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5 Self-Influential Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid When Starting Out In Your Online Business

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Knowing that affiliate marketing can be very lucrative – affiliate marketing mistakes are bound to happen, especially with newbies who like me at one time didn’t understand what it meant to be an affiliate.

To people starting in this industry, affiliate marketing sounds easy, but they forget that affiliate marketing relies on one thing – traffic!

If you think about it, there’s no point in sending someone who is on a knitting site over to the fitness site. Unless of course there are workout gloves that are made out of yarn that can be used in a workout. Which I have yet to see.

Since my venture into affiliate marketing, I have learned from my mistakes. I hope to be able to show you, so you don’t experience what happened to me.

Moving right along into the mistakes I made.

Going With a Program Where There Was Little to No Support

  • Mistake

I got involved with a program where was little to no support. There were times where I had to send an email at least three times before any help was given.

Some didn’t help at all; others offered no training whatsoever!

Being new to this way of earning an income I remember getting stuck on the first step. I reached out for help but didn’t receive any until two weeks later.

To point out, I was still paying for their service but did not get to the second step until weeks later. This was valuable time and money being wasted by me.

  • Fix

I finally found an affiliate program where there is 24/7 support by the affiliate support team as well as the affiliate members. There’s an unlimited resource of knowledge in their site which I can access at any time.

Because they have so many members, I don’t think there is any question of affiliate marketing which hasn’t been answered.

Now my motto is not to go with an affiliate program which wants to help you to help them get rich while you flounder in the wide web.

Find one which is always going to be there for you no matter what.

Looking For the New Shiny Program

  • Mistake

Guilty of this as well, in my quest to become a successful online marketer, I did some program hopping. Although in my defense the upsells drove me away pretty fast.

Thinking about it now, who knows maybe if I had stuck with at least one program I could have been successful way back then rather than now.

I would say going venturing for the new answer to an old problem is nothing new. Although the answer might stare us right in the face, we as humans tend to want something here and now. This is what drives us.

If something doesn’t happen fast enough, we move onto the next best thing. This does more harm than good because it doesn’t give us time to immerse ourselves in the knowledge we have gained.

  • Fix

I found by staying with the program I am currently with I see a lot more activity in my Google analytics as well I have never stayed this long with a program before.

Mind you the affiliate program I am with now offers so much, I feel no need to go elsewhere. I have learned patience from this program, and know things take time to develop.

People have to learn to trust me before they will purchase anything from me. An affiliate site will only be trusted as more information is posted as well time since it has existed, has gone by.

There are no quick fixes.

Promoting Products Just For Money

  • Mistake

This is the not so bright side of affiliate marketing. Trying to gain commission for a product which one hardly knows anything about is not only unethical, but it’s also something a person would have a hard time selling.

Unfortunately, many affiliates make this mistake, not because they are trying to be unethical but because their organizational skills need some tending to. By this I mean they need to be organized in what their website focus is. 

Goes back to the knitting site selling workout gloves!

  • Fix

The best way to endorse a product is to research it until you know everything about it.

There are many ways to do this.

  • Read Amazon product reviews
  • Research the product online
  • Watch videos of the product
  • Gain insight into the type of customers who buy the product
  • PROMOTE a product related to your niche!

Trying to Make Money Right Away

One rule when starting affiliate marketing is don’t expect to be rich the next day. Many assume once they put the product on their site, throw in some content to fluff up the product, people are going to click and buy.

Nope, doesn’t happen like that. People need to trust affiliate sites before they will buy from them. First of all, there are no connections here whatsoever made with your readers. Seriously who are you really but just another website owner in the vast wide world of the Internet.

  • Fix

My first advice here is don’t waste your time flooding your website with affiliate links or joining every affiliate program you can think of. Another thing is don’t market high ticket products.

First matter of attention should be your content. The more you write, the more clicks you get from readers who can lead to them buying the product you’re endorsing.

At the beginning money shouldn’t be the main focus of the website, I’m not saying it shouldn’t be your overall focus, but when starting it should be secondary to what you are going to be promoting.

What you need to be focusing on here is writing content, getting traffic as well as collecting emails to create an email list. Which leads to the next mistake.

Not Creating An Email List

  • Mistake

90% of newbies will not collect an email list when they start. Regretfully, I have to say I was one of them and I’ve paid for it through the nose.

If you were to ask experts what is the one crucial piece of advice they can give you, they would most likely say, “create an email list.”

  • Fix

It’s never too late to start one. You’ve already started your website; maybe you even have some traffic coming to it. These could be your loyal readers who will most likely subscribe to your email list in order not to miss out on any new blogs you may be publishing.

The best way to create an email list is to give away something for free which provides value to your reader.

The nice thing about email lists is any time Google comes out with a new algorithm; it sometimes affects website rankings. But if you have a list of people who visit your blog daily, at least you won’t be affected as much as those who don’t have an email list.

Why You Won’t Be Affected?

You can send out an email to your readers to let them know that you’ve posted a new blog! 

Instant traffic to your website even though the Google algorithm may have pushed your rankings down.

Another great reason to have an email list is, your loyal readers will most likely buy what you are endorsing.

My affiliate marketing knowledge comes from my business background, but as well a program which I know has helped me advance significantly in this field. If you genuinely want to take off in this industry then join the top affiliate university for free where no credit card is required

These are crucial affiliate marketing mistakes you should most definitely avoid if you wish to be successful online. If you have any which you feel need to be added here, please leave in comments below.

Oh…and see you on my next blog.

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10 thoughts on “5 Self-Influential Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid When Starting Out In Your Online Business

  1. Hello Jag!

    What a wonderful article. Telling everyone specially newbies, how to void mistakes that we made on the pass. Yes, patience is the key. I, myself have move on and on many times to other business because I got frustated, did not see a fast results’ whant money fast, did not have the right help so many times that I can’t remember. I spended so much time and money that I may could buy a brand new car with a full cash payment.

    Yes, was coming to Wealty Affiliate that I learning how to be patience. Learn how to build a business takes time, hard work, efforts. Any physical business do not make money from night thru the day, why we think the Online Business is different?

    I learn to not look only for money like you said. I agree that we need to understand about our niche, we have to know a product very well and that will make much easy to write about. When you know what you talking about, you talk with enthusiasm, with passion.

    I do not have a email list yet, but becouse of your tip I will fix this ASAP.

    Thank you so much for such good tips on Affiliate Market.

    To your success,


  2. Hi Jag, What great advice you have given. I am sure I have been tempted to try some of the things you say we should avoid. Fortunately, I joined first of all to become a VA to my daughter and she taught me so much. That was so fortunate as she gave me good advice as what to do.

    What I haven’t done is get an e-mail list going, and now thanks to your wonderful advice, this will be next on my list.

    My mission with Wealthy Affiliate was first of all to learn all I could and not be scared to use my laptop. They taught me so much more and I will be forever grateful.

    1. Yes, I think most of us are tempted, but have to reign it in otherwise risk stepping out of affiliating. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Jag, 

    Great and a well thought post. It’s true that sticking to a program that has a good support team plays major role in affiliate marketing. I jumped from one source to the other thinking that I will make money quick until reality dawned on me. Later, finding a better platform where trainings a carried out with truth set me on a true course of affiliate marketing and I’ve not regretted that. So, I agree with you perfectly on that. 

    However, I’ve not started my email marketing yet as I think it needs to wait for a while. But upon reading this, I would have to give it a second thought. Which email marketing tool would you recommend?

  4. Hi Jab,

    Something that I really agree from your article is that the support is one of the most important aspects of any online business especially affiliate marketing. When you need motivation or just soem technical support having somebody to text is a must have. What do you think is the first mistake you made with affiliate marketing?

    1. The first mistake I see affiliates make is thinking this is an easy road to riches, then they get discouraged if no one shows up, which eventually leads some to quit thinking what a failure they are because they couldn’t make while others did. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Hi Jag,

    Great post!  It is sad but true.  I have made and I am still making some of the mistakes you mention in your post.  It is not that I am clueless, but more about not getting around to doing it.  Your post is a good motivation to get the ball rolling.  

    I definitely need to make my email list a priority.  Do you maybe have suggestions on what email lists are the best to use?  I am using WorpPress and looking for a good email list plugin.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. I have seen most newbies who do make these mistakes, another one I didn’t list was starting lots of websites. It’s hard enough creating content for one, but having to create content for too many sites get overwhelming. 

      I am using icegram, easy to set-up and few different options available. Thanks for your comment. 

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