourself or your reader. They are ones who are going to have an action to your writing, what action takes will depend upon your writing as well how they interpret it.

  6. Hi Jag,

    This is a great article.

    I never actually thought about asking a question at the end of my post for the audiences to answer. I will definitely incorporate that in my blog posts moving forward.

    I have been nervous about posting content on social media, but I am working on overcoming that because as you mentioned, it is a great way to promote and get readers.

    I wish you all the best!


    1. Having a counselling background, I’ve always asked open ended questions, this leaves room for interpretation of the reader. 

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

  7. Wow, i like the way you write.Your questions give training even before answering them. It is so important to a writer to know well the content and the reason of writing it. This post contains many tips to help a writer achieve his/her target.I agree with you that a writer must choose the headline which attracts the reader. 

    very good post.

  8. Thank you for offering these  great suggestions on writing better content. I struggle a lot with keywords. Even though I know what a keyword is, I have problems knowing how to use it in my title and lead paragraph.

    You are correct, having a great headline/title is first and foremost. My problem is, how do I do that and include the keywords?

    How do I find out who my audience is? Where can I gain that insight? How do I keep them on my site to check out other pages? My bounce rate is pretty high.

    I feel as though I am an expert on the two niche sites I have, but I really need to find a way to get readers to check out more of my site. I think your suggestions are very good and I will work to incorporate them into my post writing.

    1. Keywords can be easily implemented into a headline once you know what your content is going to focus on. If you were reading an article online with the keywords you were thinking of using, just think what would that headline look like. Hopefully that helps.

      I think if you were to go on Amazon, look up the product you may be thinking of marketing. You should go down to reviews and see what type of people are writing the reviews, is it mostly men or is it women. From there you may be able to gauge at what type of a market you have.  

  9. I agree with you about going that extra mile to give all the details in order to avoid any ambiguity. You mentioned something very important at the beginning of your article, that the solution to the problems of the reader should be found in the first set of paragraphs. This particular point is key to designing a very effective and engaging introduction.

    When I started blogging, I didn’t understand this quite much, but following other successful bloggers closely and paying more attention to how they begin each blog, I learned a wealth of information, which I’m also implementing on my website. You raised such pertinent points. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Yes ambiguity can be a real pain, when readers are there for a purpose. Better to lay out all upfront then have them go looking for it. 

      I know when I go to a store, rather than look for a product, I go straight to customer service to ask them where it is located. Saves me a lot of time and effort that I otherwise would have spent looking for it on my own. 

      Thank you for your comment.

  10. Thanks for the tips! I never thought to make my titles more interesting. I usually just describe what the next couple of paragraphs are about in a few words. Now, I realize that it’s not a very smart thing to do. 😛 

    And you’re right, I should try to promote my blog more. Would you suggest try all social media at once or one by one? I mean, the latest seems better but wouldn’t it better to try all at once? 

    1. Yes the titles are really what make the article. Whenever I read the news online, I usually gravitate towards the titles which catch my attention. 

      I would say go for all of them.

  11. You bring up some very important points about content writing – a lot of insights. I like the idea of creating an emotional response with my headlines and then continuing to bring more emotion into the first part of my articles. I think this strategy solves a lot of the content writing problems you mention, but I will try harder to keep the connection going by working on the tone I use with my readers and potential customers. Thank you for the wise advice.

  12. Jag these are great questions. Although I’ve been blogging for awhile now, I find these 8 questions helpful to refer to in the one post. I am bookmarking your page so I can use as a checklist because sometimes when you’re in a hurry you can overlook the basics. 

    In fact, I had just published a post, I wrote it very quickly because I’m excited about a review post I’m writing that relates to it and I forgot to highlight a video review that demonstrates the main purpose of the post! Although I had included a link to the video I am now going back to add an image to click through to it so it is much more obvious that this will answer the whole point of the post – so thank you! The question from your post that prompted this was ‘Are you writing for the reader or yourself?’

    1. Glad that you found my article helpful. I feel it’s always important to know who we are writing for as the ones who are going to have an action to our words are the readers.

  13. Very good points that you should always be writing with your reader in mind. While writing can be very personal, when you are publishing for an audience, it’s not 100% about you anymore. Any good, successful writer writes primarily for their reader.

    I will need to consider how my tone is coming across, especially in my latest post. Worried my latest post is unintentionally judgemental.

    1. Yes our tone is very important, especially when it involves soft selling. A hard selling tone usually drives me away. Thank your for your comment.

  14. Lots of people dont realize just how important content is.  Really in this day and age content is going to either make you or break you.  Its important to read well written articles like this one so people can understand the structure of what is needed in their content.  Thank you yet again for a wonderfully written article.

  15. I thought I was comfortable with the articles on my website, but after reading your webpage I am starting to wonder if I didn’t miss my mark.  I spent so much time writing, then rewriting it all over again, just so it sounded good to me.  I never gave much thought to how it would entice my readers.  

    Thank you for opening my eyes to the many things I was missing.  I will be looking for more articles from you.


    1. Glad you found some use in article. It always great to read as though you are a reader reading to see how you writing sounds. Thank you for your comment.

  16. Hi Jagi

    Thanks for the insightful post! You have some great points on how to attract customers effectively. And what’s better, is that you said it as simply possible so that anyone could understand what you are sharing with us.

    I totally agree with what you said about the discouragement felt when people don’t see the content written. I think that’s where I’m at this point, but I’ll start using social media more to see where that gets me.

    What would you recommend I do apart from that?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi Luis,

      Thank you for leaving the comment. Discouragement can get people to stop doing what they love. So that’s one thought we can all do our best to avoid. Doing press releases as well as guest posting for other bloggers would be something to look into as well.


  17. Bingo this is a great article for content issues that people may face, interms of making our content more engaging and impactful on site visitors.

    I mean we can all talk for days on end about our niche passions within website content, but is it really having an impact on people? Is there an emotional response being evoked? Intentions, tonality, am i writing for myself or the reader? I mean these are the things we all face as online website builders when filling out our sites through the years.

    Such a crucial point, definitely bookmarking this page to come back for future reminders as and when i need, thanks Jagi!

    1. Thank you for the great comment. Glad you found it useful. Filling out websites with fluff gets us nowhere, so it is definitely better to get right down what needs to be said. I love reading, but not so much when the message is taking too long to come across.

  18. These are really good points to think about and a timely reminder for me as I write content for my blog. You are right, you definitely have to give the reader something, a solution as to why the came there in the first place. I am now really thinking about the keywords I use. So if I used those keywords in google, does the content reflect what I was searching – putting myself in my reader’s shoes. Good article!

    1. Thank you for the comment. Readers come to find solutions, if we don’t provide it they will definitely find it somewhere else. My thought on writing for the web is that I have only a few seconds of a reader’s precious time to capture their attention. I want to give them what they came for, not waste their time.

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