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Anik Singal eScape Review

After reading this book, it dawned on me of how much I’ve been missing within myself. I can’t believe all the information that Anik Singal has provided.

He so graciously shared what kind of debt he went into and how he recovered from it. The best read for me in any self-help book is the author’s journey of how they got to the place where they are now.

For me, there were many takeaways from this book, but the most important take away was how people shift the blame from themselves to someone else.

Why did this take away resonate with me?

It resonated with me because I’ve done it so many times. It is so easy to shift blame rather than take responsibility for my actions.

The most actionable quote was, “They don’t even bother to dream because they realize their entire lives are already committed to someone else’s dreams.”

I don’t know about you, but I do not want to commit to someone’s else dream. I have goals I want to follow, after reading this book I have now learned how.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way sit back, relax and enjoy this review.

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Who is Anik Singal

  • Anik Singal is an online entrepreneur and the founder of Lurn, Inc.
  • In the digital world, he has achieved quite the success in marketing.
  • Business Week recognized him as a top entrepreneur under 25.
  • Twice his company has been listed as the Fastest Growing Company in America
  •  His online publishing business generates $20 Million/year in sales
  • He now teaches others to emulate his success
  • Today he is over 25,000 students who have learned marketing from him
  • Across the world, he has helped to build multiple schools, as he feels all kids deserve the right to education

What is the main focus of the book

The main focus of eScape is to teach people that anyone can learn how to attain success online to become a true entrepreneur.

Anik carried out extensive research before he felt confident about the abilities of the book to bring it out to the world.

Through his research, Anik Singal was able to uncover the secrets of the super wealthy. By going through their biography detail by detail, he was able to determine what made them stand above those who fell behind. 

He was able to discover the secrets these individuals harbored which could be applied to the person not experienced in marketing online. Not only did he go through their biography, but he also interviewed the top successful student of his school to see what they were doing differently. 

After doing his research, Anik Singal was able to identify the commonalities of these individuals which someone like you or I could use. By discovering commonalities of the successful individuals, Anik Singal came up with a formula to success.

In his book, he has described the four stages of becoming an entrepreneur. 

Like me, if you are one of those people who struggle to get your business off to a good running start, then you must get your hands on this book. 

I sure am glad I did!

What You Will Find Inside the Book

In the digital version of the book, there are 36 modules, 84 lessons, and two bonuses. The physical version of the book has been divided into 32 chapters and offers you other bonuses.

Following is a Breakdown of the Book

  • Section 1 -The first eight chapters – In this section, Anik Singal goes into an in-depth explanation of what an entrepreneur is. Here is where you will be explained how being an entrepreneur is misinterpreted which leads to failure.
  • Section 2 -The next 24 chapters – he goes on to explain the four stages in pinpoint detail. Here he also describes the five main characteristics needed to ascend the entrepreneurship throne.
  • Section 3 – Here you are given a quiz on how entrepreneurial you are. It’s free!
  • Section 4 – You will get a detailed report in this section as well as learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. Your strengths will be built up even further while your weaknesses will be worked on to overcome them.
  • Section 5 –  This by far was my favorite section. Here he discussed real success stories of his students, former coaches as well as mentors and those he looks up to in the marketing world.

What Benefits Will You Gain By Ordering This Book

  • You will be able to gain top-notch affiliate marketing strategies to be successful online
  • Learn the secrets of becoming a successful entrepreneur
  • This book is not a one time read, each time you read it you will learn something new
  • Benefits newbies for sure, but veterans will also find  nuggets of gold in this book
  • Easy to use with lots up to date information

Motivation Is Key

What I gained real insight into is how to evaluate myself. By evaluating myself, I was able to discover what I need to work on to get ahead in the marketing world.

This book was an easy read, and I’m all about easy reading. The terms in this book were not too difficult to understand as well they were laid out in layman’s terms. 

I found that Anik Singal does not beat around the bush, he doesn’t tell you that the journey to the top is easy. His honesty about his own story was a great motivator because it was as if I was experiencing him climb back up to the top again.

His book is up to date for the 21st-century entrepreneur, and we are taught how to use all of our mental and mindset skills.

Anik Singal eScape review was something I was more than happy to do, let me know in comments below of what you think.

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16 thoughts on “Anik Singal eScape Review

  1. Hi Jag,

    It’s always great to be informed about what is new out there on our wonderful internet.

    Thank you for introducing me to Anik and a free book, fantastic. I like your actional quote. Well worth remembering.

    Mine is; ‘life is far too short to live in any one else’s slip stream’.

    Thank you


    1. Whenever I read self-help book I always try to find the actionable quote. This book was truly what I needed at this time.

      Your actionable quote is really good, life actually is too short to live in someone else’s slip stream.

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Great post and this book looks very awesome, certainly when you’re new to the marketing world and everything is yet to discover.

    I’m in the marketing world for quite a while now, but even then I’m confident there are tips inside how I can perform things better.

    I wil order this book, because everything that can make me better, I need to have it.

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Yes the book was really awesome. Especially if you’re new to marketing and there is a whole wide world of marketers who already are online being successful. This book actually broke down everything wall section to be able to be digestible.

      Even though you’ve been around the marketing world for some time, you will definitely find something that you may be able to use in this book.

  3. “They don’t even bother to dream because they realize their entire lives are already committed to someone else’s dreams.”

    I totally agree with his quote! I used to be working full time and at one point, I didn’t want to become a entrepreneur because I’ve struggled for 2 years just to earn $2000 a month when my friends were all already earning $3k and above monthly because they started working the moment they graduate.

    I didn’t know that there 6 levels altogether between entrepreneur and employee, I’d say i’m still on level 3. Definitely getting this book, awesome review!

    1. Yes I love that quote as well. In the book the author shares how our own mentality limits us to how much we can earn online.

      It’s great that your level 3 sounds like you are already on your way to the top

  4. Hi there,

    I rarely post comments on the internet, but I couldn’t go without thanking you for this great and honest review.As a newbie in this field that struggles quite a lot from time to time, I definitely need some help. I think your review pointed me in the right direction and I must say that after reading it, I found exactly the book I was searching for!

    Thank you,Nick.

    1. Much appreciation for the comment that you have left me. I agree with you being a newbie in online marketing can be a struggle as well as bring along some frustration. 

      Glad you found this review helpful, you will definitely find the book helpful as well.

  5. Greetings,

    This was a great book review that has now put eScape on my list! I really appreciate the thoroughness of your review and the way you applied the contents to your own personal life. As you astutely noted, the author’s personal story is often what resonates with the reader. As someone who is just delving into my own online business, I really feel that this will be a beneficial read for me. I am curious if you have any other suggestions for books that help with online affiliate marketing skill development? There are so many programs, offers, and texts out there that it can be overwhelming, and difficult to distinguish what’s beneficial from what is just fluff. 

    Thanks for a great review!

    Cheers 🙂

    1. eScape is a really great book to put on your list for sure. Whenever I read a book and if I’m going to be endorsing that book I make sure that what I’m putting out there is going to be applicable to all.

      Like I said in my review I love reading author’s journey in any self-help book. It helps me to relate them to more on a personal level. If I can relate to an author’s journey on a personal level, it means that I have just learned something and done something growing.

      I have read a lot of self-help books not just on marketing but personal growth as well, stay tuned for I will be releasing reviews on those as well.

  6. It is a very interesting book.  Especially because Anik has been a successful entrepreneur before 25 yr old.  I always have the interest to be an entrepreneur.  I have been an employee for more than 20 years.  I used to get a same amount of money every month.  Honestly I feel comfort with the certainty.  What makes I join in Wealthy Affiliate is thinking about my daughters’s future.  I want to explore other opportunity to earn money.  It seems that internet technology can help someone to be an entrepreneur easier than decades ago.  Do you think this book is suitable for teenagers? 

    1. I was pretty amazed as well that someone can be so successful even before reaching the young age of 25. Being an employee is tough, but I feel the skill we learn as an employee can be applied to online marketing.

      Getting the same amount of earnings each month can sometimes become boring, it really leads to no expectation of what to expect at the end of the month. In online marketing the earnings change each month, if they go low then I know what to do to increase the earnings. But if they go high, I’m ecstatic.

  7. I had never heard of Anik Singal before but in all honesty I am not so much experienced in the field. I am always on the lookout for new books to consider and this one look to be interesting. From your review he seems to have found a lot of success so I am curious how much the book can really help you become a successful entrepreneur. I am consider this at some point in the future. Thank you for your review.

    1. Yes it wasn’t really good book, I definitely recommend it. The book can help, become a successful entrepreneur, he very graciously shares all the steps he took to become.

  8. Excellent review of Anik Singal’s eScape. You give a very good information regarding the book, your breakdown shows me a lot of what is covered, and the benefits of ordering it look very nice. It’s definitely a great product for aspiring entrepreneurs! 

    I look forward to seeing more reviews from your site.

    1. Yes I believe it’s a product definitely great for aspiring entrepreneurs. The author writes his experience so we can all understand the difficulties he went through as well how he let success go to his head. But was brought back down to earth quickly, learned from his mistake and then made it to the top again.

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