5 Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid In 2019

Today we’re going to talk about the 5 biggest affiliate marketing mistakes you can easily avoid in 2019.

You may be thinking that affiliate marketing is such a busy industry how can people still make mistakes?

The reason people are making them is that although it’s a busy industry, it’s still a growing industry where many new affiliates are coming online every day.

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Today I’m going to present you the top  5 mistakes which in my opinion influences our audience in the year 2019.

Selecting the Wrong Products

This goes hand in hand with choosing the wrong niche that you have no interest in it at all. If you’re not interested in the niche, you will not be invested in writing about the product.

Read my post on how to find a niche which will help your website start off on the right foot.

When selecting products which you are going to be standing behind, you need to make sure that they are actually providing a solution to your readers.

How can you add value to your readers’ lives:

  • Focusing on your readers’ needs
  • Always be upfront and open
  • Share your knowledge/experiences/insights

Many affiliates are going into affiliating products they don’t believe in because they want to earn money right away.

In the long run, this is not the wisest of choices.


Because you risk the chance of losing interest from your readers, you want to build long-term trust. But if your product is something even you don’t stand behind, the trust is not going to be there.

Jumping onto the bandwagon of marketing the product that’s most in demand isn’t the road to riches. The product that you need to be marketing is a product that you know you can sell with your words.

Focusing Only On One Income Stream

Although you may stand behind the product that you are promoting, you will need to add in different streams of income to earn a living online.

Many people start out with a niche where they only promote one product. Later on, it gets challenging to add in new products which can create a new stream of income.

By limiting themselves to only promoting one type of income creating product, they risk losing out on money which could come from another stream.

When we’re focused only on one stream of income, we are only bringing in those types of readers.

In this day and age, the Internet has created many opportunities for us online marketers. With the resources available at our fingertips there should be no reason why we cannot search out many streams of income.

Having many streams of income creates long-term job security for us. As well it brings in a new unique opportunity which we may not have had otherwise.

Not Creating an Email List

Most online marketers are told to create an email list as soon as they start their website. I totally stand behind this concept.

It is going to be to your email marketing list that you are going to market your products to. This will happen in the form of when you send out a newsletter which may be weekly/biweekly/monthly.

These people are the ones who have signed up to your list to receive information you have to give out. They trust your advice; hence they will purchase a product that you stand behind.

By creating an email list, it allows you to get personal with your readers. When someone signs up for your list, it obviously means they have in investment in what you stand for.

An email list is a very targeted group of people. The reason their target is because you already know what they like and you can send them more of that.

If most people are anything like me, they will view their email several times a day. You have that much more of a chance of being seen by them.

Design a Poor Quality Website

If your website quality is poor, it creates no trust in your readers. The message it sends out is that you don’t really care what happens.

When people land on your website, it’s almost as if they are window viewing. If the display looks appealing, then readers will go inside and visit; otherwise, they’ll leave.

Chances are they might even tell others about your website, which means you may lose some potential future viewers of your website.

Make sure your website does not go over three colors. When a site has a background which clashes with the message they are trying to send, I tend to click away.

Another thing that really bothers me is when there is no real way to navigate the site. The menu should always be on one line rather than two.

Some problems which lead to rejection or mistrust by the readers is:

  • Misleading name
  • Too many pop-up advertisements
  • Boring use of color
  • Not enough white space
  • Hard to read text
  • Site loads to slow
  • The layout is way too busy

These types of issues are the main reasons why people will leave your site. Visual appeal is significant to all of us. It influences us to stay or go.

Giving Up Too Fast

Once you sign up to be an affiliate marketer online, you need to recognize right from the beginning that it’s a long-term commitment.

Many people expect results right away. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. You need to build trust with your readers for them to start buying what you’re selling.

Some of the reasons people give up are:

  • Not making money as fast as they think they should
  • Being rejected by an affiliate program
  • Working hard, but seeing little results
  • No focus or motivation to keep going
  • Traffic not appearing as quickly as they want

What most of us need to understand is that affiliate marketing takes work. Just as a retailer in a brick and mortar store entices customers to come in buy. We as affiliates also need to wait for readers to buy.

If we give up too quickly, we never know what could be. The mark most people usually give up at is six months, which could be the turning point for their website.

These are top 5 mistakes which people make when starting an affiliate business.

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Hopefully, this post has taught you about the 5 biggest affiliate marketing mistakes you can easily avoid In 2019.

If you have any comments or need more clarification, please drop them below.

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