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5 Highly Demanding Evergreen Niches You Should Consider Promoting Right Now On Your Website For Affiliate Success

evergreen niches

Creating an evergreen niches site is something you should consider. Affiliate sites mean coming up with a list of business ideas which will be successful, although they can be difficult, especially if you don’t feel drawn to any particular niche.

But since today is your lucky day, I have done some research on evergreen niche topics for you already. My research shows the five following niches are always going to be popular.

What I have done is looked at each niche as the main niche and then broken it down further. A niche is more successful if it is undertaken with terms within the industry, but which have less competition.

The ones with an asterisk beside them are niches which are waiting to be explored in more depth which could lead to having more success.

Video Games and More

The term Games has 4476587 searches a day with the top website getting traffic of 761020 per day. Most people who have kids know how much games are in demand at all times.

  • Kids Games has 165539 searches per day
  • Video Games has 65584 searches per day
  • Learning Video Games has 112 searches per day *
  • Interactive Games For Kids has 80 searches per day *

Affiliate Programs

Dog Stuff and More

The term Dog has 735425 searches a day with the top website getting traffic of 125023 per day. It’s pretty clear here people love their dogs, but you can also research pets.

  •  Dog Training has 13992 searches a day
  • Dog Breeding has 5216 searches a day
  • Dog Health Food has 96 searches a day *
  • Natural Dog Care has 40 searches a day *

Affiliate Programs

Work From Home and More

The term Work From Home has 383347 a day with the top website getting a traffic of 65169 per day. This gives a pretty clear indication of how much people value their time and money.

  • Personal Finance has 36523 per day
  • Home Based Business has 10300 per  day
  • Best Residual Income has 103 per day*
  • Saving and Investing Money has 48 per day *

Affiliate Programs

Weight Loss and More

The term Weight Loss has 245091 searches a day with the top website getting traffic of 41666 per day. Most of us probably think about our weight at least once a day, so hence the search for this topic is high as well.

  • Exercise Equipment has 62438 searches per day
  • Diet has 57134 searches per day
  • Herbal Weight Loss Supplements 93 searches per day*
  • Cardio Fitness Equipment 82 searches per day*

Affiliate Programs

Beauty Products and More

The term Beauty 194884 searches a day with the top website getting traffic of 33131 per day. People will always want to be healthy. Although some may think beauty is superficial, for some having great skin can also mean purchasing skin care products all year round.

Don’t forget hair falls into beauty as well.

  • Makeup has 162949 searches per day 
  • Hair Products 3805 searches per day
  • Best Beauty Skins Care Products has 56 searches per day *
  • Health Beauty Treatments has 24 searches per day *

Affiliate Programs

Now that you know how a niche can be explored further. There are great ways to explore such niches by using keyword tools. The one I use is at Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me know what you think about my five evergreen niches, as always leave comments below.

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12 thoughts on “5 Highly Demanding Evergreen Niches You Should Consider Promoting Right Now On Your Website For Affiliate Success

  1. I have been looking for this information, thank you so much for putting everything in one place, especially on including the affiliate programs involved. I will be very comfortable on creating a website on Home Based Business because that’s what I  am passionate about. But does Home Based Business like not too competitive for a beginner?

    Thank you so much for such great info

    1. No I don’t think home based business is going to be a problem, so as long as you put your own personal spin on the topic. You should do well. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I knew health and fitness as well as personal finances where popular blogging topics considering that both affect everyone is some kind of way.

    I never knew that dog related blogs or video games could be a high money making niche when it comes to blogging. 

    I have a niche outside of these that you have mentioned and would like your opinion. Do you think tiny house living is a viable niche? 

    1. Everyone loves dogs right? As well almost every household has some kind of gaming console, if not many download games apps to play on their phone. I mean look at the craze that happened with Candy Crush, one lady spent over $200,000 just to keep playing. 

      Yes I think tiny house, it isn’t saturated yet. It gets 9955 searches a day as well the top sites gets 1693 visits per day. So it’s still a great viable niche. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Evergreen niches are so important. While niches that can give you one off profits might be effective and even easier to target for a little while — it won’t work forever. I personally don’t like to waste my time on anything that isn’t evergreen. Thanks for the niche ideas. 🙂

    1. Yes you are right evergreen niches will always be around and will always profit. I myself stay within the evergreen niches as well. Thank you for your comment.

  4. These are all great, but would most likely be best for someone who is passionate about one of these subjects. Do you agree or could a person do it if they are willing to do a lot if research and studying?

    The number of searches for games is crazy. That one is not for me though.

    Health and Fitness is definitely a good niche and there are so many sub niches there.

    Thank you for this very useful information.

    1. I think with some research anyone can become an authority on any niche. It’s all matter of getting your information together and presenting from your perspective. Thank you for your comment.

  5. These are all great evergreen niches.  however I feel they are very saturated.  Work from home is still one I would love to go after.  The thing when I say saturated just means you have to work a little harder and think outside the box and can still make great money.  I was wondering what you think of niches like parenting, camping, fishing and sports.? I cant wait to hear your response.

    1. They may saturated, but they can be brought down to a micro niche which goes with your saying that thinking outside the box may help to make them successful.

  6. Jag Randa,  good job you are doing,  I really love your ciurage

     Thank you for this informative review on high demand niches to research and promote.  Honestly finding a more lucrative niche is essential in the affiliate marketing space and I think your suggestions are great to start with.  

    Keep doing the  good job jag. 

    1. Find a lucrative niche is definitely a must, but these niches are always there if one can’t find something they like. Thank you for your comment.

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