7 Clear Reasons Why You Should Always Keep Your Blog Comments Enabled For Readers Opinions

What will blog comment do for your blog?

Did you know that blog comments are used as a way to measure how successful your blog is? Gaining comments on your post shows that what you’re doing on your blog is working.

To be honest, in the past, my thing was to write the post and publish it. But now in hindsight, I realize the comments are what promote a site from being ho-hum to being great.

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I know now there are at least seven great reasons we should always get blog comments to make our blog successful.

Brings Across Transparency

When you leave your post open for comments, you’re letting your readers know that you have nothing to hide. It’s important to be transparent online; this is what will get the readers to trust you. Especially if you’re responding to their comments with your thoughts and suggestions.

You’re letting your readers know that it is okay for them to post what is on their mind even if they disagree with you.

And believe me, sometimes that will happen!

Writing for online reading while trying to get our message across can be quite an involved process. When your readers are commenting to your writing, you can understand if what you have written is being processed the way you want to come across.

Builds Your Tribe By Inviting Your Readers Into the Conversation

The more comments you get on your articles/posts, the bigger your community or tribe is going to grow. Individuals who are reading your content will be more likely to share because they now become part of the conversation which you initiated when you published your post.

All of us like to feel a part of something which we relate to. I mean it sincerely, your readers are the ones who are going to support you with your online presence. Hence, they become a part of your support system.

This all happens because you included them in the conversation. It helps your readers to feel important – like they are valued as well what they have to say is of value to you.

I know that when I go out somewhere where I’ve never been, don’t know the people, because I’m an introvert I tend to close down.

But if someone is to involve me in a conversation, all of a  sudden what I have to say becomes important which creates a passion for me to speak.

Just because a certain someone pulled me into that conversation, that person now gets my full support. Even if I feel like what they are saying does not resonate with me, I will still be grateful that I wasn’t just left on the sidelines watching the conversation going on.

Another thing is one-sided conversations can be pretty dull. That’s exactly what it looks when you talk at people, versus letting them talk back.

Comments Provide Social Validation of Your Blog

There are times in the past where I’ve wondered many times about my writing online. Does this even speak to people who are reading my content?

Social validation is what keeps an online business going. Without social validation, the business has no reason to exist because there will be no one reading what they have to say.

I know that if I visit any site when I am researching for my blog, my first reaction will be to read the comments. It helps me decide if the blog is important enough to include in my research.

On my blog I always leave the comments section enabled, not only does it help give me social proof, but I also get ideas on what I should be writing about.

Create Authority

It’s true the more engagement that you have, the better it will be for your site. Most readers who come to our sites see that we have comments on our posts helps to increase their belief in our online presence.

This lets readers know that there are people out there who trust our judgment. Plus, based on our comments we will do more research on the subject which helps to increase our knowledge about the subject. Leaving your readers with a great impression of your interactions with readers will impact your end result

Keywords Help SEO

Keywords, as you know, are crucial for SEO purposes. Comments help to increase those keywords.

When I write an article, I usually choose specific keywords that I’m targeting. The chances are that for some reason or other my post doesn’t get indexed or ranked from a chosen keywords.

But imagine my surprise when I see that my post is ranking because of some keywords that were left in my comments section by one of my readers.

I love it when that happens; my awesome readers are doing the job for me.

Adds Content to Your Post Count

Nowadays content has to be a certain length, usually over 1000 words. Many super bloggers are now saying it needs to be at least 2000 words to provide value to your reader.

Honestly, there are some days that I can’t write that much. Now once again this is where your comments can come in handy.

How do they come in handy?

They can grow your post word count. The more comments you get, the more words you are getting into your post. Now, how cool is that, even if you let’s say write about 800 words, where you get left three or four comments to which you will respond to as well. Your post will most likely go up to about 1200 words.

Just imagine that all you had to do was start the conversation and your readers keep it going. This will keep adding to your word count.

Shows Google Your Site Is Important

We all want to Google to visit our site. Why not give Google a more incentive to come to see what we’re up to?

Lots of importance is placed on a site by the post word count as well as how others are reacting to the words we have to say. Google puts a lot of value on people visiting your site as well what type of footprint they’re leaving behind.

Their comments are the footprint I’m talking about. The more engaged the comments are as well our engagement which contributes to the comment makes Google love our site even more.

The blog comments section should always be enabled as our readers not only gain knowledge, but they also get to read what others have to say about the subject.

Share in comments below about how you feel getting comments on your blog.

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