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An Auto Chat Profits Review Which Shows the Path to Earn Residual Income

An Auto Chat Profits Review

What will you learn by reading an Auto Chat Profits review I have written?

What is Auto Chat Profits? Auto Chat Profits claims they show people how to make $30,000 per month which means you will be making $187.50 per hour if you were working a 40 hour week. This automated software uses advanced technology to help you improve your affiliate sales to promote Clickbank offers on your website.

They claim that in under 6 minutes you may get up to 14 clicks to generate an income.

The narrator says they have sold $22,000,000 worth of products.

She wants you to ‘trust her’, really it’s totally up to what you feel is true.

Hopefully, my review will help you to make a knowledge-based decision.

the auto chat profits review

What Does Auto Chat Profits Offer? According to their intro video, they offer a get rich quick scheme.

How Does Auto Chat Profits Work

Samantha Smith, the narrator, comes across as not being truthful.

Why? Because the mentions are a little high, actually quite high from what you would actually hear from a good affiliate program.

If you try to leave the page, then you are offered $10 off the program.

They have three different steps in their application for you to start earning money.

Step one – you need to create a Clickbank account once you enroll in their program. Put your username into Auto Chat Profits.

Step two – you need to pick a domain name, but you can only choose from their drop-down list.

Step three – you need to sign up with an email service as I stated above with Getresponse, who coincidentally Auto Chat Profits are an affiliate of.

Although they claim it to be one big secret technology, this type of technology has been around for quite some time.

Will You Actually Make Money

Just to be clear, it takes a while to start earning money.

There is no quick for that to happen.

Most likely what they claim on their website about 14 clicks is when you make money is not true!


Because a website actually has to be established for Google to start recognizing the site.

Another thing is because you were required to buy your email list, most of the people on the email list will unsubscribe.

They will unsubscribe because they’re getting something they did not sign up for.

At least I know that’s what I do if I feel I’m being marketed something I have no idea about.

The unreliability of this program is a huge turn-off. You don’t own anything even though you’re probably paying quite a bit per month.

Domain hosting is controlled by someone else.

You have no choice in what products are sold from your website.

I won’t call Auto Chat Profit a scam because you do get a refund if you’re unhappy with the program.

But their claims plus low-quality products can mislead a person into financially investing in their program.

auto chat profits review

Are There Any Upsells

As always there are going to be some upsells involved.

The original offer is:

Software – $37

  • Upsells:

One –ACP faster profits – $197. This upsell comes with premade custom chat bot website which includes sales video, articles, and product reviews.

Two – ACP double your profits – $187. This upsell comes with premade chat bot website but in a different niche. It also comes with sales video, articles, and product reviews.

Three – ACP traffic tsunami – $97. This upsell provides you with both basic and advanced traffic strategies.

Just to let you know there are some monthly costs involved such as hosting which will cost you $7 per month.

They also want you to get an email provider which is GetReponse email provider which is another $15 per month.

Eventually, down the road, you will also be asked to create solo ads.

At this point, you may have to spend up to hundreds of dollars to buy email list to whom you’re going to target your ads.

Is There Anything Out There Where You Can Find Success

One of the places where I found success is Wealthy Affiliate.

This program teaches a person from the ground up.

Starting from finding your niche, setting up your domain name and then finding keywords to create articles.

Not only that but you’re also given feedback on your website design as well as how to get comments on your posts.

Currently, there are over 2 million members learning affiliate marketing.

You can start as a completely free member, which gives you:

  • Free website
  • Free domain hosting
  • 10 free affiliate training lessons

The beauty here is you can stay free for as long as you want or you can go premium and have access to much more.

Most people start free to learn affiliate marketing via the 10 free affiliate training lessons.

What usually happens here is people find such a delight to be there as well finding other affiliates so helpful, most end up going premium within their first seven days.

The thing that I really liked was there are no upsells as well you will never be bombarded in your email to go premium.

You have access to over 2000 super affiliates. These individuals are affiliates who are making over five figures a month.

If you want to learn more about this affiliate platform, then read my the Wealthy Affiliate University review.

You’ll be glad you did!

Does an Auto Chat Review become necessary to read when a person feels like they’re being swindled?

My feelings yes, read every review you can find before you make your decision.

Drop me a comment on what you think about this review.

Auto Chat Profits


Overall Rating



  • 60-Day Refund Policy
  • Based on affiliate marketing model


  • Unknown Owner
  • Undisclosed upsells
  • You will not own the business
  • False claim of introducing new product
  • Chatbots still have long way to go before recommending solutions
  • Domain name is not customizable
  • Driving traffic to your will add additional dollars
Number One Recommended For Affiliate Training

4 thoughts on “An Auto Chat Profits Review Which Shows the Path to Earn Residual Income

  1. Thanks for the detailed review of Auto chat profits. I have lost a lost of money from so many online programs(and I mean a LOT). I stumbled on wealthy affiliate and I have been hooked since. The training is detailed and you can try it for free. Thanks again for steering us clear if Auto chat profits.

  2. Hi and thanks for your review. I have seen this auto chat thing floating around for awhile, but never really understood what it was all about. Definitely doesn’t sound like a completely legit business. Did you purchase the program and then get a refund? I just wonder because a lot of these services say they will give you your money back, but when you ask for it all you get is a run-around.

    1. Usually, nobody really understands these, but because of the hype, they buy into them. Sad really. Far as I know, they return the money immediately, but as like other programs, they offer different “goodies” to keep a customer. Thanks for your comment.

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