7 Engagingly Powerful Ways You Can Build Your Brand Online To Stand Out From The Crowd

You can build your brand online from scratch, but then you will have to do a treasure hunt to see what all needs to be said and done.

Although today you are visiting my site, I do know seven definite ways you could build a brand online from the get-go.

Over the years having built a few websites, the knowledge you are getting here is from the first-hand experience. 

This is knowledge I wish was around when I started in this industry. In the past, I shut down a few websites, because what I was doing was not working. The information provided on my sites was all over the place.

That’s when it hit, without a brand I was just another wannabe affiliate traveling the tremendously wide web!

Since my love sharing of outweighs the need to keep information to myself, read below to see what I have learned so you can avoid the same situation.

Determine What You Want Your Brand to Showcase

Branding yourself online is the actual key to communicating to your customers what your service/products stand for. Remember to influence a consumer’s buying decision you must always keep your brand at the top of their mind. This is done by showcasing your brand.

You can showcase your brand by using Instagram influencers to influence their followers. There are many ways out there to find the influencers, but the best way I have seen is by using Shoutcart, here they have all types of influencers just waiting to start marketing your services.

Many people use this service to market their products. Either they will send the picture of one of their people wearing the product or they will send a free product to the influencer to showcase to their followers what their brand is all about.

Much of your effort will go into catching your customer’s eye. This can happen by giving away free stuff or displaying pictures of yourself and your team wearing or using the products you are marketing.

Be Your Authentic Self

Just by being yourself can go a long way to helping you create the right type of audience for your brand. You can do this by talking in your voice when you’re online.

Think back to a time when you were talking to a person, let’s say at a party or something? Did you notice how they were talking to you, but as soon as another person entered the conversation, their whole demeanor changed.

You might’ve noticed they were their true authentic selves to you. Then another person came along which changed not only their authenticity, but also their posture, tone of voice, and maybe even their vocabulary. 

Do you know what happened there?

This person became the person that they thought the other individual was expecting of them. Most people are turned off by people pretending to be someone else.

People are attracted to authentic people because they make them feel comfortable, safe, and respected.

Figure Out Your Why

It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, a leader of a team, or someone who is looking to find some clarity on your next move. Your why will be your guiding mark to lead you towards fulfillment in branding yourself online.

Have you ever been in a difficult situation where you were forced to make the decision one way or the other? Now think back to that time to figure out why you made the decision you did. 

Either way, you notice you probably needed to answer why you were making the decision you did. The same can be applied to your online business.

Why are you marketing your service/product? Why is it that your brand makes you come alive? Why do you feel you add the most significant value to your brand?

By working on these three questions, you can figure out you’re why pretty fast.

Create a Tagline and Stay True to It

Having a tagline is very important for your website. The name of your website may not get across the message that you may be hoping for. But having a slogan might throw in that little bit of information of understanding to get people to see what you represent.

Now if you use the tagline, then it’s essential that you stay true to that tagline. For instance, my tagline is affiliate marketing knowledge. By sharing the knowledge I have gained over the past many years, I’m doing my best to stay true to my tagline.

Sometimes what some individuals will do is create a compelling tagline, but go against the message they are trying to get across.

How will they do this?

By talking about something that is irrelevant to the topic that they created their site around.

Your tagline defines what your online brand is about!

Clearly Articulate Your Value To Your Readers

By articulating your value to readers, you’re letting them know that they can count on you. What you’re doing is using your transferable skills and applying them to any situation which may come up about your brand.

Your time is your single most precious commodity. Define to yourself how much value your time has. By determining the value of your time, communicate to your readers exactly what it is that you are trying to get across without too much fluff thrown into your content.

Be different from all others who are trying to brand themselves within the same frame as you. By having this little distinction, you give the readers something new to look at and read.

Remember you are trying to form a connection with your readers. The best way to build this connection is to be articulate to your readers without confusing them why they are there.

You are not only valuing yourself, but you’re also placing value on your customers who have stopped by to check out what you have to say/offer. Their time is also a valuable commodity, give them their time’s worth.

Build Credibility

Building credibility online is vital to your brand because it shows people that you are trustworthy. Staying consistent is essential for a memorable customer experience. One wrong thing or a bad customer experience can impact your site more than 100 positive customer interactions.

It’s imperative to include customer/reader testimonials. Sometimes these can be a little difficult to get. So comments work well here. 

If the message you are trying to get across comes in a credible form, then the positives being said will go to create valuable credibility online.

This is where your content is going to speak for you the most. Make sure that your blog is updated often; your readers will return to see what new content you have posted.

A point to remember is blogging will not only increase your credibility, but it will also increase your traffic and leads.

When building credibility, it is important to be social. This lets others know that you are there. By being social, you come across as someone who is interested in what they are doing.

Important tip: always respond to readers comments, you increase your social likeability factor.

Who Are You Targeting

Right from the beginning when you start your website, it’s crucial to laser focus on your audience. By pre-determining your market, your website will have a way to go forward. 

To define your market, you will need to answer the following questions.

  • Which type of customers make up your market?
  • Where do your future customers come from?
  • Do you find that your customers are a profitable fit for you?

If you feel that you can provide answers to these questions which justify your online business, then you’ve got yourself a great brand. Otherwise, go back to the drawing board and redefine your brand. 

Building your brand online shouldn’t be too complicated, break it down into segments which you understand. It’s this understanding which will help you spread the message the best. 

If you feel that this has helped you to understand branding a bit more, then leave your thoughts or comment below.


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