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3 Risk-Free Valuable Online Niche Marketing Strategies You Should Use to Make Your Affiliate Mark

online niche marketing strategies

Effective online niche marketing strategies which are risk-free means no considerable investment is made but can be effective as paid advertising. All you need is time, patience, and an online presence.

So many times people forget to plan marketing strategies. They go out onto the web blind, thinking that people will show up once they have their content out there.

Sadly, that doesn’t happen. As a business owner online, our strategy has to be in a way that our business can be described as well explain the position of products and services in the market.

Why do people forget about strategy?

They forget because honestly no one’s thinking about strategy, most of us want to get online to get our products out to the masses. But in hindsight, we forget that strategy is what’s going to line us up for success online.

Even now some marketers think that being a niche industry is not the smartest way to market themselves; my thinking is it’s all about how you look at it.

I’m one of those people who has always seen the glass half full, rather than half empty. That half glassful has so much knowledge that it will easily fill that space in the glass.

What’s a glass half-full of water got to do with marketing?

Well then let me explain, the glass half full of water means something is there. It’s when you have to start out empty which makes it incredibly hard to know where to start.

So furthering on with this conversation which we have going on here. I will share with you my 3 top online niche marketing strategies, which I hope will get you started on marketing your business online.

Below I will provide you with three ideas on online niche marketing; If you were to add three more ideas to the ones I offer, you would see the glass filling up pretty fast.

Give a Product Away For Free

Even in this day and age, the free technique still works. I mean seriously, who doesn’t like free stuff.

Many people struggle on what to give away for free. I feel we should give away something for free which we have created ourselves. For example, an e-book on how to start an online business would be of great interest to people who come to affiliate marketing sites.

Some of you may be wondering about how to begin writing an e-book. Having written in the past and having a few books published on Amazon, let me tell you about a book which helped me to become successful in writing.

The book is called How To Write Your Own Ebook(r) In 7 Days! This book is written by Jim Edwards who has helped 1000s of individuals to become published authors online. Over the last 14 years, Jim himself has published many e-books online.

People have paid him more than over $1000s to gain his knowledge on how to write quickly to become published authors themselves. If you are interested in writing an e-book, then you need to get hands on this book immediately to start moving you towards your goal of giving away something for free which provides value to your readers.

Let Your Content Live Somewhere Else–Distribute It

Now you’re probably wondering how you can let your content live somewhere else. It’s hard enough having to create content for your site; then you have to create content that is going to go on to another site which is not even going to be directed to your site. 


Before you leave, hear me out. Sometimes to get some return business or have people come to check you out, you will need to create a way back for them to return to your site.

This can be done by sharing content which you have specifically written for the media you are posting it on.

The ones that I find most successful are Reddit, Linkedin, and Quora. These are three sites where people go to search out information on their niche as well as gain insight into what others are doing.

Don’t be afraid to share your information, thinking others may steal your ideas. Sharing your content on social media which is different from the material you have on your site will make you look like an authority figure on what you’re writing about.

One thing I recommend is to limit your use of Facebook for sharing content; you need to have a big following for your content to be noticed.

If you don’t have a big following, the only other way to get content to be noticed on Facebook is by using paid features of this social media site. 

Well then you’re in luck I’d say!

Read what Neil Patel one of the most successful content-based online authority figures has to say about distributed content online.

Start a Youtube Channel

If like me you feel overwhelmed about starting a YouTube channel knowing that you won’t have any followers. It’s okay you don’t need followers to be noticed by Google while using a YouTube channel. 

Of course, the followers would be lovely to have, but it’s the connection you have with your website and the YouTube channel which will help you market your online business effectively.

Since Google owns YouTube, anything which goes on to YouTube has already been picked up by Google. Marketing on YouTube will get you found by Google. 

This all happened because of Google’s universal search. Videos, images, news, and e-books, as well as local searches, are all blended in together to provide the most useful information for people searching online.

Because Google owns YouTube, they put as much importance on your website as they will on your YouTube channel. By having a backlink on your website to your YouTube channel as well the other way around, you are creating authority for your site. The more authority your site has in Google’s eyes, the higher your rankings will be.

These are three valuable online marketing strategies you should be using right now to get ahead in the affiliate world.

Are you ready to get into the affiliate world? If so then read my review on how to get started with the best affiliate program online where there are tons of other ways to learn effective niche marketing strategies online.

Hope the information here is useful to you, let me know in comments below which type of strategies you use or will be using to market your online business.

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22 thoughts on “3 Risk-Free Valuable Online Niche Marketing Strategies You Should Use to Make Your Affiliate Mark

  1. Great advice, Jag! The 3 niche marketing strategies mentioned are the most effective way to reach out our audience. My favourite strategy is to give away free stuff especially eBook, Checklist, etc to my customers, in addition l would ask themkindly to share the giveaway (which l incorporated a linkback to my blog) to their friends, family, colleagues whom might interest in my products.

    However, l uses less on YouTube marketing because I’m shy on video recording. Well, since practise make perfect, l'[m practising myself on camera more often nowadays.

    I would say in niche blogging is all about half content and half marketing strategies to succeed.

    Thank you for this helpful article

    Shui Hyen

    1. Glad that you enjoyed the article. Yes the strategies listed in here are a great way to reach your audience, plus they don’t cost anything except time and patience. I think it’s great if you can get your customers to share your e-book. That way your message spreads that much faster. Great that you’re practicing speaking on camera, I have another site where I do cooking videos and only use my hands. It works really well. So true that niche blogging is all about half content and half marketing strategies to succeed. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Your words honestly to me were like manna from heaven. Just what i needed now as i want to start a website. I was really inspired. Sincerely, I am grateful for this basic truths.

    I never knew selling my a free eBook really helped.

    Truthfully, many of us struggle nnot knowing our ultimate ssolution are in simple basic steps. The YouTube strategy iis what somehow I want to take up.

    I have great confidence this will pay off. You’re the best!


    1. Glad that you enjoyed the words I’ve written here are inspired by them. Free e-book will definitely help you as well take your business to a different level. YouTube will be another great strategy which you should definitely take advantage of. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hi Jag, your post on the best online marketing strategies is exactly what I needed to read. 

    They say that giving away a product for free works every time, because you cannot really get people to give you their email address if you do not offer them anything in exchange for it. And if you cannot create your own digital products like eBook, I was also told that there are actually a lot of places where you can avail of these items for free, edit them a little to your preference and there – you have a give-away.

    Anyway, I am almost done with my own product to give away, but what I am struggling at is creating a landing page. Do you have any suggestion how I can create one at a very minimal fee? I do not think it is wise to spend  a lot when I am just starting out and have not earned some money yet.

    1. Glad that you found my post something of value which you felt like you needed to read. I hope that you gleaned some information from it that will help you with your business online. I’ve seen many websites that give away a product for free, it is pretty amazing how much people love getting free products. I am a member of wealthy affiliate and in that program you can access training on how to build a landing page. Thank you for your comment.

  4. Quite inspiring, before reading your article, I had asked myself so many times, if sharing content on Quora or linkeldn is that useful, I never had realized the value in it, I thought it was a worst of time. Mainly, I would post my content on twitter and Pinterest. 

    You are very true that using Facebook can be sometimes a worst of time, if not carefully planned, why I agree with that is because I created a Facebook Page long back in May 2018, but there are very few likes and followers. Even if you post so many times, you won’t be recognized, Facebook will keep sending you messages that you have to boost your posts to be seen, it’s so frustrating when you cannot afford to boost.  

    Thank you so much for for such great info 

    1. Glad that you were inspired by reading this article. It really is useful sharing content on Quora and LinkedIn as well as Reddit. There is lots of value their because different people are reading to find out how they can make themselves the success in the affiliate world, who knows how your content will speak to them and how they will react. Thank you for your comment.

  5. I have read a lot about niche selection, but I don’t recall anyone mentioning strategy. This is a very insightful article and I am glad to have come across it. 

    I want to learn how to market my own ebook, again, very helpful and possibly career altering, must research more and follow this to depth and detail.

    1. Great that you are thinking of starting to rate your only e-book. It will definitely boost your numbers up in your email list. As a person who markets online this is the way to go. Thank you for your comment.

  6. Recently Google launched an algorithm so we see way more video results and this happens a lot in my niche. Websites don’t get organic traffic much lately. It bothers me so I may open a YouTube channel.

    I wonder how much of traffic I can get if I start a YouTube channel from Google? Do you have any experience about that?

    1. Great that you are thinking of opening a YouTube account to start a YouTube channel. There is more and more competition out there to get an online presence noticed, this will help for sure. Thank you for your comment.

  7. These are great ways to leave your mark in the online world. Giving out free information especially on youtube is  surefire way to get the progress you want in little time. But it still takes hard work and dedication to both those new platforms and the sites you may be running. I was considering starting a youtube channel but I’m a bit skeptical on making such a step.

    1. Yes definitely a great way to leave a mark in the affiliate world online. Free information is a great way as well as a great tool to start building your email list. You’re right it does take hard work and dedication to have our business is up and running at it’s optimal best.

  8. A great article well articulated and suits wider reading of online business owner. There three things you mentioned and that really impacted me as a beginner at WA. 1. time is all we need: very true, as a beginner I need more time to do wider readings about online business apart from what I learn from WA, and I need time to do my contents. 2. patience: I like that word because sometime we may want to give up if our site gets no traffics or If we are struggling to write contents or no earning for longer period of time. 3. online presence: I think online presence is very important because there will be traffics you will need to handle their questions or other issues regarding your sales. That is a great way to keep your customer. 

    Thanks for this great article. Well done…!

    1. Glad that you liked the article. Time is very important because without time nothing can happen. There are many times where one wants to give up and leave, but the people who prevail and succeed are the ones who implement strategies in place before they even began.

  9. I like how you discuss patience and strategy. The two go hand in glove, I’ve found. If you can think strategically, you have a good view of the big picture. If you can’t you’re only focused on what’s immediately in front of you; you’re a tactical thinker with the patience you need to get past A, B, and C, and on to Z. I also like what you’ve said about giving a product away. Some people think that this makes for lost funds walking out the door; what they fail to recognize is that this is an effective strategy that creates buzz about the product and will be well worth it, in the long run. And you’ve key’d in on something that I’ve heard, by bringing up starting your own YouTube channel. I’ve heard that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand times that. Thanks for the post; a lot of good information, here.

    1. Yes patience is a strategy. Without implementing patience in the first stages of starting an online business the rest will not work. With patients come success, doesn’t happen overnight for sure. Thank you for your comment.

  10. These are very good online marketing strategies for affiliate marketers, but actually for all kinds of online marketers. All 3 of them. Thanks a lot for these strategies. Actually, I have been using the YouTube strategy for some time. Do you know of any software that could help with making videos? I mean some software that I would not need to use my own voice, because of my strong accent, it’s hard to understand for some people. Thanks for the great article!

    1. Glad that you liked the strategies I have listed here. Great that you been using YouTube, sounds like you’ve already got some experience behind you. The software I use to make videos is a adobe premier pro. Most want a voice, if you don’t feel comfortable recording in your own voice, you can always go on fiverr and find someone to do it. Thank you for your comment.

  11. Hello, how are you? Thanks for this article, I loved it, and you gave me very good ideas to implement in my online business with my website. Creating an e-book is really a good idea, I’ll be campaigning to do it so I can offer that to people who subscribe to my page !.

    Linkedin, well, also never knew how to use it but I will start to investigate a little more about that. Thank you very much, Jag. Regards!.

    1. Thank you for your comment and it’s good to know that you will be implementing some of the suggestions here for creating your own success online. I agree a book is a really good idea and I hope you’re able to do it.

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