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5 Low to No Cost Home Based Business Ideas For Women

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Home based business ideas aren’t only limited to becoming an affiliate. Of course, being an affiliate is one of the best ideas ever, as women are the ones who make many family-based decisions on buying home necessities.

Who better to make a sale to other women than a woman who has much advice to offer based on their own buying experience.

Today I am going to give you hot ideas for 2018 on businesses women can start from home where little to no investment is required.

Any business we do from home usually has very little overhead. As a matter of fact portion of the house, we use to conduct our business, electricity, gas and other purchases can be written off.

How nice is that!

  1. Learn to become an affiliate from Wealthy Affiliate

Okay, so this my number one choice. Compared to when I had an office where the monthly rent was $560 dollars month, the only cost here is $67 CAD (Canadian Dollars) which I pay to Wealthy Affiliate monthly.

But the kicker here is I can have up to 25 websites hosted with them, yet the cost will stay the same. Since there over 1,400,000 members here, everyone shares their information. I get to learn how to be a successful affiliate marketer.

As well I have everything under one roof, where the cost is; Let me write again only $67 CAD (Canadian Dollars).

  1. Start Publishing eBooks with Kindle Publishing

If you like writing, then this may be precisely what you want to. I know I enjoy writing as well. I can now, with a published book online call myself a published author.

You can sell your eBooks starting at $.99 all the way up to whatever you think your books are worth. Some people sell reports; others sell PLR articles.

The shortest eBook I have seen there is 3000 words longs. If you can whip up 3000 word eBooks quickly, it won’t be long before you have an excellent income coming in.

Don’t let the idea of self-publishing fool you into thinking you’ll only be successful with someone recognized in the publishing industry. Some authors such as Amanda Hocking have even gone onto getting movie deals from the process.

Here the only investment is your time, of course, great thoughts as well. These are what will go on to creating a great story.

  1. Becoming a blogger 

There are so many women making money by being bloggers. They blog about their everyday life, others blog about what they specialize in.

Blogs aren’t too difficult to start and keep going. Most people blog like they are having a conversation, now who doesn’t like discussions. Your readers will react to your blogs if you can make that connection with them.

The more trust you build with your readers, the more they will come to you for advice as well make purchases which you recommend.

Once again Wealthy Affiliate is great for this as they have free websites available to get you started in the blogging world.

  1. Be an online instructor

We all have something in us which others want to learn. Maybe you know how to cook, teach guitar or perhaps even how to teach English. These are just a few of the potential possibilities of what you can teach.

Skillshare is the best place to offer this type of training. Most of the instructors offer at least one course for free to whet future potential students appetite.

Skillshare offers great training material to get you started! All their training material is free. They only get paid once you create a class. All you need is some initiative and willingness to teach.

  1. Become a YouTube star

Being an online personality and making people laugh is great as well. So many people have become millionaires this way.

Not only that, some like Lilly Singh also now rubs elbows with Hollywood celebrities!

Through YouTube, you can get Adsense or get paid through the adverts which are posted by YouTube itself.

Of course, once again the investment here is a great phone with a good camera as well as learning the YouTube curve.

There you have it, home-based business ideas for women. There are many women out there who are making a good income from home. Not only are they saving on office space rental money, but they are also functioning on their own time and schedule.

Do you have any great low to no cost home-based business ideas?  Leave all comments or thoughts below for some great inspiration for me and others who read here.

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6 thoughts on “5 Low to No Cost Home Based Business Ideas For Women

  1. Although your post is targeted at women, I found the post to be very informative for men too.

    I really like #2 publishing ebooks with Kindle Publishing

    I recently created an ebook in 1 day and uploaded it to Kindle and I am giving it away for free and using it as a lead generation tool.

    Not only did I get to the top 10 best sellers, but I am finding a lot of new contacts.

    However, the real best nugget here is that you become very credible as a Kindle Publisher.

    That alone is worth the effort even if the book is free.

    Loved your post (even though I am a guy!)

    Tim Bennett

    1. I agree this article could be useful to almost anyone who wants to enter the affiliate world. I also have some kindle books published out there as well. It’s really nice to see when people download a book you have written. Thanks for the comment.

  2. This was an eye opening article for me. Although I’m not a woman, clearly, These are ideas I can pass on to my cousins and friends, as they are always looking for new ways of income streams. I like that you stated being an affiliate is one of the best, and I couldn’t agree with you more. I think its an open avenue to do more, like grow into eCommerce more, shopify, more blogging, creating books, etc. One thing I’ve wanted to do for a while myself is be an online instructor. If I have some skill to offer other people like mathematics or a hobby, why not share it right? That’s cool. Thank you for laying out low cost home based business ideas.

  3. Hi there! I love your list of work-from-home business ideas! In this digital age, it is so easy to take advantage of telecommuting to work and it gives us so much flexibility! I recently started my own blog on food and I enjoy taking advantage of being home in pajamas while still contributing to adding content. My question is how many subscribers or followers do you generally need in order to leverage AdSense and other money making techniques?

    Thank you!

    1. The food blog sounds really interesting, I love cooking. Yes the digital age is all about being online and finding out there are so many customers out there who are always ordering things.

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