6 Ways to Totally Dominate Your Market When Your Competitors Have a Noticeable Head Start

It just hit me the other day as I was reading a blog about so much competition being out there that to dominate your market you do have to step up your game.

At one time in the past it was easy, but now so many people are getting into affiliate marketing the stakes have gotten that much higher. It seems like everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie in online sales.

For instance, I am just another marketer telling others how to do affiliate marketing. There are so many out there who have much more experience/knowledge than I do.

Even so, that does not deter me from offering my insight on what I have gained about affiliate marketing. My gains are very much different than the person who started way before me.

Why are they different?

Because affiliate marketing is always changing, what the super affiliate may have learned when they started is way different than what I am learning now. Their knowledge base is different just based on when they started.

They may offer advice, but it will be based on their knowledge now. I offer affiliate advice based on a person who is starting in the marketing industry.

Hopefully, I’m not confusing you too much, as you know that is never my intention. So let’s get on with it.

#1  Choose One Type of Customers

It always amazes me when people are starting in marketing online try to market to everybody. I get wonderstruck, like don’t marketers understand that everybody is unique. We are all different with different interests/values.

Just the other day I was reading a blog about teaching yourself how to cook. It started great. It listed the ingredients, directions as well even what to serve with the dish.

But once I got down to the bottom of the blog post, I realized that the marketer was trying to sell me a high ticketed priced product being a fridge. Nowhere in their recipe conjuring had they mentioned needing a fridge to cook up the delicious recipe.

If I had known that the whole recipe would lead down to trying to sell me a fridge, I probably wouldn’t have clicked on that link.

What would have been better for this marketer to do was to try to sell associated ingredients as well maybe what was served with the dish. This I would’ve been more likely to buy as it was what had brought me to the website. 

When blogging for online attention if you don’t narrow down your initial target customers, the struggle can be real to capture anyone’s attention.

Remember a blogger helping the same base of customers you’re going to be working with does not mean there isn’t more than one solution to the problem. Your answer may be precisely what some require. 

#2 Find a New Way to Talk About an Old Topic

Of course, you’re probably wondering how can an old topic be discussed in new ways, since there is so much discussion on the subject online already.

Here is where you have to put your spin on the topic. How do you view this topic? What’s your take on it? Where do you fit in with this topic?

These are all questions that you need to answer before writing about an old topic. We’re all unique, our experiences are different, just like our thumbprint our imagination is also unique.

Imagination is a pretty incredible thing, using it when writing about an old topic you can draw in on how you perceive the issue. If I were to write about my childhood experience and what my perception/imagination showed me, it would be entirely different than what my siblings experienced.

So my siblings take on our childhood would have an entirely different spin then what I would have to say.

Let’s say you own a pet; your niche is pet health care. You research the internet only to find that there are 1000s of others who are endorsing pet health care. Your mind might be spinning, like how am I going to make myself different from all these people.

One way to differentiate yourself would be by honing in on specific pet health care. Perhaps you want to talk about how to help keep your pet’s teeth clean, or maybe you have a certain way that you prepare your pet food which is all-natural. 

What drove you to purchase a domain name and want to write about the niche you are promoting, obviously, there was a reason you chose this niche, you need to figure out your why.

 My why for choosing to provide affiliate marketing knowledge was because of my experience within the industry. As you can tell from my website and blog posts, I give away knowledge of what to do and what not to do. I only endorse products/services which I stand behind.

Once in a while, I may recommend you purchase a product, but only because it has helped me by making my life a little bit easier when doing affiliate marketing.

#3 Answer The Question What Makes Your Niche So Special From Others Who Are Doing It As Well

What is it that makes your niche so unique? Perhaps it’s something you are passionate about. Maybe you wanted to learn more about it but never had the chance, now you are determined to learn about it. Or you saw an opportunity where others may not have ventured yet.

By emphasizing what makes your niche so distinctive from others who are doing it as well, will help you to create an exceptional marketing plan.

Since it is so unique to you, you will have more passion for it to explain it in terms that you understand. The way you know it, I’m pretty sure there are people out there who understand exactly like you.

Your market is already there due to your perception of the issue; these people will easily trust you because you speak their language.

#4 Transform Content Into Information Products

Transforming content into information products seems like it’s hard to do, but in fact, it is quite easy. There are so many ways that you can transform your content.

The benefit here, the more information you have out there, the more you start to appear as an authority on the matter. 

  • You could turn your content into a podcast – by using your imagination and injecting a little oomph into your voice, you can read your article out to your audience.
  • Create an e-book out of your blog – most people coming to your website, come from a landing page. Most likely once they’re done reading the landing page, they may leave. Although once in a while they may read a few more articles. But if you have hundreds of articles there, why not create an e-book out of them. Since your articles are already free, you can give away this e-book you created free for subscriptions, or you can sell it on Amazon. But imagine the authority you gain by creating an e-book.
  • Transcribe your videos – not everyone likes to watch videos, though they are trendy nowadays. Personally myself I love to read. Not only does reading help me understand, for a little while it helps me escape to a different world even when I’m reading non-fiction books.
  • Turn your blog into an audio-book – just as I like to read, there are so many who would rather listen. These types of people would enjoy an audio-book being read to them by another’s voice. Who knows, maybe this brings on some childlike memories of being read to when they were little. Once again you can give this audio-book away for free for subscription or sell on Amazon.

#5 Never Stop Updating Your Blog

It’s the content on your blog which will get you noticed. It may not be an article today; it could be that excellent article you come up with tomorrow. 

When affiliates don’t see any action in their Google Analytics account, they give up. Close down the site and leave, which is, of course, gleeful for the competitors. 

It takes Google at least six months to notice you. This search engine likes to see longevity before they will invite anyone into their playground.

They don’t invite early players because in an unintuitive way Google knows that some are going to leave. Why give them exposure if they are leaving may be the thought behind Google.

Those who stick around are the ones who are going to prevail in an online business. But to be noticed always keep updating, or Google will think you have quit. This will definitely kill your chances of dominating your market.

#6 Use Words Customers Will Type Into Search Engines

Never go into a situation blind, then you become the blind leading the blind. Which gets no one anywhere.

As you know most people searching online don’t just enter in one word, they will type in the phrase to search up what they’re looking for. Most searches are done as a natural way of speaking.

There are three types of keywords you should know about:

  • Broad Keywords – these are usually one letter keywords which can be applied to many niches within a niche.
  • Exact Match – these are similar to the broad keywords but can go up to three keywords. Once again they may be too broad to target a specific audience.
  • Longtail keywords – these are typically longer, more like a sentence and are more niche-focused

The ones that you want to focus on are longtail keywords, as you will have much more success in being able to own your niche. The more targeted your keywords, the better the chances of your content being picked up. Hands down Jaaxy is my favorite keyword search tool. Try it for yourself to see the difference it makes in article rankings.

These are my tips on how to dominate your market. If you have any other tips that my readers will find useful, please list them in the comments below.


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