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3 Simple Creating Web Content Tips Which Will Make Online Writing So Much Easier For You

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Creating web content shouldn’t be as hard as it seems., but yes for some it can be a little frustrating.  Considering you have to research good keywords as well write based on those keywords.

If you’ve got your impressive website name set-up, well then it’s all ready to go. The next thing you need to focus on is the tagline of your website. That’s where your keywords will come from.

What message are you trying to get across on this property of yours? 

For instance: My tagline for my website is ‘affiliate marketing knowledge.’ At Marketing Hindsight I provide you with the best advice from my knowledge database which has accumulated over the year in regards to affiliate marketing.

Before moving forward, I do put a lot of emphasis on motivation. This was something I could have used more of when I started in this industry.

Now let’s talk about your property online.

Okay off the record, I have to say I will never get tired of saying my property; it’s my investment which I’m hoping to grow into an empire. Compared to physical property prices, it’s quite possibly the cheapest one you will ever purchase, but unlike a physical property which increases value every few years. Online property can increase in value within a year, the plus side is not only will it increase in value; it will also earn you money.


  • What is your tagline’s meaning?
  • When you started your website what was your intention with it?
  • Who is your audience/readers?
  • Why are you doing what you are doing?
  • How will this benefit your reader?

By placing importance on these five questions, you will be creating web content like a pro. 

Have a pencil and paper ready, if you are not a writer by hand, and then get a program open to start writing. We are going to get right into it.

Make sure to follow each step, but complete the action before moving on. It will make the process a whole lot easier.

Pick Your Topic

This is a given you will need to have a topic to write about; most likely what your website’s tagline is what you want your topic to be about.

For example, I will use my own website here Marketing Hindsight. It can be broken down into many topics.

For this content writing exercise, I will pick a topic to write about. So what can we deduce from the tagline or name of my website?

  • It’s About Affiliates
  • Marketing
  • Product Reviews
  • Motivation
  • Create Content
  • And much more, but you get the idea right

Further to break it down I will focus only on one of these topics.

I have made my decision; today I’m going to write about a topic which comes up often when people are starting their website. This is something which can make or break a site.

Creating Web Content

The main job of content is to get your site into Google rankings, the topics here are, but not limited to:

  • Content – what readers read when they come to a website
  • Performance – How quickly readers can navigate from one section to the next
  • Authority – Once again it comes back to content on a site. Do you know what you are talking about?
  • User Experience – Are readers building trust with you, again the best way to convey this is with words

So now you probably get an idea of why content is king.

Break Your Topic Down

Now the time has come to decide what you are going to include in your topic. As I said before, I am going to write on how to create content.

What you will want to do now is break down your topic into further seven related categories, keep in mind; this will include an introduction as well as the conclusion.

How to Write Content

  • Introduction
  • How to come up with ideas to write content
  • Why does content have to be a certain length
  • When should content be written
  • Who should content be written for
  • What will content do for your website
  • Conclusion

By breaking it down into seven related categories you are going to end up with over 1000 words of material which are acceptable nowadays, but of course, more would better.

When creating content of any kind we are always answering how, why, when, who, what and sometimes where, in the next step, we are going to create three subtopics for each category.

Create Subtopics

You’ve followed along so far, now stick with me to the end, most likely you will end up with a useful article which you will be able to post.

Of course, you will need to edit it. This is done by leaving it alone for a few hours. So carrying on…


  • What the topic is about
  • Who can use the topic
  • Why they need it

How to come up with ideas to write content

  • Browse the internet for ideas
  • Where do people find their ideas
  • Go to forums to see what people want to know

Why does material have to be a certain length?

  • When content is a certain length 
  • Can get an idea across
  • More content creates more value for the reader

When should content be written?

  • Content should be written
  • The best time of the day to release new content is
  • I find it’s easier to write content on the weekend because

Who should content be written for?

  • People who love to read
  • Most who land on your site have come
  • For those who are looking for the new up and coming

What will content do for your site?

  • When you write content on your site, it will
  • You will get a lot more readers to your site which may help
  • You never know your content may go viral


  • This is a great way to write content because
  • With this information, you can now
  • If you feel this information has helped, then you can

Give yourself a high five for getting this far, most of the hard work is done.

I have intentionally not completed the subtopics as it was more of a way for you to get the feel of how to write subtopics for each category.

The next thing you want to do is complete each subtopic into a let’s say a 50-word paragraph.

That would be like 3-4 sentences each, not a lot to ask for here; with a little effort, it is achievable.

If you feel you can’t find anything to say, use the technique above to break the subtopics into further 3-4 subtopics. Those will go onto creating your sentences. With some effort, you could end up creating web content for many days to come.

Also for more motivation on creating content, find out how to write web content others will read.

Comments are a great way to get a content conversation going; please leave them below on how you create web content as well if you feel this little exercise above is something you will try.

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22 thoughts on “3 Simple Creating Web Content Tips Which Will Make Online Writing So Much Easier For You

  1. I find that choosing a topic is one of the hardest things for me.  How can I come up with content for something when I don’t even know what that is.  A topic is certainly the most important part of starting out.  After you have chosen a topic then you will have to think about the exact content that you would like to feature on your website.  It is about easy to understand chunks of text that is easy for your readers to read and understand.  

    1. Your right topic ideas can be a little bit daunting, but with a little research while focusing on your website name as well the tagline you have can make it easier. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post, Jag. Full of great ideas on how to write content.  You have really broken it down well.  Easy to understand. I may just have to copy and paste this as a template for further reference.

    That’s an aspect of WA that I really like, Site Content and Templates.  And, you can make your own.

    Finding topics to write about isn’t that hard either.  Google makes it easy.  Just type in a few “keywords” and the search engine gives you a list to look at.

    Content is “KING” and the more we do the better we will get at it and, as I said, the way you have broken it down here is going to help many.

    All teh best as you Move Forward,


    1. When I write content online, I write it in a way I understand it. Keeping it as simple as possible is the best way for others to understand what ideas you are trying to get across. Thank you for your comment.

  3. I am so glad I found this article. I had been searching google for Simple Creating Web Content Tips and found your site. I have two “properties” of my own; one of the is a baby sleep niche site and for that one, I outsource my writing because the subject is one where I want to make sure I come off knowing what I am talking about. The other site is a personal, more “The Woes Of Motherhood” type of site and I have had it since this July. The problem is, I can’t really come up with content ideas!  The “theme” or “niche” of my site is “Moody Motherhood” and like, being an introverted, anti-social and shy mother and how its difficult having a extroverted child, etc etc… I am hoping to connect with other mothers just like me.. Do you see how that is kind of a niche itself? “Challenges Of Moody Introverted Mothers” I guess it would be…

    Coming up with content ideas and thinking of what to write is really, really difficult for me. I have about 10 articles so far. I went to this website called Answer The Public and put in the word “Motherhood” and got lots of results… but the writing itself is so dry! I really like the way you broke it down how to construct an article. I get that, I know how to make headings and subheadings its just the writing itself…. I guess I just need to “Free Write” as I hear that is beneficial and good for making better web content? What do you think about free writing? I mean of course I would go back after and edit everything but that is the only way I can dump all the ideas out of my head. 

    Plus my son takes only ONE nap a day at noon. It can be anywhere from one to three hours long. I really try to make things quiet and comfortable so my sons sleeps as long as possible because this is my only window of time to do work on my laptop. When my son is awake I absolutely MUST keep my eyeballs on him because he is an rambunctious toddler. 

    When I have this little pocket of time and my son finally drifts off to sleep I am like “Okay great ! Now I have to create web content! How am I going to do it? What am I going to write about? I have an hour….ahhhhh” then I wrapped up in other tasks like scheduling pins or answering comments….you know? What are some really good ways to get the juices really going?

    1. This article was more geared towards how to write content versus content ideas. I seem to be hearing content ideas quite a bit. Please keep tune to this website and I will be writing about how to generate content ideas. Thank you for your comment.

  4. Great article on creating content. I really liked the 5 questions to ask yourself in the beginning and the 7 related categories. These will both be very helpful to write any new article.

    Do these tips work for doing product reviews as well? I do a lot of those on my site.

    The detail in the subtopics to create for the article are awesome and thought provoking which I think will help a lot of writers, especially when the old writers block sets in occasionally.

    Great information here for newbies and expert writers. Thank you for a great post. 

    1. Yes these tips to work to write product reviews. Writers block and set in really quickly. These tips that I’ve offered are great way to keep up writers block. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Hi Jag,

    I love creating content, especially when I’m writing about something I master. However, I find it daunting to write “best of product” reviews. More often, I have to do a lot of research before writing about some of the products. It’s always easy to write a review of a product that I’ve used, though.

    Since “best of product’ reviews follow a particular structure, I suppose this strategy can work well for these types of blog posts?

    Finally, I find keyword research to be very challenging. I hope you do write about a strategy to go about keyword researching too.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. This strategy will help with writing best of product reviews. This strategy covers almost everything content is written about. Keyword research can be challenging, I will definitely look into writing one topic. Thank you for your comment.

  6. This is a very good informative post!

    It took me a while before I figured out how to creat good content, so people weren’t boring, and they were discussing it with me, and in the end, also buying it.

    The tips you give is everything what i figured out after a couple of months and having more experience, so I’m very sure that beginning people will have the best guide because of you!

    Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Glad that you found my post informative. It can take a while before being able to write content which others will find useful as well interesting to read. I found that writing comes easiest to me when I have it all planned out, broken down into subtopics. Thank you for your comment

  7. Jag, this was a very interesting post.  I’ve never thought to construct a checklist for writing a piece in quite the way you’ve outlined (and I’ve written a heck of a lot of stuff.)  The thing is, it breaks down the steps I often do naturally into a linear-style checklist that will probably be enormously helpful.  

    I tend to free-flow a lot, being a bit of an idiosyncratic poetic sort, and having this structure all written out and THERE in front of me is going to be a tremendous help for the times when the words are being passive-aggressive or whatever and I face the dreaded Block.  

    Thank you!  Bookmarking this one and adding lots of feathers and bells to it!

    1. My idea has always been to work for a checklist when I’m writing. For one it helps the writing process to get easier as well I can always find if I’ve covered everything. Broken down in steps into linear style is definitely helpful. Thank you for your comment.

  8. I really like this post. 

    It is so helpful to anyone who is trying to write good content, however much experience they have had, and I think that your suggestion to open a page and start to write whilst going through your post is a very good idea.

    You cover just about every aspect of writing good content, and I will certainly be referring back to your post next time I am writing my own post!

    Very many thanks for great and helpful advice which you offer.

    Chrissie 🙂

  9. Jag Randa, kudos to you again for this review. your last post really helped me.

    writing contents in one of the craziest thing to do for a blogger or for an affiliate marketer, sometimes it can be challenging and tiring. following your review will bring some improvements and it will make content writing much easier. 

    I look to become a great content creator,,,,,,


    1. Glad that you were able to find that you’re helped with my last post. You’re right, writing content is quite possibly the most challenging part of running a blog online especially for affiliates. Affiliates always need to come up with something new to talk about to keep their readers interested. Thank you for your comment.

  10. Hey Jag, great post. I’m going to tell you something, your post is an ideal read for those who are just getting started and if we’re being honest here, it definitely can destroy a lot of anxiety that comes with starting your own business. Also, I want to go on record as saying that I’m going to personally bookmark your post because it is a great reminder of how to create good web content for your website. I want to also point out that I saw another of your posts – 6 legitimate reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to those at the top of the affiliate line, and I read a little of that and I love what you wrote. Excellent points for an excellent post. Good job, I’m very impressed with both of these.

    1. Anxiety about writing content can be a real hindrance, especially when people start writing. At least that was the case with me. Then I started to read books about writing content on the strategy which I’ve listed evolved on its own. It truly makes me happy when my writing has helped someone else. Thank you for your comment.

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