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7 Best Careers For People Who Like To Work Alone – Which One Would You Choose?

Best Careers For People Who Like To Work Alone

Here you are looking at the best careers for people who like to work alone.

Is it because you are an introvert who works best without having to mingle? Or are you a person who wants to work within your own time frame?

Why should you focus on these questions?

Some people are too shy to work as a part of a group. These people usually prefer their own company. Shy people known as introverts are generally more receptive to questioning themselves as well as establishing how to solve an issue. Yet others like to like to work within their own schedule rather than have to focus on what has to be done as well when it should be done.

Being an introvert myself as well as a person who has difficulty being in a group of loud people. I, for one, am glad to have the option of working from home on my own.

That’s what I want to make clear to my fellow introverts; you also have that option.

Are You Ready to Work Alone – 11 Signs Which Indicate Your Readiness

  • You do your best thinking by yourself
  • You’re ready to take your career in your hands
  • You want more flexibility in your schedule
  • You’re great at mastering relationships
  • Your decisions are made with conviction
  • You know how to change with circumstances
  • Solitude makes you a better observer
  • You rely on your own affirmations
  • Your listening skills are one of your top resources
  • You are a realist with objectivity
  • Your inner process allows you to observe without interruption

Now that you know you are ready to work alone, it’s time to start figuring out which career you would excel in.

With the Internet at hand, you have access to so much online. There isn’t just one career you can do; there are many different avenues of work which we didn’t have access to before.

The only thing that you really need to focus on is where you will feel most comfortable? With a focus on comfort, let’s discuss the 7 best careers for people who like to work alone.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is a very visual search engine. As a matter of fact, it is the second largest search engine which isn’t owned by Google.

Here graphic design skills come into play. The more elaborate and well-designed pins you have, the more eyes you attract.

How can you make money on this search engine?

The way to make money on Pinterest is by becoming an affiliate for different affiliate networks and then linking to their products.

Throughout my research on this excellent search engine, I’ve learned that people are making 4 to 5 figure income per month.

Now, who wouldn’t like that?

I know I would!

The beautiful thing about Pinterest is that you can even post pins without having a website. Your whole business can be hosted here for FREE.

You will not need to spend a penny to create pins unless you outsource your work. There is some excellent free Pinterest training out there that you can take advantage of on learning how to market on Pinterest.

  • Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is turning into one of the largest markets online to make money. Although it’s not a get rich scheme; it will take time, patience as well as resilience to be successful in this industry.

It’s a way of earning money while promoting other companies products. These are products that you want to stand behind.

There are many affiliate networks out there which can provide you the product, so you will never run out of things to promote on your site.

An affiliate marketer needs to focus solely on recurring revenue. Once you set up your site, have revenue come in, you create a great path of passive income.

Another thing to note about this industry is to not rely on a single source of income. Once your website becomes successful, create another one. Read my Beginners Guide Making Money Online on how to get started in creating your affiliate site. 

It’s not always going to be easy, but the outcome is well worth the effort you put into it at the beginning.

There is no headache for you about returns or handling customer complaints.

  • Dropshipper

By becoming a dropshipper, you get to decide which products you’re going to sell in your shop.

The nice thing about dropshipping is that you don’t need to worry about holding physical inventory.

This way of doing business is not easy. There is a lot involved when running an online business.

But if you are one of those people who works better alone at decision-making skills, you could do this.

What you are basically doing is buying a product at wholesale yet selling it at retail value.

Customers will see the product on your site. Order it. This makes you responsible for putting the order through to wherever you’re dropshipping from. 

Don’t know what to sell? Check out the Billion Dollar Niches category to get an idea.

Yes, you will be ordering the product wholesale from the merchant, but it will be ordered on demand by a customer. This leaves you free of having to have any inventory at hand.

Keep in mind you will be responsible for returns and complaints.

  • Freelance Writer

When you become a freelance writer, you won’t even have to leave your home. At one time, research for topics was done in the local library.

Now all the research can be done online.

How great is that!

There are many websites out there that offer freelance writing. You have your pick of writing for:

  • Blogs
  • online news sites
  • ghostwriting e-books

Of course, these are not the only selections of freelance writing. There are many more; one of my favorites is fivver.

If you can become one of the hidden gems in this community, you have the advantage of raising your prices to where you see fit. Your qualifications will only continue to grow with each writing piece you do.

You’ll never have to leave your living room.

  • Social Media Manager

Okay, maybe you have the gift of growing other people’s accounts.

But guess what?

You can also do this at home on your own time. The earning potential here is unlimited. Once again, you can market yourself on fivver to start to grow your clientele.

After your clientele has grown to a certain amount, you can even start your own website to market your qualities as a social media manager.

Considering that influencers on social media make quite a bit of money, you will be paid well by these people.

  • Blogger

Sometimes people don’t want to do any type of marketing that’s where blogging comes in. Once again, blogging can be done from your home.

When you’re a blogger, you don’t necessarily have to market anyone’s product, just add some ads, they will become your revenue earner.

There are many people out there who blog about their lives or things that interest them. As well there are many people out there who want to read about other people’s lives.

Each time a person lands on a website, an ad is shown to them, you earn money. All you do is write about interesting things.

I have seen some websites which focus only on ranting. Do you know how many other people in the world want to rant?

Focus on hot topics that get people fired up; you attract that much more attention to your blog. 

  • Ebook Writer

Start writing books for a living. Nowadays you can self publish your books on Amazon. There are even books on Amazon on how to write e-books as well publish them.

If you are a writer and know how to write books, then you may be looking at how to publish e-books.

One of my favorite book on how to publish on Amazon is From Jobless to Amazon Bestseller. This author has a tried and tested theory and how to become a bestseller on Amazon.

What I really like about writing for Amazon is that you can create as many author aliases as you want to be able to publish different types of e-books.

In the  Kindle Publishing program, you have access to five free marketing days of your e-book. I would advise you to write at least three e-books in one series and market one of those books for the five days to bring attention to your other books.

There is no need to leave your couch when you start writing your e-book.

Once again, you are responsible for every little detail.   

These are my top 7 best careers for people who like to work alone. Now it is up to you to decide which one works best for you. So the question I leave you with is the one that I started with, which one would you choose? 

Having a hard time making choice to go it alone? Read my blog post on how to take control of your life; maybe you will find more need encouragement there.

Leave me a comment below if you need any help deciding.

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9 thoughts on “7 Best Careers For People Who Like To Work Alone – Which One Would You Choose?

  1. Hello Jag,

    This is a wonderful article about 7 Best Careers For People Who Like To Work Alone. Today’s world everyone wants to some partial income online. In online we do not find the right place, for this reason, many of us want to do but can’t. Your article is the solution to this problem I think. All your choices for work alone all are good. In your article, I know a new thing about Pinterest. I have a Pinterest account but I never thought that I can use its online marketing. Nowadays a popular place to earn money online alone is Affiliate marketing. This is really so cool idea and I love it. And other work also the right choice for alone earning.

    In your article, you want to know Which One Would I Choose? My answer is I like Affiliate marketing but I also like Pinterest. Both of them now I am working on Affiliate marketing and I try also Pinterest as you say.

    Thanks for such a wonderful and helpful article. In your article, I can gather a lot of information.

    Again Thank you so much.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the article. Pinterest is a great way to a nice little income. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Writing ebooks definitely sounds awesome. I have yet to break into that space as I am not sure about how long an ebook should be as well as what I would charge for it.

    Is there a good length that an ebook should be?

  3. Great list Jag!

    I find myself super interested in writing an eBook after reading it, it’s been my dream to become an author and seeing that everyone’s on kindle especially on airplane travels, I figured that it might not be too bad to jump into that trend. From Jobless to Amazon Bestseller by Marc Reclau sounds so interesting I’m tempted to buy. 

    That’s it, I’ve decided! I’m going to write an eBook this year and probably every year one book. Have you ever planned on writing one too eventually? 

    1. eBooks are fun to right. I have do have a couple of eBooks written. They were a few years, yet are still selling. Thank you for your comment.

  4. As a fellow introvert, I thank you for this list. I am already working alone from home, but one of the banes of my existence is the phone.
    As often as I am online, in my email, or social media, people still feel like calling me is the best way to get in touch.
    I spent 25 years in cubicles on the phone. I hate it. I don’t ever want to go back to it.

    I have FB Messenger, Skype, Duo, and video calling on my cell & laptop. If I could get people to stop calling me for things I can handle otherwise, life would be just about perfect.

    Thanks again, and take care.
    Gwendolyn J

    1. Yes, I spent many years working out of my element with many extroverts. It was so hard to get work done, because of all the socializing going. Not blaming any of my colleagues, but just my own issue of being an introvert. Like yourself, I never want to go back either. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Really useful information! I am currently exploring Wealthy Affiliate and enjoying it but you have sparked my interest in a couple of other areas to explore. As an introvert, it gets difficult trying to figure out where I belong.

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