An Affiliate Marketing Expert Speaks On Affiliate Staying Power

Zac Johnson, an affiliate marketing expert, says affiliate marketing isn’t going anywhere.

If he says it, then I believe it!  

“Why”? you ask.

Well first of all his authority over affiliate marketing speaks volumes. He’s been around for a long time in the affiliate world. In my humble opinion, his knowledge will always trump over many newbies who say affiliate marketing is no longer a viable business.

After reaching out to him to ask about affiliate marketing staying power, he was kind enough to respond to me with the following response.

“Affiliate marketing isn’t going anywhere because I was here when it first started and I’ve watched as it’s developed over the years. I was there when Amazon launched their affiliate program and changed the way business was done on the internet — to still seeing local and small businesses getting online today and using these same working methods today. Affiliate marketing won’t be going anywhere, but to stay relevant and find success, you will need to continually adapt your business to the never-ending changes in this fast-paced environment.”

Zac Johnson of

Reinvention is the key

Have you ever noticed how pop stars reinvent themselves into something new to stay relevant? For instance take a look at Miley Cyrus, at one time she was a goody two shoes on Hannah Montana, but then to have a more grown-up image she reinvented herself. Well, we all know how she reinvented, but the fact of the matter is that it worked. It turned her into a different brand; she attracted a new type of fan base.

Well, the same can be said of affiliate marketing. To stay up with the current times of affiliate marketing, our efforts have to be in improving what can be improved upon. There’s always room for improvement, a cliché saying, but so applicable to what we are discussing here.

Improvement can come by changing keywords as well as finding risk free affiliate programs to work with. When you work with these types of programs, at least you will know before making a financial commitment if you want to work with them or not.

Do an affiliate business without any strings attached

If an affiliate merchant asks for money up front, don’t walk, run the other way. So many times affiliation has been given a bad name, which has made people wary. Although it’s on its way to improvement, changes still need to be made when it comes to this field.

The best thing to do is align yourself with a good reliable merchant who you know is upright and honest. When doing a review for them, your review comes off more legit as well as the consumer feels not being led astray.

If readers are leaving comments on your blog, rather than conversing with only a few who look like they are going to buy, engage with all of them. We all like to feel important. I know that when I leave a comment, I go back to check if there was a response or not. If not I don’t lose anything, but the blog owner may lose a reader who may have converted as a buyer later.

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Let’s keep affiliates afloat

Get a blog, write original content. Make your mark in an industry you’re passionate about. The best thing to keep this industry going is to be persistent as well as investing time into it. If you are expecting overnight success, then maybe being an affiliate is not for you.

But if you are here for the long haul, know how to interact with people who come onto your site, then this may be the perfect business for you.

Check out the 5 Low to No Cost Home Based Business For Women, although it may say, women, it can be applied to anyone. The affiliate opportunity is available to all who want to get going on making an income online.

Let me know in comments below of what think about Zac Johnson an affiliate marketing expert as well as how his quote resonates with you.


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