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Amazingly Easy Ideas You Can Implement Today to Claim Your Online Success

claim your online success

Hey people reading my blog, today I’m going to show you how to step up your game to claim your online success.

Stepping up your game requires the following six have to rules:

Find a Mentor, But Be Prepared to be Mentored

The first thing you need to know about being mentored is that you need to be coachable and passionate about what you’re doing. If you’re one of those people who listen through one ear and lets it out the other, honestly a mentor will not be able to get through.

To be successful, you need to be committed to your success and know the mentor is also committed to your success. This means not going over and beyond what your mentor is guiding you through.

When I coached individuals in the past, especially new business owners who were running their own business, there were times they would ask for information, but then totally override what I had said.

It wasn’t a help to them or me when this took place. A couple of months later they’d  be back and say, “what you told me to do didn’t work.”

My question would be,” Did you do what I asked you to?’

To which the response many times would be, “well I tried it for a few weeks, but then didn’t see a response I wanted so I gave up.”

As some of you know when working on a business concept, a few weeks isn’t going to cut it.

Sometimes to be mentored our mentality has to change!

How can you change your mentality to learn new business concepts?

I feel the best way to be able to change your mind is by turning inwards while committing yourself to tune into an outcome of long-term success.

How can you find a mentor?

Where I am taking ongoing (I will never quit taking training) affiliate training, has some of the best mentors there. Join this awesome program, and it’s free and be mentored by myself or some of the phenomenal people there.

If that’s not your thing, then that’s okay too. Get in touch with someone who is in the same line of online business that you are going to do. Reach out to the influencers of your subject. 

Clarify What You Want As an Online Successful Person

Vision boards are great for clarifying online business success. When I led group classes with people who were starting their business, this was one of the techniques we used to help establish long-term goals.

Most of us are driven by business success, but the ones who are successful are the ones who clarify their success. By defining your success, it helps to guide your day-to-day decision-making a reality for success.

Most people clarify what they want as a successful online person by:

  • Having a one-year plan
  • Having a three-year plan
  • Having a five-year plan
  • And so on…

Once we have something in writing or pictures on a vision board, it starts to look more concrete. The more you refer back to your goals, the more you’ll want to achieve them.

It’s a subconscious thing. Have you ever heard of affirmations, if you have then you know the more they are affirmed, the more they lock into place? This is precisely what you’re going to be doing when you clarify your online success.

You’re an Expert, Share it With Others

Okay so now you found a mentor who is mentoring you. Share the love and mentor someone else to succeed. By sharing with others, we’re not taking it away from ourselves. Instead, our knowledge is creating opportunities for others.

Honestly, I consider it the ultimate compliment when something I shared with someone about an online business startup is then shared with another person. To me, it seems what I had to say was worthy for the other individual to want to share.

Take Risks without Worrying

To be truly successful risks have to be taken. I know that I took a chance when I decided to do online marketing. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking will this even work.

I was spending hours working to make it successful; now I think I could have done without the added stress of worry. Worrying slowed down my desire to achieve success.

Not to mention that I was a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate. Being a premium member means a monthly cost. All in all, I’m glad I took this risk because there is so much knowledge available there. So many experts are willing to share all about their online success.

Worrying creates obstacles in the ways of being successful. It hinders you. The only way to get past worry is to do what it is your afraid of. 

Claim Ownership of the Issue and Fix it

By claiming ownership of an issue which needs fixing you come across as a person who is willing to work to resolve the problem, not one who runs away. It can help to establish you as an online authority. People start to look up to you, knowing that you went that extra mile to make sure what you are putting out there was right.

It helps to build a trust factor among your readers, those very people who are going to make you successful as an online business. We all have weaknesses, and it’s okay to admit them. This comes across as we are only human after all, we all make mistakes.

Don’t ever try to shove off a mistake you made on to someone else. Karma is real!

Laugh at Your Jokes

Make sure you laugh at your jokes. Many times we online business entrepreneurs work alone from an office at home, it’s essential to keep laughter alive. It gets pretty dull when you’re working with no one to talk to.

Plus no one will get your joke as you do, so laughing out loud makes sense. I tell myself a lot of corny Mom jokes. Hey, they make perfect sense to me

Also, laughing out loud gets you out of monotony.  It also gets the endorphins going which can help to bring in new creativity to what you’re doing. 

These amazingly easy ideas can be implemented now to help you claim your online success. Why not get started on them right away?

Please leave me your thoughts or comments below on what you feel is the most important step you will take today.

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26 thoughts on “Amazingly Easy Ideas You Can Implement Today to Claim Your Online Success

  1. It is very difficult to take risks without worrying about the outcome.  You just have to keep on doing it anyway and believe in yourself.  The brain is always worried because it wants to try to warn you of the obstacles that lay ahead, and help you look out for them, which is a good thing.  The problem is when you decide to focus on the worry that it gets bigger, and you will start to create obstacles which will only make things harder.

    1. I agree worrying is always there, but the I know that I can’t let it run my life, or else I won’t get anywhere. Believing in yourself is the first step as for sure. 

      Thank you for the comment.

  2. Thank you so much, I have been into online business since January 2018, not long :). I have struggle to break the walls of success mainly because of two or so reasons you are pointing out in this article;

    1. I have no mentor- this one has been so difficult to me because I am not involved in any community like the one you mentioned above. I will have to try your recommendation

    2. I had no plans- was working randomly, no written goals. Thank you so much, from today I will have to put it in blue and red ink.

    I have a reasonable number of takeaways from your article, very helpful.  

    1. Having a mentor can be the best decision you will ever make. These are people who have been there. so they know how to direct one to success. 

      You should definitely look into getting a vision board.

  3. Being a mentor is not an easy task because some take it the wrong way when you suggest a certain idea, thought process, or particular method to use in accomplishing a task.

    What I have found is that putting the words,  “Perhaps you might think about…..”  before a statement sometimes helps and gives them the feeling that it’s a suggestion and that it may or may not be implemented.  Ultimately, the last decision is theirs no matter what.

    True, tried and tested results will always prevail, so showing people what you have done before that works, also helps to bring the point across.

    I totally agree that if you are wanting someone to mentor you, make sure you are teachable and listen intently and apply what will work best for you.  It is so easy to chase after shiny objects and be distracted from the task at hand, but resist that urge and you will find that the mentor has actually been where you are and understands the path you tread.

    Thank you for your pertinent reminder that we need to respect and embrace the work and effort a mentor provides for us.


  4. This is a great topic that I don’t think a lot of people consider when going into affiliate marketing.  They think they can just learn the basics and start making money.  But you need someone who inspires you and who you can follow in their footsteps. Also, you need someone who is willing to critique you as well as praise you.  It’s fine and dandy when you get a praise and good comments all the time on your site or in your community, but you also need someone to tell you that you’re doing something wrong, and this is how you fix it, or, this is an easier way of doing that.

    Thanks for the reminder that I need to keep my eye out for someone to follow, and of course, be the person who you would want to follow because there are more people watching you in the online world than you expect!

    1. At one time I also thought that learning the basics would be enough, but not the case anymore. I love learning, if not from wealthy affiliate, then there is always youtube or udemy.

  5. Your article is not the first that I’ve heard about vision boards from. But I have still yet to make one. I keep meaning to but keep forgetting. I believe in their power though because they’re kind of like physical representations of positive affirmations, and ever since I started reheating positive affirmations to myself daily I have been able to feel happier and a lot less anxious! So I need to make a vision board!

  6. This has now become my new favorite site! I am a new blogger or at least considering seriously of becoming a blogger (a very green one right now). Your site is like a one stop shop site for me or for any beginner who want to start blogging and or get into the Affiliate Marketing industry. The information is very informative, useful, and relevant. I am inspired and feel Affiliate Marketing is a space I should invade. I am finding that there are tons of Affiliate Marketing programs out there  and it is difficult separating what good or bad programs.

    Can you give me your top 3 Affiliate programs?

    Thank you so much for your insightful site.


    1. Thank you for the comment. I am hoping to be able to provide the advice which I wish I had had when I started out in affiliate marketing. My top three programs are Wealthy Affiliate, Amazon and

  7. This article really offers some great tips to anyone who wants to be successful online.  In order to be mentored you really need to listen and be patient and know that success does not happen overnight.  I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I joined for free and was a complete beginner who knew nothing about affiliate marketing.  I have learned so much and am still learning, as there is always new training coming out, it is a great platform.  I love how you mention that when working at home, you should laugh at your own jokes.  

  8. Those are one very helpful and interesting tips. I think that if we want to start online business we must prepare for many risks and sometime even fall. You described everything pretty well and this would serve great for beginners who are just starting their online journey. Hard work and dedication are the key.

    1. Risk are always a part of the online business. What is hot today, may not be hot tomorrow. Thank you for your comment.

  9. People think that mentoring has to cost a lot of money.  All you need to do is look around Wealthy Affiliate and you will find tons of free mentoring for no cost.  People need to understand that the mentoring will show you how to use the tools but you have to actually do the work.  This is a great article and I really enjoyed reading it.  I look forward to reading more of your work.

    1. Mentoring doesn’t cost anything, except for time and some patience of learning. Yes I agree WA is one the best places to learn affiliate marketing. 

  10. I love your website. Looks like you are having a lot of fun. This article is so on point. Having a mentor to help with your online business goals can make life much easier. Being teachable is essential to success. I also use vision boards and have used them for years to create success. They really do work. Thanks so much for this inspiring post, it really made my day.

    1. Yes, you are right I am having a lot of lazy affiliate fun. Mentors are so important, over at Wealthy Affiliate I have over 500,000 mentors. I know much about affiliate marketing, yet never stop learning.

  11. Great advice! I like how you mentioned being able to laugh at your own jokes.

    This is so important because most of us just take life way too seriously. We have to be able to use some self-deprecating humor at times.
    That is a great list of tips to encourage women to get mentored and then heed the advice of your mentor.

    Really well done, Thanks for this.

    1. I agree this could apply to anyone in business because we all need good mentorship to take us to the next level. I am a laugh out loud person, working alone I really don’t have many people to talk to.

  12. This article is a great one for sure. Very motivational to all who are having doubts about getting into the industry of affiliate marketing. This serves to show that online success is never determined by age, race or gender. You are doing an awesome job motivating people to join the Affiliate Marketing Business

    1. Nothing, but self-discipline should determine one’s success. It’s all about being able to follow suggestions and guidance as well being okay with yourself that in mind makes a successful person.

  13. Hi

    An interesting read and I have to agree with your take on mentoring.

    I have mentored for many years now and it really doesn’t matter what you tell people they must do they invariably do it ‘Their’ way.
    Of course, their way sometimes works but I’ve found only up to a point.

    It’s usually that little change they made to your instructions that have been the major reason they failed.
    Of course, you get the blame.

    Now I’m very picky who I mentor and if there is the slightest chance they won’t follow my instructions to the letter I say no.
    Have a great weekend.

    Robert Allan

    1. find that many people want to do it their way as well. Especially the stubborn people, there has to be a time where as a business consultant I had to say I can’t help you anymore. Sad, but true.

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