5 Simple Techniques On Writing For Emotional Impact Which Will Help You Gain The Confidence of Your Customer

Writing for emotional impact means marketing with emphasis on primarily using reactive emotional words. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the simple techniques you can use, let’s talk about emotions when writing for online reading.

There are three types of writing one is boring you to tears, the other interesting, but still not capturing your attention and the last one being wow, give me more!

To discover how to get the wow reading happening you will need to connect emotions to what you are trying to convey in your writing.

For instance, right now I’m tempted to say that my emotion is tired…but tiredness is not quite an emotion. To connect this emotionally, it would be better to paraphrase this phrase to read I’m a little frustrated that I’m tired, but on the other hand, I’m also elated to get this article finished.

As you can tell the emotions, I chose to work with falls into one of the six primary emotion which is anger, fear, surprise, disgust, happiness, and sadness. Frustrated could fall under angry, and elated could be considered happy.

As most of you know, emotions are perceived as colors. Such as, “I see red when I’m angry or blue brings me a sense of peace.”

When you use feeling descriptive words, you are already bringing in a color which describes the feeling one is having at the moment. Better yet is to guide their feelings by using words from the wheel of emotions to lead your reader into reading your content to react in the way you need or desire.

Below is a diagram of Robert Plutchik’s wheel of emotions, which illustrates quite well the emotional spectrum.

wheel of emotions

The reason emotional marketing work so well is because people feel things. It’s in our very nature to feel scared after watching a scary movie or experience heartbreak after watching a gut-wrenching movie. 

Now that I’ve explained a little bit about emotions, you might get more of an idea of why it’s crucial to include emotions in content marketing. 

Marketing through emotions also helps to make a great first impression. You want to know more about making first impressions; my last blog post was exactly about this subject.

Most of us make decisions based on what our heart says rather than go with what our brain is telling us. Have you ever noticed someone fall in love with an individual who is so emotionally toxic for them? Their brain knows this, yet their heart decides otherwise.

The benefit of emotional marketing is, not only will you sell products, but your readers may be so emotionally charged by what you have to say, they may even share what you’ve written with others who are in the same boat as them.

Show Rather Than Tell

Unknowingly your readers come to your website to experience an emotion. The best way for a writer to provoke emotion is by writing in real time. Let your readers be a part of the scene. This is a more exciting and engaging way to convey what you are trying to get across.

If you are readers yourself, you know a narrative can get pretty dull, it tends to drag the story on and on, without providing any real moving context of what is happening in the actual story.

Rather than telling your readers what the benefits of your product are, why not let them experience it with you by using descriptive words.

How can readers experience the benefits of a product?

For example, let’s say you are selling a pair of gloves. Rather than tell your readers these gloves will keep your hands warm, it would be better for it to read these gloves fit snugly around your hands while keeping the bone-chilling cold away from your fingers.

By phrasing it the second way, you are letting your readers imagine/visualize how it would feel to have these particular gloves.

Feel Your Readers Pain

Today you landed on my website because you are frustrated beyond measures that no one seems to be interested in your products. These are products that you are very proud of; they excite you because of the fantastic benefit you get from using them.

In your state of joy, the excitement of sharing these products with your readers, you step out of your comfort zone to promote them. It saddens you that no one seems interested in buying them.

It’s not that no one is interested in your products, but you do need to feel your readers pain. Emotionally.

You could have the most amazing products listed there, but if you do not tie an emotion of why your customer should buy the product. How will it benefit them? What will this product fix in their life? 

Do you know why people read fantasy science-fiction?

They read fantasy science-fiction because they want to escape to a different world. As you know, science-fiction uses a lot of imagination. The pain of the science-fiction readers could be living in a world where nothing exciting ever happens. But once they get into a fantasy world, they live through their characters of the book.

When an author writes fantasy science-fiction, the pain point is living in a boring world, but the author’s intention to answer this pain point is to move them to something more exciting.

Let Your Topic Lead The Way

You know how a character leads the way in a book, so should you let your topic lead the way. Don’t make your writing forced or it will cause you much grief of having to write it.

When you’re letting your topic lead the way you prevent boredom from setting in. Sometimes I start writing what I feel the topic should convey, but my goodness the tiredness I get from having to do forced writing gets annoying.

At this time I have to shut the computer down, just looking at the computer makes me want to throw up my hands in the air and want to walk away. 

Just as characters are a star of the book or movie, so should your topic be. Your topic should be able to speak for itself; if it doesn’t, it means you need to refocus on what your topic is all about. 

Let’s say you’re selling a pair of shoes. Your topic here is the shoes, how would you let the shoes speak for themselves? I don’t mean to have the shoes literally speaking, more about how would you make the shoes the star of your content?

One way would be to imagine your shoes can express themselves. You will have to use your imagination to hear what the shoes are saying.

For examples, let’s say you went out shopping for indoor slippers. You see a pair of slippers which have caught your eye, so out of all the slippers, these are the ones that stand. Basically, in your eyes, they are the clear winner or the star.

Now focus on what would these slippers have had to say for you to buy them?

Next time you go out shopping try this technique with yourself.

Inspire the Impossible in Your Client

Give your readers a vision of what can happen once they purchase the product. Make this vision a compelling reason; your readers should feel personally engaged and inspired to buy it right away.

Don’t beat around the bush about your product, communicate with clarity the benefits and the primary purpose of what will happen if their vision is achieved.

Let your readers know what kind of celebration to expect once they purchase your product. Give them the exact right amount of support that you stand behind them in their online decision.

Trigger your reader’s happy state of conquering the impossible.

Create a Sense of Urgency

To create a sense of urgency for the reader is to capture their attention to what they can lose out on if they don’t make a decision right away. 

Most readers online come to a website because something attracted them to it, most likely it was something that they need right away. Hone in on this; you’re already writing about the topic so you might as well place urgency on what can happen if the readers were to have a follow through with it.

Engage with your readers with a passion for how you feel about what you are talking about. This will help you to develop a connection with them from being a part of the same team.

When you are writing online stay away from creating a state of panic, stress or loss of control. Rather than focus on the negatives of not having what they want, focus on the positives of what they will have when they get what they want.

One thing you want to focus on is reducing distractions; you can do this by keeping your internal/external links to a minimum. This distracts the customers from reading continuously hence the sense of urgency falls to the back. You want to keep this sense of urgency going throughout the whole article without distractions.

As you know once readers click away from your content, it’s tough to get them back.

These are simple tips I use for writing for emotional impact. They seem to get my message across with emotion as well as understanding.

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Let me know in comments below if you have other ways of writing for emotional impact.


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