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How to Write Web Content Others Will Read

how to write web content

How to write web content others will read isn’t an easy feat, especially when trying to make it unique. With so much being available out there, it’s a wonder how anybody can even come up with new content. Sometimes when you browse the Internet, it seems like everything is just being regurgitated.

It is regurgitated until you put your spin on the content that you are writing, that’s what makes your content unique. 

  • What does it mean to you?
  • How would you explain it to others?
  • What can you do differently which others haven’t done yet?
  • Who do you intend this content for?

For me to write unique content, the following six steps have to take place. This is the format that I follow when I am writing content if you want you can follow it as well

The first thing you need to do when writing content is to have a keyword in mind. My keyword for this content is how to write web content that is uniquely yours.

To get the most out of what you are writing the best types of keywords that you want to focus on are longtail keywords. Anyhow the majority of single keywords have been taken as well they are in high demand

When starting a new website, it will be longtail keywords that will help get you noticed. Plus nowadays when people search online, they usually type in a phrase.

All of my training is being done at Wealthy Affiliate, and they have an excellent keyword tool. This tool allows you to see the competition and QSR. QSR stands for quoted search results. 

At one time Google used to allow us to see the number of search results that would show up for a quoted term. But for some reason, they discontinued it in 2010.

  • Be limitless in what you write

When you write about a topic, try to focus on an open-ended topic, where you know that you can branch off in different directions.

Kind of like mind mapping, you have one word in the middle and then have different branches coming off for different subtopics for the one main topic you’re going to write.

I could have come up with a lot more steps here on how to write unique content, but I felt these are the most important steps which will help you the best. 

Do you know why these steps need to be followed?

Because we all have a different imagination, we think differently and bring in different knowledge to the topic. All of our life skills can be applied in different ways.

  • Become the reader reading your content

This one is an important one. Remember when you’re writing for the web, you’re not writing for yourself. You are writing so others can read and find benefit in.

How do you become the reader?

The best way to become the reader is to ask questions from their point of view. Keep asking and breaking down until you feel like there’s nothing more left to say.

Here’s a good tip: close your eyes and imagine yourself in the mindset of those who read what you write, ask questions until you’ve asked every major question that concerns them.

I do this often because some days I need the inspiration to write. I’ll even go over some of my old posts to see what people are commenting about to gather inspiration.

  • Don’t second guess what you have written

One thing I suggest is never second guess what you have written. Remember it’s unique, it’s you. I know it’s easy to question ourselves especially when we start reading what others are writing, which may lead us to think ours is not good enough.

There are readers of all types out there; definitely, someone will connect with what you are writing about. Remember you’re not writing for all the 7 billion people in the world, so you don’t have to be perfect in how you write. You need to make a connection with about  .003%. That would be plenty of people you can inform through your writing.

I remember a little story about when I started writing content. I would write for hours and hours, but mind you this was at the beginning before I had come up with an easier formula for writing. Then I would go online to see how I compared to other writers who’d been writing for years and years.

It wasn’t a very good feeling; I would delete my stuff and then start all over again. I feel like I wasted so much time trying to match up to what others were saying. It was during this process I forgot I had my unique voice which could add more.

  • Proofread and edit

Figuratively speaking make sure to proofread and edit by checking that all your Is are dotted, and Ts are crossed. There are still many times where I will proofread and edit, but later go back to the article to still find the odd mistakes.

When I do find mistakes, of course, I’ll fix them, but they are cause for some embarrassment sometimes. Although I’ve gotten much better at writing, I still added Grammarly to help the process along.

Grammarly is a free program which you can use for any writing. I highly recommend it; it has saved my skin many times. 

  • Now send it off so your readers can enjoy it

This is the most important step when writing. Don’t sit there and marvel at what you have created. 

Publish it!

Better yet don’t wait for a better day for others to see your great writing. There were times in the past where I thought; I’m not ready for others to read what I write. Now I think what a waste that time was. I could’ve had people reading my work many years ago.

Let others read what you’ve written to find their nuggets of gold in your writing. Now that you know how to write web content that is uniquely yours don’t wait to get started.

Leave me in the comments below what you think about my creating unique content steps.

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24 thoughts on “How to Write Web Content Others Will Read

  1. Hi Jag,

    Your post came to me to get excited and animated in the writing process. It has never been easy for me to write! However, I always had to do it.

    During 34 yrs. I taught in a University. At the beginning, and for my first yrs, I wrote my classes… I wrote everything that I had to say and I put myself in the mindset of the students, what questions could they ask me? and thinking in my own answers, I increased my written class.

    In Wealthy Affiliate I have returned to write, that time about the matter related to my niche, now I will put myself in the mindset of readers to ask what else can I write about? which might be the expectations of readers? Your recommendations are very good, I plan to follow them to not feel lost in the writing.

    Thank you for sharing your experience as a blog writer and your recommendations 😊

    1. Hi Maria,

      You already have a great writing background. Much appreciated of your kind words. It always good to see that someone in the industry is always learning. I will always keep learning new ways to make things happen for me. 

  2. I definitely agree Jag that sometimes when writing and looking online it can be overwhelming to see how much great content some websites have and when just starting out you feel like everything needs to be perfect. You can then absolutely hamper productivity.

    Thank you for recommending Grammarly as I am going to now use it.

    What are some other really useful tools you would recommend for writing great content?

    Thanks Jag!

    – Jay S.

    1. I find WA has a great tool within their program. It really helps to hone down the content I want to release. Their can be information overload, but as long as we speak a language in our on word online, it comes across really nicely. 

  3. Nicely written content easy to understand I agree completley about your comment on training at WA.

    I did learn about article writing from you which I had no idea existed. Had to try iit out myself from your link. Thanks.

    You present yourself well and your experience in writing is  refreshing. 

    Quite nice to learn about longtail keywords and I will need to learn more about keywords. 

    I did discover that I have a ways to go to understand all that WA and writing has to offer

    1. Glad you found it to be an easy read. It’s what my aim is always for readers online to understand what I’m trying to get across. 

      Thank you for your comment.

  4. Thank you for the post. I am about to write my first post on my website and you gave me great ideas on how i will write my content which unique. As you said,many people write but few people create.It is very crucial to be unique so that the content be original without copying pasting only.

    I liked the way you detailed each step you follow while writing your content. 

    Thank you


  5. Jag,

    I love your tips for writing unique content. Sometimes it seems like there is nothing new on the Internet, and then you find something unique and you wonder where that came from! I especially like the part about reading as a reader would and asking questions until there are none left to answer!

    My approach to writing has always been to write like I talk. That isn’t always the best, because I can be rather confusing sometimes when I talk, but for the most part, it feels much more personal and I can build a rapport with my reader much faster.

    I appreciate your suggestion of adding Grammarly. I have used the program on my phone, but not for general writing. I will try it out!

    Thank you again for this wonderful article! Do you do other types of writing, as well? Poetry? Fiction? Non-fiction? I write for a newspaper and also enjoy writing fiction stories.

    Best wishes,Karin 🙂

    1. Yes, I agree. It seems like everything that can be covered is covered. But still we can definitely find ways to make something ours.

  6. I enjoyed this article. It has lots of good advice. It’s the process that makes the difference, I know. I especially appreciated your suggestion to be limitless in what we write. I’ve recently gone back to some of my older posts and noticed that I could expand on what I’ve already written. I try to write naturally in my own voice and put a new angle on the subject.

    Proofreading and grammar are probably the most important features to check before posting. Although I’m a proofreader by profession, I still find little mistakes by checking my work well before I hit the publish button!

    Thanks for this reminder!


    1. Makes me happy that you found it useful. When we put our voice into content, it also comes our more fluidly. It’s really hard to write any other way for me. Except sometimes I think faster than I type, so I miss a few things here and there. 

  7. Hi, 

    Thank you so much for this article. I really enjoyed reading it! In my opinion, one of the hardest/most challenging things of running a website is writing. I especially struggle with consistency! Do you have any tips for how to motivate myself to consistently create new articles?

    Keep up the great work!

    1. I know the hard part. When I started out writing for web, I was trying to write what I thought others wanted to read, but no that wasn’t how it worked. Now I write what I would speak someone in person. 

  8. This is going to be abundantly helpful as this is one of the challenges I’m dealing with right now. Creating content that is not only appealing but is found nowhere else is difficult because there are so many resources these days and so many growing competitors as well. I think utilizing the points you’ve mentioned and taking a very organized approach would be best for those reading this post!

    1. I am really glad you found this article helpful. Creating content is one of the most difficult things to do, but if you start writing how you speak, it comes out a little more smoother and makes for easier for reading by others. 

  9. Jagi,
    You have created such a powerful article that I had the pleasure of reading in that you presented how a person can effectively write content that would help the readers.

    Too often I see content articles that seem to try and sell, sell, sell a product(s) without relating it from the exclusive viewpoint of the reader.

    It is crucial that ANY content article be written from the viewpoint that the author is trying to help, provide advice, provide guidance, or a solution to people in need. Most of all it is important to engage the reader’s attention span.

    The author also needs to place the reader’s value AHEAD of whatever monetary goals or plans that he/she might selfishly have. Sure in the end every site owner wants to see profits in his/her business. But if all he/she does is shill something than the readers will see right through this – and avoid that website like the plague!

    I also found it quite interesting when you stated that the content author should never second guess him/herself. There should be a goal of writing unique content that is of high relevancy.

    It also is so silly to compare one’s thoughts as a writer/author of website content to something that he/she sees coming from competitive sites believing that the other is better. Not necessarily so, and especially if what that author feels is coming from his/her heart in the end it would become something that readers see as fitting their needs.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I try to come to an article from the relevance of the reader. If it doesn’t resonate with me, it’s not going to be published. I have to agree with it first as well not feel I am being marketed to.

  10. I do over think most times when I write, but I am getting better at not doing that as often. I also get frustrated but now I just try to get my thoughts and information out there.
    My grammar may not be perfect and there may be a few typos that I will catch down the road but in the online world you want to get your information out there.

    Thank you these are some great tips that I will definitely utilize with my writing.

  11. What really good ideas on writing content. I know it is really important to give the reader what they wanted when they type the keywords in. Now, I am going to look at it from their perspective. If I typed something in Google, and they land on my page, does the content reflect and answer what they were searching. Yes, we have to stop second guessing ourselves and just get our content out. It will resonate wtih somebody out there! Good article! Cheers Sharon

    1. Thank you for your kind words. You are right keywords are key. We have to think of how potential readers are going to enter the keywords, what kind of phrases would they use.

  12. Hi there
    Thanks for some brilliant tips on writing unique content.When I got started online, I struggled to write 300 words but as time goes by, I now find I can easily write a 1000+ word article without problems.
    It helps to be organized and to do enough research, find low competition keywords, after everything is in place, writing can be done byalmost anyone who want to write, but producing high quality content need practice.
    Reading your very beautiful content was a pleasure, picked up some tips especially about second guessing the end product, I know I do this quite alot and a finished article can at times be in my draft for days while im wondering if it`s good enough.

    1. Yes, I so agree. Originally when I started they used to say 250 words were enough, but now the article length needs to be at least over 1500 words. The more we write the easier it gets to meet the word quota. But the best way to get the wors flowing is to write in our own language.

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