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Why do you need the beginners guide to making money online?

Before you even begin to think about how to earn money online, you need to understand how blogs work.

One of the questions I hear most often from people wanting to earn an income online is how do I get started.

Below I will cover how to create a blog from beginning to end as well when’s it a right time to approach affiliate merchants.pouring coffee

This is going to be a very detailed guide. Grab a coffee maybe even a snack to get started.

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Jag Mahil. I started affiliate marketing about five years ago. But have been in the business world since 1999.Jag Randa

In 2014 I created a site which was very successful, but due to getting ill (cancer) I was unable to keep it going. 

At that time I did what I felt was right and sold my website.

Now I’m back. In the four years that I was away, I helped many to get going on their online affiliate marketing. 

While I was away, I tried my hand at e-commerce sites such as Shopify. I like the model they have, but it required me having to buy the product then sell it.

So it was a miss and go type of deal. I did not need that type of stress.

I ended up focusing more on my fight against cancer, which I have now won for the time being. 

It’s taken me about four months to get my site back up and running. Faster than it was before. The knowledge I have now (I kept learning even while fighting a disease) is much more advanced than before. 

I enjoy doing SEO, creating backlinks as well as finding affiliate networks which I feel are going to be best for my marketing site. 

Having the luxury of being able to work at my own set time is great for my peace of mind.

The stress of financial worries has been significantly lifted. My income has been increasing steadily every month. 

Nowadays building a brand is where all the money is. Once you have branded yourself, you place an unlimited cap on your earnings. 

Considering my background is all business based, I would love to coach you to become free of financial worries. Once you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will have access to all the knowledge I have obtained for FREE.

My love of coaching others to their goals will always remain my top priority.

Many who have joined have even surpassed me!

What a great feeling it is to see someone you taught is making further strides. Not only are they reaching their goals, but I get to learn from them as well.

What is all involved in the beginners guide to making money online?

Find Your Niche

pick a nicheNiches are everywhere; right now they could be hiding in your bedroom. 

Before you go running to your room to find your niche, let me finish. 

What I mean by niches hiding in your room is that each piece of furniture, jewelry, candle, or bedding has the potential to become a profitable niche. 

Even the dust in your room can become a niche, so as long as you know how to talk about it passionately to clean it up.

Anything you see can become a niche. For example, there are people who at one time went crazy for rock pets.

The man who came up with this idea became a millionaire through that process, yet there was no internet.

These days you have the advantage of having the internet, and there are so many people on the internet right now who could use your help. 

At the very least 7 billion, out of those, there may be .01% looking for what you may be offering, that’s still like 7,000,000 people, a lot of customers for you.

Find out what’s troubling people to become the solution. A solution is what many look for when they go on to the internet to search. 

Once you become the remedy to their burning pain, they will tell others. 

Remember a group of like-minded people usually tend to hang out together, so most of their burning pains are generally the same. 

They will all huddle together to discuss how your remedy helped them.  The more readers explain what you have to offer, the more others will hear about you.

The nice thing about picking a niche is that it doesn’t have to be something you know a lot about because as you research topics you will become knowledgeable. 

In an information sharing age, knowledge is best!

Other times you could go with a niche which you know a lot of about, frankly, this is a better option, as your passion will come out for everyone to see. 

For instance let’s say you are a cat owner, of course, you love your cat as do many other cat lovers. 

So for your cat you get a unique brand of food which makes its fur silky soft, your cat also has a better sleep after eating this food.

See there would passion there for you, you would be more than happy to discuss this. As well as imagine how happy cat lovers would be if they were looking for exactly what you are telling them. 

You are covering their pain point!

This is a bit of a broad niche as there are many websites dedicated to cats, but your perspective on the cat food could be a unique selling point.

Keep in mind for a product to sell, doesn’t mean it has to be in the popular range, it could something which no one talks about. 

Find that one hidden product and become the master of it.  What may seem obscure to you may end up being a treasure chest of opportunities.

Pick a Name

pick a nameEverything is in a name, but first and foremost is that it needs to be memorable.

But for it to be memorable, it needs to be short and sweet.

Something which others will need to remember when their burning pain acts up. That’s when you’ll be happy you went with a name which they were able to recall.

Using keywords in a name is probably the best idea. When a search on the internet is done, most times a keyword or key phrase is used.

If your name has other words in it plus the keyword of where you want to be ranked, when others search for a topic on that keyword, your name may show up.

Jaaxy keyword tool is great for searching keywords. Give it a try below.


Try not to have hyphens or numbers in your name. These are hard to remember as well the hyphens can get misplaced or even forgotten when searching for online.

Your website may have the best niche product, but if people can’t find you because of your name, they will go looking somewhere else.

Think of the process your parents may have gone through when naming you. 

Your name may have been and still is unique, but it was/is memorable unless your parents gave you a difficult hard name, which no one to this day has been able to remember.

In terms of starting an affiliate marketing site, think of it as your baby. You are birthing it, growing it. So you will want your baby remembered, right.

.com is still by far the best extension. When a search is done on the internet, most people will always search by .com, although some new ones are coming up.

But they still have to build their brand and make a mark on the internet; the .com made its mark 20 years ago. As you can probably tell, it’s going nowhere anytime soon.

Up and coming extension suffixes are:

  • .co is used for company, commerce, and community
  • .org is used by non-profit organizations
  • .net is used for technical sites
  • .info is used for informational sites
  • .biz is used for commercial sites such as e-commerce
  • .me is used for resume like sites

Get Good Web Hosting

Web hosting is quite possibly right up there with a niche marketing decision.

Without a good web host, you could land yourself in a heap of problems which most of us can do without when growing a website.

Possible problems could be, but not limited:

  • Web changes don’t appear

This one was the most irritating to me at one time. I would make changes, go to see them and nothing would appear changed.

At that time I had not caught onto the fact that all I needed to do was clear my browser’s cache and all would look well.

Instead, I would keep making changes while the frustration would build up to where I would have to eventually contact support. They would get back to me about 24 hours later on what was wrong with my website.

It was a test of my patience.

  • Can’t see my website

This may mean your web host is experiencing downtime as well maybe the DNS settings have changed.

Or it could be that you changed something on your website, which brought it to its knees — something I have done when replacing a plugin.

Most times the fix is easy, but once again it would be a matter of contacting your web host and how quick they respond.

  • Website load time is slow

This one is a no-brainer, slow loading websites die an early death.


Because people out there who have a need that needs to be fixed don’t have time for you to present why you are the solution to their problems.

They want answers now, imagine their reaction if your website is slow, they may also assume how slow your solution will be to what they need fixing. Remember impressions count everywhere.

So far the best place where I found all I need in one place is Wealthy Affiliate. They seem to care for their clients. The load time is quick as well hosting is strong with well protected hack-free credentials in place. 

Any time I find something which I can’t fix, support is on it right away.

Create Content

The king of your website is the content you have.create content

This is the real driving force of an affiliate marketing site; you can steer it to go the way you see your business growing.

With content, you can compel your audience, and win their trust at the same time.

Once they trust you, they are more likely to engage with you, which can lead them to tell others about you as well seeing the worth of what you are endorsing.

  • Keep it original

It’s not fun reading what’s already been read somewhere else. Keep your content original by adding in your unique voice.

The writing can be based on your thoughts, perspective, and experience.

  • Great headlines go the distance 

Catchy headlines are more likely to get clicked than non-catchy headlines. You do want to give a reference in your headline what your topic is going to be about.

People click on headlines because they are looking for that specific information. If they arrive on your website after clicking a headline, only to find it is not what they thought, the most obvious thing is they will click away.

Down the road, they may need the info you were providing, but most likely won’t come back because of being misled when they first clicked on your headline.

  • Let your content lead to action 

Make it worthwhile for someone who has landed on your website to be able to follow through with a response.

What I mean is be able to apply what you taught to fix their burning pain. If your website doesn’t lead to any action, it doesn’t benefit or enrich an individual’s life.

Many times when I read something which I knew was going to be useful, I tucked it away for later use.

  • Give them what they need

Don’t mislead, straight up give the customer what they came looking for. I know before I found Wealthy Affiliate, I was misled many times.

Always some information which would have been crucial to my site was withheld, so I was constantly on the lookout for something new.

 Do the three #1 things with your content 

  • Leave readers pondering what you have written
  • Create questions in their mind of wanting to know more
  • Have them wanting to return to re-read old or new material


Wealthy Affiliate has a site content section where you can get templates on writing reviews, as well as create your own templates. Now only that, but word count is also included.

Optimize Your Site For Google

The $1,000,000 dollar optimize for googlequestion of how to be optimized for Google, a question I get asked frequently by family /friends, sometimes from people online.

Although in my defense I do know of some ways to get some exposure as well as attract readers to my website. I will share them with you here.

Remember Google is Always Renovating

Like fixing a broken down house, Google always has its hammer out. They are constantly renovating the way a search is done.

Many years it was one-word searches which had power, now it’s long tail keywords.

For Google what matters the most is the end product which is customer satisfaction.

If the customer can find what they are looking for with ease, then Google’s renovations have accomplished what it set out to do. It’s also a way for Google to avoid the elevation of websites through black hat marketer’s techniques’.

These types of sneaky things no longer get past this search engine as they used to.

To stay up with Google changes, it’s essential to write outstanding content, which helps to increase rankings slowly for the long-term.

Rather than trying to win a race against this giant, where you may face the prospect of being thrown out of the race altogether, play fair as it lasts longer.

Everyone Wants Google’s Attention

This search engine is very popular; everyone wants to be its friend.

When it lavishes attention on a website, the rankings of the site go right up.

Unfortunately, it has a short attention span; if you aren’t making waves, it soon forgets you exist.

Google is a friendship hog for attention; if you don’t give it what it wants to see or hear, you may lose this remarkable friendship.

This search engine is a great narcissist; keep it happy, in turn, you will be provided with ongoing traffic.

Google Cares What You Write About

In line with popular belief, Google does care what you have to say. Although, what you say does need to make sense. Posting about something which has no value to the searcher is a big no-no. You will get outranked very quickly.

Starting a website for the sake of starting one doesn’t make any sense. Make sure when you start one that you know your topic inside out.

By knowing your topic, you come across as a person with knowledge, which keeps Google and customers coming back to your website.

Become an Authority in Your Niche

Google loves to learn as well as experiences joy when a website owner knows what they are talking about. It can guide people back to your website to see what new content you have written.

A sense of trust is built between you, Google as well as the reader.

Here Google’s split personality comes to play; if a reader likes you, then this search engine likes you too.  The narcissism seems to go down a little bit.

Find Your Affiliate Network

Before you go looking for an affiliate network, make sure to have at least 10-15 articles written. find your affiliate network

Otherwise, you risk the chance of not getting approved. 

Now you have your website set-up and now are ready for some action to take place. To turn your website into a monetary website you will need to join an affiliate network.

In my view the good affiliate networks to join are:

  • Amazon – One of the largest affiliate networks out there, these people are awesome at what they do, which is selling, but only after you get the customer to their page.
  • MaxBounty – One of the best CPA Network I have found so far. You have access to over 1000s of affiliate programs once you join them. Their payouts are fabulous.
  • ShareASale – With over 4000 affiliate programs to join, it’s obvious to see why this is a much-admired program.
  • Rakuten Affiliate Network – This affiliate network was formerly known as LinkShare. They have been hailed by public opinion as being the top affiliate program in existence.

Write Product Reviews

Of course, without a product review, your website can come to a standstill unless you have a follow-through action for your readers.write product reviews

This is the whole reason you have built your website to get your customer to believe in the product you believe in.

People love to read reviews before they make their purchase. I know I scour the internet before I make my decision on what would be the best choice for me.

Make your review is so compelling that the click-through rate happens almost every time.

How you can write a good review:

  • Use images

Being visual creatures, our visibility needs to be activated with attractive photos. Images we can relate to as well images which tell a story.

Use a different score of images to cover all your readers. The scope of images beings such as infographics for the individuals who need data or real-time information.

Cartoon type of pictures for those who look at life through the lens of fun, but yet want to keep it real. Real life images are good for those who look at life with a bit more serious attitude.

  • Content 

Once again content comes up. Yes, you have to list your selling points but in a more of an article type of format.

The content here needs to be at least 1000 words. Even if you are not selling an Amazon product, you will still need to create an extraordinary reason for people to click through to see why you are endorsing the product.  

Without a review, your customers may not know what to do next. They will read what you have to say, but you have to lead them to do what you need them to do.

What should you include in products reviews:

  • Intro
  • What is the product?
  • What the purpose of the product?
  • Is the product real or just another scammy thing?
  • Your conclusion of the product, would you recommend it or say pass?

Avoid These Mistakes

Now that you know what itmistakes affiliates make takes to become an affiliate marketer. Keep in mind there are common mistakes new affiliate make.

It’s best if you avoid them right from the beginning. But if you do make them, then I have the fix listed as well. 

At one time I remember wondering what affiliate marketing was all about.

It was a scary process for me as I had no idea what all was involved.

Frankly, most programs I looked at had a fee involved. It wasn’t the initial fee that scared me; it was the upsells which drove me away.

The upsells of the different affiliate programs made me fail like I would be a failure if I didn’t purchase what they were offering.

So hence I have been burned with affiliate marketing a few times since I ventured into this field.

Since then I have learned from my mistakes. I hope to be able to show you, so you don’t experience what happened to me.

Moving right along into the mistakes I made.

Going with a program where there was little to no support

  • Mistake

I got involved with a program where there was little to no support. There were times where I had to send an email at least three times before any help was given out.

Some didn’t help at all, offered no training whatsoever!

Being new to this way of making the income I remember getting stuck on the first step. I reached out for help but didn’t receive any until two weeks later.

To point out I was still paying for their service but did not get to the second step until weeks later. Valuable time and money being wasted.

  • Fix

I finally found a program where there is 24/7 support by the affiliate support team as well as the affiliate members.

There’s an unlimited resource of knowledge on their site which I can access at any time.

Because they have so many members, I don’t think there is any question of affiliate marketing which hasn’t been answered.

Now my motto is don’t go with an affiliate program which wants to help you help yourself so they can make money on your behalf.

Find one which is always going to be there for you no matter what.

Looking for the new shiny program

  • Mistake

Guilty of this as well, in my quest to become a successful online marketer, I did some program hopping.

Although in my defense the upsells drove me away pretty fast.

Thinking about it now, who knows maybe if I had stuck with at least one program I could have been successful way back then rather than now.

I would say going venturing for the new answer to an old problem is nothing new.

Although the answer might stare us right in the face, we as humans tend to want something here and now. This is what drives us.

If something doesn’t happen fast enough, we move onto the next best thing. This does more harm than good because it doesn’t give us time to establish ourselves in the market.

  • Fix

I found by staying with the program I am currently with I see a lot more activity in my Google analytics. 

Mind you the affiliate program I am with now offers so much, I feel no need to go elsewhere.

I have learned patience from this program, and know things take some time to develop.

People have to learn to trust me first before they will purchase anything from me.

An affiliate site will only be trusted as more information is posted as well as an established timeline.

There are no quick fixes, except patience and time.

Not starting anything

  • Mistake

Many people never get into affiliate marketing. Instead, they wonder what could have happened if they had gotten started.

  • Fix

Just start!

Never know you may land in the best program ever as I did.

Before you start, your online journey read my review on The Wealthy Affiliate University, it is a great place where you can make your mark in selling online. I would recommend as a place to get started.

This beginners guide to making money online should get you started on your way to success. 

Let Me Help You

I have over 15+ years of experience in helping individuals with their bricks/mortars and online business marketing.

I’ve tried many affiliate programs in the past, but so far have the found the best to be Wealthy Affiliate. They don’t ask for credit card information for the free portion which is already pretty good. 

What do you get as a free member? 

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