10 Essential Key Traits You Should Employ Now For Your Never-Ending Self-Employment Success

The good thing about self-employment success is you can grow your small business online at your own pace without having to worry about competing with other entrepreneurs online.

But for you, to not have to worry, the ten key traits listed for you are what I feel are of utmost importance. Of course, I agree there are many other key traits out there which may be important, but these are what had helped when I started my online business.

Bring in the Passion

The most important aspect of starting your own business is being passionate about it. Without passion, there can be no reason to start something.

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Passion is what drives a person to succeed in their chosen field. You need a reason to get out of bed every day to sit at your computer and pound away to create content.

If you are excited about what you do every single day, it will be easier to give it the attention it needs to move forward. Truly find an aim which fulfills you and provides you with a sense of purpose.

State Your Want in Written Format

Some people when starting in the self-employment route forget that they need a goal to work towards.

The best way to achieve a goal is to have it in writing. When it’s written down, you can visually see it, which means you’re more likely to keep going forward.

Otherwise, you are just shooting blind, not knowing what path to take, what your aim is as well how you’re going to get there.

When you are starting your business create a list for yourself by answering these questions. What profit margin do you need to maintain? Do you have a certain number of customers you need to get to your website every day?

By answering these two questions, you will be on the path to creating an overall successful business plan.


Remember it’s not always what you know, but who you know that may propel you to achieve the success of your desires.

Align yourself with people who are in the same marketing business as you. Don’t be afraid to talk to marketers who are doing the same niche as you, because there is so much room for you as well.

No niche is too overcrowded for you not to make your mark, there is always room for improvement!

The best way to network is to find out where the network meetings happen as well attended industry trade shows in your field. You would be pretty amazed at how much people are willing to build a connection with you to move forward.

Another great thing to do is to get to know the movers and shakers of your preferred industry. These people can serve as your mentors as well provide excellent immeasurable advice.

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Develop Your Support Group

Unless you are one of those people who enjoy working on your own, you should become a part of the support group online.

As some of you who are return readers you know, I am a part of a great support group. Wealthy Affiliate has provided myself the support I needed to get started as well keep learning new and improved techniques on affiliate marketing.

A support team is very similar to networking, but it serves a very different function. Your support team may consist of friends, family members as well as people who may be invested in your online success.

I found that the support group I have online is very different from what I would get from family/friends. My family/friends are not into online affiliate marketing. Where the people I deal with online all have the same goals as me, which is to be successful online.

It’s important to surround yourself with positive influences otherwise negativity can set in pretty fast. Once negativity sets in it can be a hard hole to climb out of.

Brand Your Business

Your company’s brand is a fundamental key to success online. By creating a brand, you are leaving your customers a meaningful way to identify who/what you are all about.

Nowadays to be taken seriously having a brand is very important. Your brand showcases your abilities to maintain a positive persona online.

When branding your business make sure that your message is consistent while being positive.

Be Willing to Change Your Method by Being Flexible

It’s important to be able to change your method when something isn’t working the way you wanted to accomplish.

You may have to realize if your current approaches in working for whatever reason, it may be necessary to make changes and try something new.

The best way to change your method of marketing online is to check what are your business’s most significant weaknesses and strengths. This will help you make adjustments as necessary.

With the flexibility of change, you can adapt to overcome obstacles, setbacks which you may come across.

Plan to Succeed

As some of you may know success online does not come by accident. There’s a lot of work involved when you are planning to succeed.

Make a plan on how to build your customer base while leveraging your strength and minimizing your weaknesses.

Knowing your competitive advantages will help you to communicate the benefits your customers will gain as well it will assist you to go on to create a growth-oriented online business.

Remain Self-Motivated

Being self-motivated while believing in yourself is the foundation of your future success. If for any reason you doubt yourself or your business products/services, you may weaken your motivation to continue with your business.

Each day you wake up, give yourself a reason to get out of bed and get started. Remember there is no one there to motivate you, other than yourself.

What I find helps me is reading self-improvement books. There are times when I need a good kick to get going, that’s when the self-improvement tips come in handy.

By committing yourself to your continuous improvement, this will help you stay on a progressive path to self-employment success.

Be Innovative

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Although the old methods always work for most, it’s okay to try out something new.

Maybe you have a new way of marketing, try it out. If it doesn’t work it’s not like you’re losing out on anything, now you know that the method doesn’t work.

But if it does work, well then you know you can do more of it and achieve your desired success.

My writing style can sometimes be very blunt, other times passive-aggressive and may even come across as emotive. Each time I write an article I research the writing of others who are in my industry, to differentiate myself, I always try to be unique in what I have to say.

Tech Savvy

Almost anyone can be tech-savvy. There is no requirement of any high-quality degrees to become savvy in this way.

Most of us are working on tight budgets where we can’t afford to hire a team of financial experts. This is where an understanding of basic technical skills can play an essential role in your on-going success online.

As an entrepreneur, you should always seek on learning simple technical tools. It could be just knowing Excel, QuickBooks, Outlook Office or other rudimentary knowledge of HTML program.

Having self-employment success can be achieved by almost anyone willing to invest the time as well patience, let me know in comments below what key traits you feel are important.

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