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An Affiliate Marketing Expert Speaks On Affiliate Staying Power

affiliate marketing expert

Zac Johnson, an affiliate marketing expert, says affiliate marketing isn’t going anywhere.

If he says it, then I believe it!  

“Why”? you ask.

Well first of all his authority over affiliate marketing speaks volumes. He’s been around for a long time in the affiliate world. In my humble opinion, his knowledge will always trump over many newbies who say affiliate marketing is no longer a viable business.

After reaching out to him to ask about affiliate marketing staying power, he was kind enough to respond to me with the following response.

“Affiliate marketing isn’t going anywhere because I was here when it first started and I’ve watched as it’s developed over the years. I was there when Amazon launched their affiliate program and changed the way business was done on the internet — to still seeing local and small businesses getting online today and using these same working methods today. Affiliate marketing won’t be going anywhere, but to stay relevant and find success, you will need to continually adapt your business to the never-ending changes in this fast-paced environment.”

Zac Johnson of

Reinvention is the key

Have you ever noticed how pop stars reinvent themselves into something new to stay relevant? For instance take a look at Miley Cyrus, at one time she was a goody two shoes on Hannah Montana, but then to have a more grown-up image she reinvented herself. Well, we all know how she reinvented, but the fact of the matter is that it worked. It turned her into a different brand; she attracted a new type of fan base.

Well, the same can be said of affiliate marketing. To stay up with the current times of affiliate marketing, our efforts have to be in improving what can be improved upon. There’s always room for improvement, a cliché saying, but so applicable to what we are discussing here.

Improvement can come by changing keywords as well as finding risk free affiliate programs to work with. When you work with these types of programs, at least you will know before making a financial commitment if you want to work with them or not.

Do an affiliate business without any strings attached

If an affiliate merchant asks for money up front, don’t walk, run the other way. So many times affiliation has been given a bad name, which has made people wary. Although it’s on its way to improvement, changes still need to be made when it comes to this field.

The best thing to do is align yourself with a good reliable merchant who you know is upright and honest. When doing a review for them, your review comes off more legit as well as the consumer feels not being led astray.

If readers are leaving comments on your blog, rather than conversing with only a few who look like they are going to buy, engage with all of them. We all like to feel important. I know that when I leave a comment, I go back to check if there was a response or not. If not I don’t lose anything, but the blog owner may lose a reader who may have converted as a buyer later.

Let’s keep affiliates afloat

Get a blog, write original content. Make your mark in an industry you’re passionate about. The best thing to keep this industry going is to be persistent as well as investing time into it. If you are expecting overnight success, then maybe being an affiliate is not for you.

But if you are here for the long haul, know how to interact with people who come onto your site, then this may be the perfect business for you.

Check out the 5 Low to No Cost Home Based Business For Women, although it may say, women, it can be applied to anyone. The affiliate opportunity is available to all who want to get going on making an income online.

Let me know in comments below of what think about Zac Johnson an affiliate marketing expert as well as how his quote resonates with you.

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56 thoughts on “An Affiliate Marketing Expert Speaks On Affiliate Staying Power

  1. That’s comforting. It’s always nice to be sure, as I want to continue the website I just started and do affiliate marketing as a full-time job. Knowing that affiliate marketing is here to stay does give some more confidence. And about adapting, can be done, because affiliate marketing will largely be the same, promoting a third party’s products.

  2. Very interesting and informative. It makes sense what Zac says, and it’s absolutely true, you have to adapt. There are always the tried and true fundamentals, and those have to be solid. It makes pivoting to new technologies and social platforms easier. You can’t be afraid to try something different and always pay attention to what your audience responds to.

    1. Yes adapting is key to staying afloat in the affiliate world. The key to keep moving forward is always to try something new and see if its what’s going to take you to the top.

  3. Although I’ve just started affiliate marketing 2 years ago, I could clearly see that this is an upward/on-going trend. I am discovering more product reviews as a consumer, more new merchants in affiliate networks and more bloggers creating their own affiliate products.

    Surely there are market demands and money to be made out there, otherwise why would these people be investing their time and effort promoting online, right?

    Personally, I do hope that this marketing trend would continue for another 50 years or so because I am planning to make this a full time career, working from home.

    1. The more merchants get involved the more affiliates there are going to be. The demand to buy products is always going to be there, especially with the connection of the internet. Most shopping is now done online, as well most merchants want to create and sell product, but don’t have time for marketing and that’s where we can come and help.

      I plan on retiring on this income as well. I wish you much success with your plans.

  4. Hey Jetta, thanks for posting this. I agree, if Zac says it, it must be true!

    I particularly appreciated the “Reinvent Yourself” aspect of staying relevant and viable in affiliate marketing. It is true of any industry, really. Times and conditions change so fast in this modern day society, what worked a few years ago often doesn’t cut it today.

    1. Reinvention to stay relevant in this industry is important. As well being seen, but here is where you need to heard as well. By being heard you can bring across the positive message of how being an affiliate marketer.

      Always with time comes change. As the affiliate marketing evolves we need to re-adjust what’s not working.

      Thank you for commenting.

  5. Hi Jag,

    This is very interesting about affiliate marketing not going anywhere. I heard someone say that the boat has sailed! However I like what you have said about being able to evolve and stay current in the current market. Great work getting the quote from Zac!
    Thanks so much for sharing and for continuing to post such informative content.

    1. The boat on affiliate marketing may have sailed, but I think it was done in order to make room for the ship. And the ship has just docked, so it’s all good.

      Thank you for your comment.

  6. Hello Jetta

    I myself have been in Affiliate/Internet Marketing for a lot of years and just as Zac Johnson says I think that its going nowhere.

    But I also believe this is not exactly true.

    In the ever evolving internet with the various industries that now rely on it for their business the affiliate has become a vital part of the equation.

    Ok for some people who would like to get rich quick its never going to happen but for the person who is willing to put in the time and effort the sky really is the limit.

    It really is true what they say – you get out off it what you are willing to put into it and if your efforts are half-hearted then there is no way on the planet you are going to be successful.

    Theres also the fact that a lot of people go into affiliate marketing thinking its an easy way to make money but as you and I know this is simply not true.

    You need guidance. You need basic training in website creation and marketing. You need a whole lot of tips and advice just to get your home business off the ground and for that you need people who have been there, done that, as they say.

    You have a graphic on the right of your page advertising Wealthy Affiliate as a possible source for all of the above mentioned attributes and skills needed and as I have been a member for 3 years now I can certainly vouch for them.

    I wish you success and prosperity for the future.

    Have a great day.

    Robert Allan

    1. Hello Robert,

      It’s nice to receive these words of encouragement from someone who has been a here a long time. For that I really do appreciate what you have written here.

      I agree with you that with the right training and guidance much success can be achieved, but the mindset has to be right. The only way to get a right mindset is to watch the shakers and movers who have been here since the inception of affiliate marketing.

      Thank you for comment

      Enjoy your day!

  7. This was a great article. In my view affiliate marketing is nowhere near being a thing of the past. Just to take myself, if I’m buying something online I want a human review of it first. A review of someone that has tried out the product.

    If I then like their review the chances that I hit their affiliate link instead of going back to the search bar and search for the product is very high.

    I still think it’s the future of how people will buy things online.

    I loved your talk about how Miley Cryus has reinvented her brand.

    What do you really mean by this in affiliate way though? I have a affiliate site in gold investing and I’m trying to work to become an authority with my one brand. Maybe you ment that you can re-brand and start promoting new things?


    1. What I meant about Miley Cyrus changing her brand was at one time she was a child brand, but in order for her to receive more adult attention, she became a more mature brand.

      She took drastic measurements to make sure she was re-inventing herself. Sort of to speak she reinvented the wheel of how her portrayal came across. As a child she was optimized for children, as grown-up she re-optimized herself for a more mature crowd. She grew with the times as well adapted to the environment around her.

      A little long on the explanation, but hopefully, you understand what I’m trying to say.

  8. This is why I involved with Amazon Affiliate Program. It is still the biggest and the baddest wolf out there. LOL. (Pardon my illustration).
    I agree with you that Affiliate Marketing will be here for the long haul.

    I am building my website and now I have a steady stream of visitors and income.

    I second what Zac Johnson said!

    1. That’s great that you have an income coming in. I think the long haul is the way for people who want to join this field.

      Many years ago people use to churn out affiliate sites for quick money, but once Google caught on they were shut down. A few days later or so another website would pop up in its place.

      Now Google is smarter than ever, so not too much of that happening hence the longevity of affiliate sites.

      Thank you for your comment.

  9. Hi Jetta, great article! I completely agree I think we, as affiliate marketers, need to adapt but also keep true to ourselves.
    If we just write what we think without caring about what people think, that might be a great step. We are not here to make everyone happy, so we will definitely find negative feedbacks every now and then. When that happens in the comments section, that is good opportunity to spark discussion and Google loves that.
    Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online and I recommend everyone to at least give it a try!

    Thanks for sharing your thought. I really enjoy it!
    All the best

    1. Yes writing with a care for the customer needs to be of utmost importance when writing content, after all they are the ones making decisions of whether to buy or not buy.

      Many people try to sell, it doesn’t work like that. Readers of internet sites are smart people, they know when a sale is being made.

      I think we all look for the human connection, if we feel it’s missing we will go elsewhere to look for it.

      Thank you for your comment.

  10. Certainly some great advice from Zac Johnson. In reference to pop stars reinventing themselves, I think Madonna is the queen when it comes to this, which is testament to her longevity in the music industry.

    The online environment is changing constantly, and you are right; we need to keep our finger on the pulse as marketers and be willing to adapt quickly to change. It’s the only way to stay competitive and succeed.

    1. Yes you are right Madonna is definitely the queen of reinvention, seen time and time again. The fact that she kept her following going by coming up with new ways to market herself is what we all need to do as affiliates.

      Thank you for your comment.

  11. Good and succinct article. It’s comforting to know that we are able to grow our business by keeping up with times.

    I think internet business or Affiliate Marketing is the way forward.

    Currently, I find it very hard to create my own line of handmade accessories and marketing it to potential clients. With Affiliate Marketing, I may sell or discontinue my business and earn more money from here.


    1. Keep creating and you may one day become a merchant, but it’s a good idea to keep the affiliate business going as well. Glad you found comfort in my article.

      Thank you for your comment.

  12. I think affiliate marketing is not only going to stay but it’s going to grow in popularity in the future. With the growing of numerous blogging and internet marketing platform.

    And with more experts establishing themselves in the field. Even older bloggers are learning new SEO techniques to stay relevant. I could be wrong but I hope I am right.

    1. Popularity is definitely in affiliate’s future. I can see it happening as well. It changes, but still steady like a rock.

      All affiliates will need to keep up with the times, otherwise, it will get to compete with the competition.

      Thank you for your comment.

  13. This is good to know that affiliate marketing isn’t going anywhere because I am just getting started! It is important to remember that staying with the evolution is key! As the industry grows then we have to keep up with the education to provide a way of surviving.

    I haven’t heard of affiliates that charge to become a member so now I will be on the lookout for these programs. How long have you been in the industry, and what made you ask this guru will it come to an end?

    1. I have been in the affiliate industry since 2012, but took a break due to being ill. I’m trying to get back into it with a full vengeance. Albeit a slow start, but talking to Zac Johnson was easy as I have been following him for a long time. He just seems like a really nice person who has a lot to say. You are right evolution is key. 

  14. I agree with you, whenever I leave a comment, I go back to check if there was a response or not, and sometimes there is not. I liked when you said that the consequences of not response in comments can conduces to lose a reader who might be a buyer later, and I had never thought about it.

    Affiliate marketing is hard, mainly because the online access to many stores, and buyers go direct to them, making the process very easy, like in Amazon.

    But writing original content in our blog, being persistent, investing time in going ahead, learning always new things, we can keep the Affiliate Marketing as an industry for much time than we can expect. Zac Johnson is an expert, I respect his opinion, but today Affiliate Marketing is a great opportunity.

    Thank you for sharing this post 🙂

    1. Yes I agree it is a great opportunity, as Zac Johnson said it is definitely changing all the time, gone are the days one could slap up a website. It’s more targeted marketing while getting through your customers road blocks to learn their pain points.

  15. Hey Jag,

    It’s true as the Affiliate Marketing Guru, Zac Johnson says that “Affiliate Marketing isn’t going anywhere” because Affiliate Programs need Affiliates more than ever.

    In fact, there is a greater shift of investment by large companies into their affiliate programs and their affiliates that will continuing to thrive and grow than those doesn’t. There will be a much greater focus by existing retailers in their online experience, affiliate programs, and working at a higher rate with affiliate marketers. 

    Thus, the opportunity to build a full time business through affiliate marketing is still as possible as it has ever been. Affiliate marketing when done right is a very good business idea and you can make a decent income. You can work from home, even if you don’t have your own product, selling other people products. Nowadays there are 100,000+ affiliate program out there you can promote. Endless opportunities available.

    Further Authority Bloggers will continue to reap the rewards. Learn Affiliate Marketing the correct way. It’s might change your life forever.

    Good read and wishing you all the best.

    Shui Hyen

    1. I agree lot of large companies are shifting online. Sadly many mortar and brick companies are going bankrupt. Blogger authority will continue to reap the rewards as you say, but one has to keep building their authority or it can easily get taken down or over by someone else. Hence the evolution needs to be a continual effort.

  16. Hey Jag,

    I love how you quoted Zac Johnson on the need to keep adapting businesses.  Remember Blockbuster?  They failed to adapt and had to close down their stores. 

    I had an experience with an affiliate merchant that asked for thousands of dollars. I quickly left them.  I feel really bad for people that fall for that merchant.  They used all these shady techniques to convince you to open your wallet and enrich theirs.

    BTW, do you have any advice for affiliate marketers to keep up to date?

    1. Yes I love that he provided that quote himself. Such a generous person. Never stay with one who asks for money, it almost becomes one of those MLM types of things. I really get bugged when up-sells start happening where they promise a person is going to become well off.

      I would Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for affiliate marketers as well as follow Zac Johnson.

  17. Hi 

    Thank you for this informative, helpful, useful and relevant article.

    This is a brilliant concept to reinvent and re-brand you have given me food for thought.

    I also feel that it is very important to communication with all comments because as you have said everyone is important and need to know that the blogger thinks so too.

    I will be thinking a lot more on how to re-invent, I think that this is a really valid point.

    Thank you 


    1. Glad you found it informative and helpful. I think its great to reinvent the wheel as well. The world changes as does the affiliate world. So we affiliates always need something new to add to our tool kit to keep it going.

  18. Hey Jag!

    Thanks for much for sharing this quote from Zac. I think affiliate marketing is like any other business… there will be a few who adapt and survive whilst many will move on to something easier. I also think that many people say that talk about popular things going out of fashion in order to gain attention by being controversial. 

    Thanks again Jag!

    1. Yes I agree many move on, but then they wonder why the income isn’t coming in. Sadly I was one of those. It wasn’t until I got seriously ill, that I realized how important it was to follow through. 

      Thank you for your comment.

  19. Hi Jag,

    Thanks for sharing about on How Affiliate Marketing will still be relevant at our present moment and in the future as well. Your article is so invigorating and helpful to me and to other aspiring affiliate marketer, because this article provides useful information on how Affiliate Marketing should be dealt at this moment, and how important it is to keep track to the evolution of Affiliate Marketing. 

    1. Yes the evolution of affiliate marketing is very important. At one time people could put up a website and start getting buyers, but now they have to be enticed in different ways. Gotta find that connection for sure. 

      Thanks for the comment.

  20. How cool that he responded to you 🙂 With how popular affiliate marketing is right now, I’d be hard-pressed to say it was going anywhere either. I am no expert but it seems the affiliate marketing networks are really strong and it would take a long time or something catastrophic to tear the system apart. Another case of reinventing that popped into my head was Katy Perry. Remember just a few years back she reinvented herself coming back with the short hair and face makeup – totally different look. In her case, I’m not sure it helped a whole lot. But you’re right sometimes it just gets to the point where you need to take a big look at what you are and where you are and completely reinvent your look and how you do things.

    1. Yes I thought it was pretty cool as well. I am just beginning in this stage and he has been around forever. I agree Katy Perry is another one who knows how to reinvent herself. Reinvention truly is the key to online marketing. 

  21. I agree with you (and Zac Johnson) that affiliate marketing isn’t going anywhere. I’m far from an expert in this field, but if anything people are only buying more, searching the internet for reviews and experiences is getting more and more essential to any buying decision, and people are consuming more and more information every day. Doesn’t make sense that it would be on it’s way out, but you are both right that it is important to stay on your toes and make sure you follow the changes within the business to stay relevant.

    1. I agree staying on our toes is the only way to get ahead in an online world. People are all about information, the more information they can consume the more we as marketers have to put out. But it’s all worth in the end. Right!

  22. I agree with Zac, wholeheartedly!  As long as there are people in the world looking to buy things online, there’s a ripe opportunity there for us average humans to earn money by connecting buyers with sellers. I’ve seen some success in the industry, but hope to be able to take it further! I think the key to not dying out as an affiliate marketer is really to be focused on adding value rather than “hard selling.” People don’t want to be sold to, they want to be educated and entertained and inspired. So that’s what I strive to do with my own content, and I consider affiliate sales a bonus.  Just kind of hope that bonus will eventually grow into a full time income.  Keep it up! 

    1. Yes I agree with what you have written here. Most of the world is now online, opportunities are now everywhere. Seeing success, even a little bit helps to push a person further into the direction of where they want their online business to go. 

      Thank you for your comment.

  23. Hi Jag Randa!

    I had to do a double take, because your phrase got my attention and I was ready to defend the fact that affiliate marketing is definitely going places and affiliates all over the world are earning good income from being affiliates.

    But what you were saying is that Affliliate Marketing is here to stay and isn’t going to disappear into obliviion!

    Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate always endorse the fact that affiliate marketing is one of the most stable online income opportunity online today.  They have been pursuing this for over 20 years and they have learnt a lot through the journey and they would be happy to hear you endorse that Affiliate Marketing is alive and well!

    You have done well to have Zac Johnson back you up on his quote which makes your statement more viable and attractive.  Thank you for sharing your golden nugget with us!


    1. I have always been interested in affiliate marketing, as a matter of fact, it was Zac Johnson who originally inspired me to take it up. But I was slow at getting going, but now am glad I did it. The only limitation to marketing online is the limited imagination of what can be sold online, except what shouldn’t be sold online.

  24. At first I misread Zac’s response to you and was so disheartened;  then I reread it and was so encouraged.  Thank you for reiterating that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.  I’ve only been in WA about 3 weeks, but already have learned so much.  I can’t wait for the future!  Great article  – thank you!

    1. I have never seen affiliate as get rich quick scheme. It was one of those I would have left long ago. It really does bother me when people think they can market it that way and then they get a few takers, but the words spreads and then that’s the end of that. 

      Thank you for your comment.

  25. Thanks for this very encouraging articles about affiliate marketing and for quoting the words of Zach Johnson. If he says that the affiliate marketing isn’t going anywhere, I trust him too, like you. Affiliate marketing when done right is a very good business idea. You can work from home, even if you don’t have your own product, selling other people products.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Thank you for commenting, I was very surprised when he responded to my email. Although I’ve been reading his material for years.I became an even bigger fan when he responded. Yes you are right, it’s a great time to be in affiliate marketing. Change is happening and people may come to trust affiliates a bit more.

  26. Thanks for the write up and asking for a quote. Affiliate marketing definitely isn’t easy, but if you put in the time, work and effort, you will realize it’s one of the best opportunities in the world today! Keep up the great work.

  27. Hi. Thank you for your sharing!
    I just started my journey as an affiliate marketer three months ago. Sometimes I wonder whether it is still true to be able to earn money by doing affiliate marketing. Because I still have not earned anything since then.

    But, after reading your post, especially Zac Johnson response, I believe I will be successful one day if I keep working hard.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes please keep at it, It will definitely go places. Perseverance is a virtue when it comes to working with affiliate marketing. It certainly is not a get rich quick scheme.

      Glad you enjoyed the article.

  28. I agree with Zac. Affiliate marketing isn’t going anywhere. And for two good reasons at least.

    1. There are more and more people who are shopping online
    2. There are also more companies that have their own affiliate program just like Amazon has.

    So when I begin to have doubts about affiliate marketing not being as good as it used to be, I remember those two things.

    1. Hi Guy,

      There was a time I used to be afraid of affiliate marketing. In my mind, it was a scam, but now I’m glad I didn’t listen to my inner mind and went for this.

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