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5 Best Qualities of a Good Marketer Which Will Make Online Marketing Easier

qualities of a good marketer

What are the top 5 qualities of a good marketer?

Qualities of good marketer start from knowing what makes you tick as well how you will have to follow through with what you have set yourself out to do. If you think about it, at the end of the day online business requirements are similar to what the brick & mortar business requires.

Willingness to learn

There have been a few times where I thought I knew everything there was to know about affiliate marketing.

But to tell you the truth, I’ve been doing it for a while and still don’t know it all. Most likely because every new year new techniques pop up or every few years Google rolls out something new.

I know for a fact that delving into something new can be difficult, but if you go into it with a positive mindset, the learning curve can be made easier.

Many have been doing this for years, find the top ones and read their blogs. Apply what they say to apply.

One I like is Zac Johnson, he’s been around for many years, and I read his blog to gain knowledge. This knowledge may be second hand, but once applied in your unique way, it becomes firsthand knowledge.


Because this is a self-run business, self-will needs to be strong here. Remember there is no one pushing you to reach month-end goals.

You alone are pushing yourself!

There are days where I get up and don’t want to type another blog or write a review. But I know how important it is; otherwise, my website suffers the consequences in Google rankings.

Having self-will requires a significant amount of discipline of organizing your day as well as creating topics beforehand on what to cover on a specific day.

Remember if you have self-will to get out of bed, eat, exercise or whatever else you do regularly on your day to day living, well then you have what it takes. This is the same part of you; you need to call into attention when working with affiliate marketing.


At the beginning when I started affiliate marketing, I thought it was going to happen instantly. Boy, what an eye-opener that was.

It took at least three months before Google even started to recognize my site. Not because I wasn’t posting or not doing what I should have been doing. It was because it took time for my site to be trusted by Google.

There is no such thing as overnight success; it does take the time to build an online success. Many of the successful marketers have been doing their blogging for years. I know I can’t expect to match them within a few months.


Make sure you have a mission to succeed. My goal to accomplish is my family’s need to be financially independent.

Previous to my affiliate marketing life, I was limited to one weekend vacation every few years. Our financial health just wasn’t where it should have been. Frankly, that’s the story of many families, due to the rise in cost.

Now we can take a vacation once a year, not exactly where I want to be, but at least my family is headed in a more desired direction.

What I’ve done to be more in alignment with my purpose is to have a picture of my family right by the side of my laptop when I start work for the day.

Stay Positive

Pretty sure you’ve probably heard this one often!

Honestly, I have to say there were days when staying positive didn’t work. I now know those are the days I really should take a break.

Otherwise, I may run the risk of burnout. And you all know what happens when we get burnt out, it gets hard to go back and get revved up again.

I take occasional breaks during the day to break up my day.

Some of the things I do are:

  • Have tea
  • Take my dog for a walk
  • Call my sister up
  • Go out for lunch

Of course, there are many things you can do as well. But the thing to do is step away from your computer. Sometimes when I step away, I also come with genuinely new and creative ideas.

Coming up with new ideas usually keeps the positive pump going. So when I return, it’s generally with more energy.

I am the first one to say affiliate marketing is not easy, but once you get started the success is unlimited. Having successful qualities of a good marketer should be considered as becoming an everyday part of your life.

What qualities do you think a good marketer should possess to get ahead in the affiliate marketing world?
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8 thoughts on “5 Best Qualities of a Good Marketer Which Will Make Online Marketing Easier

  1. When reading your post I felt like I was writing it myself! I have been an affiliate Marketer the last two years and learned that these are very important qualities in order to be successful with affiliate marketing. You have to work hard, be structured, take breaks and always know what is your motivation, what is the reason you are doing it.

    One advice from me would be: don’t forget that we are social creatures and it is important to share with others not only online but also offline. It can feel lonely sometimes.

    1. I think one of the most important thing about doing an online business is knowing what your motivation is. Because without motivation there is no purpose in getting going in the morning. I like your statement about being social creatures. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hi! Very good article about affiliate marketing. I`m actually pretty new in such online business and I need to learn a lot. It is true what you said about this, you need to be positive and have very strong self-will. In the time when you are engaged in affiliate marketing, have you tried many different options of this business? I started as blog writer (niche). I like your article, you got the point, keep up the good work!

    1. You’re right positivity and self-will are very strong when doing affiliate marketing online. Discouragements happens quite often because things don’t happen fast enough. That’s where positivity and self-will come in handy. Thank you for your comment.

  3. I must say that this article helped  me a lot because my cousin want to start with online business but he think that he will get rich quick without too much work. I will definitely share this info with him. Personally, I think that patience is most important and that everyone can achieve nice results if they give yourself at least a year. I even saw people who succeed in 6 months but they worked every day very hard. Everyone can make a success but it is a long-term goal.

    1. Many people will start online in affiliate marketing at the beginning think this is a quick road to wealth. But it’s actually a more slower rewarding Road which leads to long term success. Thank you for your comment.

  4. This is a really important article right now because almost everyone right now are interested in online affiliate marketing. This article is just a good boost for anyone who is starting up with the online marketing.  I really loved the paragraph which talks about self will. It was really motivating for me personally. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. 

    1. I agree with you affiliate marketing is very popular right now. But the only ones who are going to make it are the ones with self-will.Without being a self-starter or there is no one to motivate you self-will becomes very important. Thank you for your comment.

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