4 Impressive Ways You Can Make Customers First Impressions Memorable to Tip Your Site For Revisits

 Customers first impressions are essential, not only because you want them to buy your product, but because you also want them to return to your website to read all the fantastic content you put out.

Did you know that it takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for people landing on your website to decide whether they like it or not?

We are a socially fast-moving world, snap judgments take an instant to make. As you know, first impressions always count.

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Have you ever been in a situation online where you were making first impressions?

Focus back on that time to figure out how quickly your first impression was formed. What drove you to make that first impression?

Our nature is to judge everything based on our visualization. The better the visuals, the more attractive we find what we’re looking at. Going back to the 50 ms, that’s the amount of time you have to make a good impression.

Use this time wisely!

Make Your About Me Page Stand Out

The first product you will be selling online is yourself. This is where you’re About Me page comes in. The more attractive your page is, the more likely you are to get customers to trust you.

Based on this page alone an impression of you will be formed!

This page will be the most visited page on your website. Your readers are connected to you via what is states here. This one page tells the readers about you – who you are, what you do, what your blog is all about.

Remember not to over complicate things on this page. Keep it simple, straightforward, and let it communicate just a few key ideas about your website.

What are the most important things on an About Me page:

  • Smile in your picture
  • Stick to facts, don’t hype up your page
  • Create trust with your readers
  • Let the readers know what they can look forward to
  • Make a good connection by keeping it real about yourself
  • List credentials, certification, awards
  • Be interesting, don’t bore your readers to tears

Check out my About Me page to get an idea for yourself. 

What Effect Do You Want To Have On Your Readers

This is the time you can influence your readers on how you want them to react on your site. Well-written content is excellent, but to bring the readers to your website you need to create great headlines.

Personally myself, I like long headlines. Hopefully, my headlines do what they are intended to do which is to explain what the article is going to be about. The more magnetic your headline is, the more readers you’re going to attract from organic search.

Short headlines can have just as much an impact as long headlines. In your headline, all you have to do is capture emotion and action to draw in readers.

To write great headlines:

  • Use plain language
  • Arouse your readers’ curiosity
  • Don’t confuse your readers with your headline
  • Keep your headline captivating

The more emotion you try to capture in your writing the more heartstrings you will be stirring of your readers. Content that is emotionally–driven sells more than any other type of material. 

You know why?

Because Emotion inspires, motivates and triggers action.

For instance, take a look at the two sentences below and see which one drives you.

  1. Make your decision now to buy 
  2. Make your decision now rather than later or else you will lose out on this phenomenal sale.

As soon as you read the second sentence you realize no one wants to be a loser; this sentence would force them to make a decision 

Another significant effect of having on your readers is to be personal with them which will help you to establish a deep connection with them. By bonding with them in this way, not only is it rewarding for you and your reader, but it also lets your readers know who you are. 

This is also important when you are trying to stay relevant, always keep your readers on their toes by creating awesome, yet moving efficiently to read content.

 Don’t Try To Be Over Amazing, Pick One Niche To Excel At

An important thing to remember is to pick your niche that you are fantastic at, leave the other niches for others to be amazing at. Many times I will go to websites to get some ideas on what to do and what not to do.

feel visibly horrified when I see a writer trying to excel at everything. What I mean by this is they try to include information on things which do not pertain to their niche.

It’s a lot easier to research and write about what the website is about, rather than try to spread yourself thin to include everything else which is irrelevant to what message you are trying to get across. When online business marketers do this they become a jack of all trades, but master of none.

Master the niche you are in. Once you’ve mastered your niche, then start another site to master another niche. 

Don’t have a niche you can excel at, find some in the evergreen niches to claim as your own.

Dress-up  Your Website 

There have been many times where I’ve landed on the site. Usually, it’s the home page, yet I have no way of knowing where I’m supposed to go next.

As you can tell from my website, I like a nice clean, minimal look. That’s the way I’m in real life as well; I’m a minimalist while trying to keep things in order. 

Whenever I visit one of my good friend’s home, her living room drives me crazy with all the things that are cramped in there. It’s the same way I feel when I see a jam-packed home page.

I like the website where there is only one sidebar. It’s a comfortable user experience. Of course, you may want two sidebars, place your ads in a way that is engaging as well relevant to what your website is all about.

Create an easy to follow the menu, make it visible so that your readers know where to click for their next information. If you use WordPress then you know many of the themes are responsive which make it easy to create a great user experience.

But one thing I want to point out is to check how your theme looks on a PC, tablet as well as mobile. Make the necessary adjustments to make sure that your readers on the other end have a great time while reading on any one of their gadgets.

Don’t forget to focus on the colors. Being visual means we the readers are always attracted to a particular type of color. See what type of color your niche is viewed as. 

For instance – a site about trees may go with the color green, a website focused on selling video games would be better represented in black or a site about talking about emotions would be better reflected in blue. 

The colors pertain more to your menu bar or header colors. 

Remember customers first impressions are what determine the overall success of your online business, make them count.

What do you think are the most essential elements to make a good impression online, leave your thoughts below. 

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