These Are Content Questions Affiliates Need To Focus On To Increase Blog Visitors

Are content questions to increase blog visitors driving you crazy? Do you feel your content has a need to focus but isn’t all quite there yet?

Do you think to yourself like, why would readers come to my site when they have so many others to look at?

When I started with affiliate marketing, I was always questioning myself on who precisely I was speaking to.

Eventually, I learned that even in online writing some rules do have to be followed to be an online success story.

Following are eight questions which need answering if you want to retain or increase blog readers. 

 Do your headlines evoke an emotional response

So what do I mean by eliciting an emotional response? By grabbing a reader emotionally means you are causing a reaction in them. Now your readers’ reaction could either be positive they’ll come to your site to see what is written.

But it could also be negative with their thoughts reflecting, “whatever just another site telling me nothing about what’s written in the content,” which means they will mosey on by.

What you want to do is create a positive emotional response where they feel compelled to read what you have to say.

I’m going to give you two examples of a headline, see which one you react to.

  • Three Different Ways to Attract Customers
  • Gain Insight on Three Different Ways to Attract Customers Who Will Buy Your Product

Which one did you react to? If you are like me, then it would most likely be the second one as it has more value than the first one.

While I agree your content could very well be the best they may ever read, how are they going to get there if they have no reason to?

Are you writing for the reader or yourself

I’ve seen this happen many times where the person writing the content will write for themselves rather than the reader who they are there trying to help out in the first place.

When a customer comes to your website, they are there for a reason. They clicked on your headline for a solution to their problem. The answer to their question should be available within the first couple of paragraphs, or else you will lose their attention.

So how do you know the difference if you are writing for others or yourself?

When you write for yourself, the only one buying the product or whatever it is that you’re selling will be you. 

Because essentially you’re selling it to yourself.

 When you write for others, a whole different process takes place. It’s when you know their age range, what your reader’s dislikes and likes are as well what they shop for.

Now I’m not saying to lose your voice or abandon your style of writing; it’s what makes you unique.

It’s what will attract the readers to visit your blog. My message here is let it ring a bell for them.

What action are you targeting from your readers

What’s the action you want your readers to have? Do you want your content to get them to buy a particular product or to be in agreement with you about the points you are making in your writing?

Here you’ll need to do some digging to find out what your readers want. You also need to know their complaints as well what makes them happy

Now how can you get this response from them?

When you finish writing your content, leave them with a question or thought to answer in the comments section of your post. This is a great way to gain insight into what type of blog visitors or readers are responding to your writing.

What objections are you overcoming with your content

The first objection you want to come overcome when a reader comes to your website is their mindset of not being there to buy from you. These people are not looking for you to make a sale to them; they’re already wary of being sold to.

Don’t give your clients a chance to walk away from your website, instead provide them with a reason to stay.

How can you provide a reason for customers to stay on your website?

You can get customers to stay on your website by providing something of value of they will be happy to walk away with. This value can come in the form of giving them knowledge through your genuine need to help.

You’ve already learned what their complaints are. Now it’s time for you to provide an answer to those complaints.

How is your tone coming across to your customer

Your tone of writing can make or break your website. I’ve been on many websites where the paragraphs are like six or seven sentences long. People who write like that seem like people who would go on and on, but have nothing of value to add.

Do you have a friend in your life who goes on and on about his/her story? 1/4 of the way you realize you’ve already shut him/her out. This is what happens when blog readers are reading content which goes on and on.

When I land on a website like that, I usually book it out of there fast. It’s hard on the eyes as well it becomes rather boring to read.

The writing of your post needs to be active as well it needs to create a response of, “yes this was written for me.”

What’s the best way for your tone to come across as engaging?

In my opinion, it’s better to have 2 to 3 sentence paragraphs. They get to read as well some action may take place after each section. With the ultimate action taking place when the whole content is read.

How well do you know the topic you are writing about

When writing about a subject, it’s important to understand what message you are trying to convey. If for instance a reader comes onto your website, but they know more than you, believe me, they won’t be staying.

Do some proper research before you begin writing. This will help you become an authority about what your content is all about.

Are you willing to go that one extra step

Some people will cover the basics hoping the reader will understand what they’re trying to say. The ones who go that one extra step will be the ones who build long-term readers.

How can you go that one extra step?

You can go that one extra step by explaining in detail what your message is. Don’t leave the reader wondering what you’re talking about. Give it to them in detail, a step by step breakdown.

Kind of like what I’ve hopefully done here for you.

What will you do to promote your writing

This is important; you will need to promote your writing. Without promotion, there will be no one reading what you have written. Spending a couple of hours to write content and then having no readers can be discouraging.

I’ve been there!

Where can you promote your content?

At the beginning when I started writing content, I was terrified to market my content on any of these sites. I thought people would get offended, but that wasn’t the case.

Once I got over the fear, I gained readers. My family/friends were pretty impressed writing skills, as you know the close ones are usually most judgemental. 

These are content questions which most resonate with me to increase blog visitors.

Leave me your thoughts below if you agree or have other content related questions you feel are important.


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